MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

more feminization stories and a new design

FORCED FEMINIZATION STORIES a whole new set and more are to be come. And I've also changed the design. Aah, and don't forget to subscribe, if you love it ;)


I am twenty-nine, a dashing (they tell me) brunette with blue eyes, five-four in my size five ballerinas, and one-hundred-twelve, with the curves all smooth and proper. I know I have sex appeal because I get a fine response from both sexes when traveling with no visible luxuries other than my God-given, beauty parlor enhanced ones.
I spank my present twenty-two year old husband whenever I choose, and I make him wait on me hand-and-foot at home or in private. He dresses as I tell him and he looks fine in ballet slippers: pink leotards, with earrings and lipstick and eye-shadow.

He was a chorus boy before I met him at a party – and now he is my private "chorus-boy". I like to tie his hands behind his back, blindfold him and make him dance to the tune of my riding crop. When he objects at all to any of my orders I often make him lie down and kiss the soles of my feet while I really whip him but good.
Once I made him dress me completely to go out and then tied him securely to the toilet where I left him over night. On my return he was indignant and demanded to know where I had been. I slapped him viciously until he begged me to stop, after which I let him kiss my feet and both hands and then stuffed his mouth with cotton, taped it in, and there he sat all day.

When I released him that evening, I kissed his face (which was slightly bruised) and had him join me in the oversized shower where I let him bathe me completely. He has never crossed me since, nor have I ever left him so long, at least not with out staying near.

His stepsister from New York came to visit us last spring, and she turned out to be a big, gorgeous blonde, with creamy complexion and a lot of spirit. I learned that she got a kick out of the unusual and that she had always felt that her brother had received all the favors at home. She enjoyed herself thoroughly when I made "Jackie" wait on her too – and when I asked her to come in and whip him in my place after a complaint from him – did she love it.

She got in the spirit of the thing at my suggestion and he was made to crawl to her, beg her forgiveness for ever having been the favored child – well, she got a pedicure out of it and his hind end got another touch of my riding crop in very spirited hands. After that, to prove I was boss I had him licking my feet until she went to her own room.

Jackie was burned – so what? – I love him, he worships me … nothing wrong with that.