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At the "MUJERADOS" Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I used to live in Argentina, and I knew the "Mujerados" Club in Buenos Aires very well. I am sorry to hear of its having been closed – the same fate as that received by the "EI Dorado" in Berlin when Hitler came into power. Both clubs were of the same type, being places where the man or woman who liked dressing and making up as a member of the opposite sex could move about in complete freedom. Why, I wonder, do some authorities consider such action taboo and close such establishments? For, as your writer rightly says, there are many men about who delight in wearing the silks; satins, corsets and high heels for so long considered the prerogative of the fair sex.

In Buenos Aires I had a friend who was never happier than when dressed and made up as a woman, and as a pretty one, too, all with the complete cooperation of his wife. These were not French, so they could not have been your writer and her husband. He believed in tight-lacing and had a remarkably trim figure, which was always emphasized by the chic things his wife got him to wear.

His slim shapely legs were his forte, as he well knew, for his skirt length was always such as to allow of a generous view of long nylon-clad limb s as he sat with crossed legs and a dainty high-heeled shoe balancing up and down in front.

It was my friends, indeed, who took me along for the first time to the "Mujerados." This word, by the way for your feminist minded readers, means, "effeminished males”; and indication of the origin of the club, though, as your contributor mentioned, it later became the rendezvous for both male and female impersonators, amateur and professional.

I saw many men there in dainty feminine guise, all thoroughly happy to be able to app ear in public in their transformation. As your writer; said, the club was exclusive, and I know it was very expensive, a guarantee in it self that those members appearing "changed-over" would only do so complete to the last detail, regardless of expense.
The floor show always had a strong element of impersonation in it , and many have been the un knowing visitors who have been completely taken in by the daring, ogling dancing or singing "girls" appearing there before them. Even the two cigarette and hat check girls, in their close-fitting satin frocks with diminutive skirt, revealing the full length of shapely legs in prettily gartered nylon mesh stockings, and swaying on their pencil heels, turned out to he two youths who had learned to make up and act perfectly as girls, and who obviously loved doing so.

They had learned all the tricks of luring the male – ogling, tucking a note away in the vee of a realistic bosom or in the top of a hip-length stocking – and the measure of the success of their transformation was reflected in the attention they received. One of them I saw at the close of the evening leave the premises arm-in-arm with a young lady – probably of the masterful type – but they would apparently be two girls together, for the youth looked chic in a little hat, gloves, fitted costume and high heels. Such was the erstwhile life at the "Mujerados".