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"Ursula" and "Slaverette" remind me that I have facts that are much relative. I have trained my husband to really fear, respect and love me. He has through my efficient training become the perfect ladies’ maid.

Immediately upon arrival home from the office at 4:00 P.M. each day he must go to our bedroom where there are awaiting him is his French Maid's outfit, high-heeled slippers, long silk black hose, very fancy garters, a wig of beautiful long hair, a lace petticoat, very lacy ruffied panties and a short black satin dress, apron and cap (frilly). He puts these things on and is ready for his duties. He must do all the housework and he must obey me without question.

For disobedience I use part of "Ursula's" method, that is, I make him stand in the corner and meditate, after a good while at this he must go to the closet and bring me the heavy black strap. I use the strap with much energy and I use it in the good old-fashioned way so as to cause much "beneficial humiliation" of course. I also have a switch and a hairbrush.

I tell you I have an obedient husband and he adores me. On weekend she dresses this way straight through as my maid. On Sunday he is laced tightly into a corset and you should see him dance attendance upon me. If he don't dance attendance as my maid I see that he dances to the tune of my switch.
We are a happy couple, I assure you!