MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

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I am writing of our experiences, particularly for the benefit of the wives and girlfriends who have had a little difficulty perhaps in subduing their males and bringing them to time.

My system came to me by accident and on washday. My husband had always been pretty dominating about keeping me well laced in tight corsets, extra tight pinching shoes with the highest possible heels, and all variety of blindfolds, masks and shackles he could devise. I was washing clothes and dyeing some curtains a beautiful dark red when I got some on my hands. It took many washings before the stain had faded away. Why not use it on my lips, I thought, and save applying lipstick all the time? I made a small cupful of the dye, real strong and concentrated and quite thick. I painted my lips on big and full and let the mixture dry. Then I applied a second coat, then a third. The result was a beautiful shade of real dark red. The lips were perfectly outlined, which took a long time, but were really on for good.

My husband was very pleased with them too and something he said about them gave me my big idea. The next time he let me tie him up which happened now and then but which he really didn't like any too well, I concocted some more of the dye an d when I had him secure I proceeded to paint big lips on him like a chorus girl's most extreme make-up . He was frantic but when he wiggled the slightest bit I stuck him hard with a pin and he soon stopped that. While putting the last coat of the dye on the lips, I had another good idea.
I had a laundry marking ballpoint pen to mark sheets and things before sending them to the laundry. Like a regular pen, you could make light or heavy marks only the ink was fast and wash proof. With this I made heavy lines along the edge of his eyelids at the base of the eyelashes on the upper lid and a slightly lighter one, but still plain to see on the lower lid joining them into one black triangle at the outer corners of the eyes like you see the advertising models wear in pictures.

After I'd finished with him, he really looked silly with his whiskers showing, his hair all roughed up, trussed up on the bed with the wildly painted eyes and lips. I had to laugh at him, that his masculine ego couldn't stand. He started to cry. With that I loosened his bonds. He was in a towering rage and said he was going to kill me.

But he looked so funny carrying on that way with his painted face, I broke into an other fit of laughter and as he started for me with his fists clenched I simply reminded him that if he so much as touched me I'd scream and the neighbors upstairs would come in and see him looking so silly he'd never be able to live it down. With that he just collapsed and I knew from then on that I was boss and he'd give me no trouble.

I sent him to the bathroom and told him to shave care fully and put on the rest of his make-up and his feminine clothes and wig and settle down to his new role of being my secretary – maid – companion and that the Manuel we knew of old was now away on a very long trip. I stored away all his male belongings against some future day when Manuel might return which I doubt.

Secretly he scrubbed at his eyes and lips each time he shaved and made up bur for many weeks there was the outline of the dyed, lips and the black around the eyes remained clear and sharp much longer thus prohibiting him at any time appearing in anything but full feminine guise. Twice I have renewed the lips but the last time was with no resistance on his part. He has become obedient and docile. The old Manuel is gone and Marie has taken his place. And a beautiful loving companion she is.