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In corsets I favor the short but very tightly laced-in short style, enough to cover and hold in my hips and support my bust well above the corset, for I am not of the school that believes a woman's glorious bust should be squeezed into nasty un-natural shaped brassieres which are part of the corset itself. I favor my soft kid brassieres above the corset.

But more of the corset itself, all mine are of the softest kid like my footwear, rather stiffly boned to a shape and cut that I must force my body to accept and follow when completely laced together. I said together because I do not admire the easily laced corset, which does not allow its fullest shape and beauty to be kept.

Opposite to lacing the long style corset, a slow long gradual lacing in is not called for, the short lacing corset can be very quickly drawn in and closed, though I must admit I do at first have to hold my breath from the extreme suddenness of the tightening in. Again I lie upon a perfectly flat soft couch whilst either my maid or fiancé pulls me together.

To the couch are attached two wide leather straps, which are buckled across my thighs and upper waistline and pulled tightly firm. In this position my relaxed body has no tendency to lift with the firm pulling which I must Alas! Undergo during the lacing. The feeling is odd at first, quickly my waist is squeezed in feeling as though I should be cut in two halves, then after a few moments I feel my thighs get a little numb at first, and these two sensations in some way that is always odd to me, completely take away the sensation I have at the small nipped in waist.

But oh, horrors, when those lacing in hands return to that already small waist I lose all sensations around my waist, as the laces now the more easily drag my waist into its stupidly tiny dimensions. This process I describe happens in three separate ordeals, before finally and almost unable to breathe, I am just aware of that final waist fastening and the knots being secured and knotted.

Before I was properly trained for such tight lacing my fiancé used a contrivance made of two inch deep brass strip which having been placed round the corset before it was finally laced up, could be screwed tighter and tighter round the actual loose corseted waist, thus pulling it In sufficiently for the corsets to be more easily laced to that dimension, after which sometimes the brass belt for lacing was finally removed, allowing me a queer sensation of my body being suddenly left to itself to expand into the tightly laced in corset. Though drawn into 22 or 21 inches believe me dears I hadn't much expanding left to do.

All my short severe corsets are back lacing with steel busks down their fronts about two and a half inches wide. Fastened together, at the front bottom end of the corset to take the strain, was a small leather strap and buckle to finally close the lower ends of the corset.

At first when I was being made accustomed to such severe corsets I fainted off once or twice during lacing, but was quickly revived with smelling salts and made to face up to my discomfort. Since those awful days of my training I have of course become quite an inveterate tight lacer and would feel simply awful in anything slacker, in fact I do often sleep reasonable tightly laced in special satin sleeping corsets of black satin with nice frilly-laced tops and bottoms.

Over all my outward dresses and attire I like to have the full effects of a corseted figure shown off to advantage, and for that favor the well tightened leather belt with one or more strong little buckles that can be easily diminished hole by hole.

My gloves hardly seem worthy of mention, being so comfortable in comparison with my other favorite fashions that please my fiancé. All gloves that I wear must be "full length, or what is known as thirty button, sometimes twenty four button, never lower, this doesn't mean actually buttoning, but that they reach the round of the shoulders as you probably know already. My arms have of course to be heavily powdered before easing these softest kidskins along the entire length of the arms. Gradually from fingertips to wrists they are eased up and buttoned, then slowly I have to ease up the rest of the long glove, inch at a time, tightly over the shaped elbows and so on to the shoulders.

I have gotten over the usual complaint of shoulder high gloves being too ample. The last six inches of my gloves are fashioned smaller and opened, with eight tiny neat lacing eyelets, and are laced with the arms fully stretched out with fine silk laces. These tighten the forearm of the glove, and have the advantage of biting into the soft fleshy part of the upper arm, thus preventing any vestige of slipping afterwards. I loathe seeing a woman's kid gloves slipping baggily around her forearm.

All my rings and bracelets I wear over and outside the glove itself, a somewhat unusual barbaric idea of my own. Once I saw a photo of many steel shackles or handcuffs, which makes me relate to you that I have a pair of solid silver handcuffs with detachable chains, and wear each handcuff separately locked to my small gloved wrists, when I dine out at a fashionable restaurant. Wearing them, at a fancy dress party some time ago in Milan my fiancé made me wear them with the little connecting chains in place, making me feel terribly self conscious and slave like with him as an escort.