MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

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Several stories recall a most unpleasant situation in which I found myself at the age of sixteen. At the time, I was living with an aunt, my father and mother were on an extended tour abroad. Next door there lived three sisters, the youngest, a girl of my own age, with whom I spent many pleasant hours.

One afternoon we got into an argument, which became quite heated, and in a fit of anger , I gave her a shove. She tripped and fell to the ground, her skirts flying up to expose lace frilled underclothes. Somehow the incident struck me as ludicrous, and I started to laugh. She rose to her feet, her face crimson with embarrassment, tears flowing down her cheeks, and ran into the house, calling me "nasty and horrid". Almost immediately, her two sisters came out into the yard and started upbraiding me for being a nasty person, and threatening to tell my aunt about it. Unfortunately for me, I choose to be impertinent.

Some time later, I went into our house to find my aunt and the two sisters seated in the living room discussing what I had done. Aunty ordered me into the room and gave me a tongue lashing for being a bully. The matter of a suitable punishment was brought up, and one of the sisters suggested that as I found girl's underclothes so amusing, it would be a proper penalty to have me wear them, offering to loan their sisters for the purpose.

To my utter consternation, my aunt agreed, and it was decided that I should be taken over to the sister's house, there to be petticoated and serve as their maid. I begged and pleaded with my aunt not to do this terrible thing to me; but she only turned a deaf ear.

The two young women took me in hand and marched me over to their house and to a room upstairs. They left me there, ordering me to undress myself while they gathered my new attire and taking the precaution of locking the door behind them. I laughed to myself at the thought that these two women could force me to do their will, for I was an athletic young man, and weren't women the weaker sex?

A short time passed, and they reentered the room, carrying an armful of frilly girl's clothing – a silk vest, the neckline edged with lace, a pair of drawers with elastic at the waist and legs," these frilled with a lace ruffle, and pert ribbon bows had been sewn to each leg for additional adornment; a pair of ribbon covered elastic garters; long black silk stockings; patent pumps with heels; three starched petticoats, the hems daintily frilled with lace ruffies and a black taffeta dress with a rather short skirt (I was to learn the reason for this later on).

They arranged the garments on the bed and then turned their attention to me. To my utter humiliation, these two strong young women grabbed me, and despite my struggles and protests, removed all my clothing and started dressing me in the girl's clothes.

When the vest had been pulled down into place, the stockings pulled up over my legs and gartered on, they forced my feet into the slippers and arrayed me in the drawers. With that they marched me over to the mirror to view myself and I wept when I saw myself standing there in those garments.

I was forced to remain before the mirror while the petticoats were fitted to me and the dress pulled on and buttoned at the back. It was then that I learned the reason it was so short-it allowed the frilled hems of my drawers and petticoats to show from under the hem of the dress.

A be-ribboned bonnet was placed on my head, and as a final flair, makeup was added. I shuddered when I realized that every thing masculine about me had been suppressed. I actually looked like a girl, I soon found that having to wear the girl's clothes was only a part of my punishment, for those determined young women marched me downstairs and out into the back yard, where a group of giggling, jeering girls, summoned by the youngest sister, had gathered.

Their comments were very cutting, to say the least; but worse, the older sisters ordered me to parade up and down before them to model my clothes, even to having to raise my skirts to expose the underclothes.

Aunty came over and joined the group, and I begged her on my knees not to make me endure this utterly humiliating experience. She only laughed and told me that it would teach me a lesson not to be a bully.

For the next two months, I wore girl's clothes, was called by a girl's name and forced to act as a maid, doing the housework and such for the three sisters.