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My husband loves the races; he has helped for years to keep the bookmakers in Cadillac’s. Well the grand climax was reached two months ago when he took the church money that I had charge of to bet on a race. The church ladies paroled him to me. (The Ladies' Aid are not without imagination I can tell you!)

My husband Jack is 27 and I am 32, Jack works as mate on a fishing boat, he works three months and is off two. Well to get at it; we of the Aid Society had a tread-mill made at a foundry here in town and set up in an old barn that we have out back (we have five acres of land here on the edge of town.) Until we decide that Jack has paid his debt he must spend his two months off his regular work at hard labor. And I mean hard labor, I’m going to cure him or else!

For his time on the treadmill he is dressed in "reformatory" garments, what we girls call our own special idea of "reformatory clothing! " He wears women's square heeled shoes, long brown cotton hose held up by supporters that are attached to his tightly laced old fashioned corset, he wears white flannel bloomers that fit him like skin and a dress that just reaches the knees, the dress is of cheap cotton and white.

The treadmill does not tread easy; he must really work to make it revolve. I keep a rawhide whip hanging handy at the scene of his labors and I use it when he needs speeding up at his task of paying for his crime. When not at the treadmill he must pull a wagon loaded with rocks around the five acres. For this I hitch him and I ride while he pulls, I use a regular buggy whip when he needs tickling up.

I tell him that he likes horses so well that he should like this. I have the barn heated by an oil furnace and so he sleeps there and eats there, in a horse stall. At night he is fed in the regular feed box and when he retires I lock a special bridle on him, and the chain is long enough to permit him to lie down and sleep – in the straw!

The member s of the Ladies' Aid love to call and watch him sweating at his tread-mill in his shameful 'reformatory uniform' and they love to watch him pull the rock wagon around the field (The field is closed in by a thick hedge and private). Most of all they like to see him jump when I use the rawhide whip.

Once a week, on Saturday night before 'Jackie' retires I fasten him in his stall and after preparations that expose him properly I whip him soundly, I alternate each Saturday from rawhide whip to leather strap. We do not know how long this will go on but I am sure it will be quite some time, he will report for his two month off period to us until we feel he has paid well and that he is cured, he had to take this or prison.

Begging does no good, I love him and he loves me and I feel that this will bring us closer together, indeed I can tell that it has changed him, he seems to have become more like a loving slave than I ever dreamed or hoped he would. I am very pleased as I look into the future!

Well I must get back out to the barn, the ladies are coming and we wish to check up on a 'horse lover' and of course do some 'horsing around!'