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Approximately a year ago my husband gave me a rubber panty girdle for Christmas. I took a liking to it, wore it rather frequently, but other than that never thought much about the significance of my girdle. Several months later I happened to notice on occasion my husband watching me very closely as I slipped into my rubber girdle, and twice saw him gloating upon ads in Life magazine of a woman modeling a rubber girdle.

I then decided that maybe he too would find pleasure in wearing a rubber girdle. At that time I' started my plans. Since the ratio of his waist and hip measurements were slightly on the feminine side, I had always wanted to see, for the fun of it, what he would look like dressed as a woman.

Although my husband is slightly shorter and lighter than me, I was afraid that I couldn't completely control him should he resist my plan. Since my unmarried Sister lived on the third floor of our home, I let her in on my ideas, which she thought would be a lot of fun to try out.

My plan was not only to put a rubber girdle on him, but also to don him completely in rubber from head to foot with the exception of his shoes. Within a week we located a supplier of very thin amber colored rubber, and bought five or six yards of the material. My Sister fashioned, with the rubber, a gorgeous peasant type of blouse, which had large billowy sleeves and was tight fitting around the waist. I made up a long tight fitting rubber sheath skirt that measured only ten inches across the bottom, which almost was ankle length. I made this skirt a little small so that it would fit with extreme tightness throughout its entire length. I then purchased from a local department store a small size rubber panty girdle, a pair of shiny black patent leather shoes with 4-inch heels and a patent leather belt for my husband, and a shiny black rubber bathing cap.

The following Saturday morning while my husband was sleeping late, my sister and I sneaked into his room with the rubber girdle, cap, and a length of rope. Simultaneously we both grabbed him then tied his hands behind him and put the bathing cap on backwards so as to cover up his eyes, in fact most of his head.

To say the least, he hardly knew what had happened. Practically before he realized it, we had pulled off his pajama pants and slipped on to him the rubber panty girdle. Then we tied his feet and hands to the corners of our four-poster bed.

I then asked him how he enjoyed the feeling of a rubber girdle next to his skin. At first he made no comment, but after lying there for half an hour or so finally confessed. He admitted that he enjoyed the coolness of the girdle as we put it on him, and now was enjoying the thrilling tightness of the rubber girdle next to his skin.

Before we released him he had to promise to do what we said, and not to touch the bathing cap, which was still secured over his head. We then untied his hands and pulled the rubber blouse over his head, and then tied his hands again. The next garment to go on was the sleek, tight fitting rubber sheath skirt, which fit amazingly well. The high heel shoes came next and to complete the outfit the 4 inch wide black patent leather belt which I tightened as much as possible.

With hi s hands still tied, we helped him stand up and then had him tiptoe around the bedroom so we could admire his outfit. I must say, he looked simply adorable in his rubber outfit. Due to the thinness and tightness of the skirt, it was possible to see through to his rubber panty girdle, which made the get up quite exciting. I called him my "Prince in Rubber."

Shortly afterwards my sister left since my husband was now fully under control. Finally, I had to untie his hands. To my surprise as soon as I did this, he reached out and literally threw his arms around me. He said that he was practically speechless because of the thrilling experience we had just put him through. He said that he thoroughly enjoyed the cool smooth feeling of the rubber girdle and the overall feeling of sleekness and tightness that the entire outfit gave to him. He then told me how happy he was that I had discovered and appreciated his fondness for rubber garments.