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How very right Elsa is when she talks of the "beneficial humiliation" which a husband experiences when trained and dressed to "play the maid" at his wife's bidding.

I have a sister whose husband is absolutely under her thumb. Every evening he is made to change into long, tight, satin corsets, frilly knickers, a well-starched white lace petticoat, and a black high-necked taffeta dress with a short well-flared skirt, which shows off the lace frills of his petticoats and knickers.

Dressed like this, he prepares tea and waits on her until she has finished when he is allowed to have his own meal, in the kitchen. If I visit her or any of her other lady friends, he waits on us in the same way.

He makes an excellent "maid", but is obviously very self-conscious, and feels the humiliation of his position keenly. Especially the humiliation of wearing such very short skirts knowing that we can see the little lace frills of his knickers and petticoats.

Taking Ursula's tip, my sister punishes him by making him “stand in the corner" like a naughty child. For such punishment she wears special "naughty girl" rompers-a pair of very full white silk bloomers, to which she has sewn a bit of the same material. I have seen him several times like this, and he looks more humiliated and ashamed than ever. The threat of a spell in his "bib and bloomers" is always enough to quiet any attempt at rebellion.