MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

more feminization stories and a new design

FORCED FEMINIZATION STORIES a whole new set and more are to be come. And I've also changed the design. Aah, and don't forget to subscribe, if you love it ;)


Let me tell you as a wife a true situation that solved all domestic problems. All were solved when I became an all out " Slaverette".

I caught my young husband in a very awkward situation; one of those "sweet young things" affairs. Well to make it short and to get to the point, he faced losing me, his position and all he held dear if he did not follow my orders and serve his most unique "sentence".

From now on for an indefinite period my husband must "report" right after work to me, at 4:00 P.M. to be exact. This also includes every Saturday and Sunday, for "Sentence". And "Sentence" and punishment it is!

He must dress as a cute little French Maid and wait upon me hand and foot and I DON'T MEAN MAYBE!!! When I say he must dress the part I mean 100 percents – ALL OUT – or should I say throughout? High heels, lacy cap and lacy apron, long black silk hose, little short black silk maid's dress, AND a beautiful black hair wig! AND the "unmentionables" – Well – oh, brother! The finest of lacy French imported too! Oh to see him mince and dance attendance upon his strict and firm "Slaverette"… He must also serve myself and girlfriends when we have a "hen party" – one false move, one wish of mine that "Milly" does not anticipate, one tiny bit of misbehavior and I give a look that spells a session in private later!

I use various punishments. It is all according to the offense, standing in the corner, kneeling in the corner, the wearing of the punishment rompers (pink silk ruffled full knee length bloomers worn without a dress, these to humiliate "Milly"). I of course believe in and administer good old fashioned discipline; my bare palm, the hairbrush, the strap or a small switch type whip, these are all most effective. All this has made him into a most dutiful and obedient husband and besides I have a good and efficient French Maid.