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It seems, that you are getting quite interested in figure training for boys through the wearing of girl's clothes. I, personally, am all in favor, of this kind of training and experienced it on my husband.

My husband's transformation is now complete. He wears size 8-A shoes, and size 14 clothes with a 26 -inch waist. With dresses, which look best with a wasp waist, such as blouses and wide skirts, he wears a corset that brings down his waist measure to 22 inches.

I expect him to come straight back home, as soon as his work is finished, and to change clothes immediately. I taught him, of course, to cook, sew, wash and iron and "Gisele" is to me a perfect and obedient maid.

I had to be firm and strict at the start. My husband tried to rebel but tight lacing, high heels and good discipline soon had him subdued. He has now become quite fond of dressing, acting and living at home like a girl. We even go out together and nobody suspects anything, so completely girlish have become his walk, his gestures and his manners. I have to check his shopping sprees: Shoes, dainty lingerie, costume, jewelry, etc. He just can't resist to buy them.

Though he is entirely used to his way of life, I still submit him once in a while to a whole weekend of "discipline" so that he does not forget who is the mistress of the house. During such weekends, he is kept tightly laced, gagged and shackled, or with his arms tied in the back which is excellent anyway to improve the posture.

I am now thinking of moving to another town and to open a lingerie shop. "Gisele" can then work with me as salesgirl and discard once and for all masculine attire, which has become as repulsive to "her" as it is to me.