MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

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I was a WAC major during the war and a good, respected officer. I have always been just a bit on the masculine side that is in my clothing and actions. I have a name that is also given boys; I guess that helped me in my war work. I am strictly feminine in all other ways. I just like to be obeyed.

When I came out of the service I married a fellow 7 years younger than myself. His mother told me when I married him "he is a spoiled brat". He was, but I soon changed that. Via certain legal actions that I haven't room for here, I let him know that he is completely in my charge.

From Friday after work until Monday morning he is my "House Girl" and I mean he gets K.P. and all. I call this weekend training "Operation Discipline." He must address me at all time on these weekends as "Sir" and "Major". He must follow strict military rules at all times and must learn them all. He got out of the war by getting strings pulled etc., and he is going to get some now, (so me good old strict WAC training).

Only his "uniforms" are much more feminine than the WAC uniform. He wears the long net opera length hose held up by the garter belt, a large hair ribbon in his hair, and is made up " fit to kill" (as a WAC sergeant said!) He wears large "falsies" under his bra, and no slip. The panties are the short skin-tight dainty lace trimmed bloomers that one sees on a "Cigarette-Girl", and his little short dress is of white silk just like the bloomers. The dress is ruffled, of course.

Oh, I have "changes" and I have my ideas as to "punishment clothing" just like "Babs" and the others. He wears high-heeled slippers, and I keep handy at all times a short leather riding-whip. Today I had several of my sister officers in for a few cocktails and a general visit.

As soon as we girls were seated as per his training my "Gertie" entered the room, he came over to my chair and made a deep curtsy (I am surprised that more "Slaverettes", or that none have mentioned this – my advice to ALL "Slaverettes" is: train your "Maid" "House Girl" or what have you to CURTSY, this helps keep him in his place and aids the "Beneficia Humiliation" as Elsa calls it') Well, he made his curtsy and was ordered to turn around and let the girls see him, (he has those long pretty legs).

I had to sting him with my whip several times about the thighs. Of course very much activity and the little bloomers show. I ordered him to tell the girls what was going to happen in the afternoon after they left. He hesitated but one look from me changed his mind. With blushes he said: "This afternoon I will stand in the 'punishment corner' for an hour and think about the plate that I broke this morning, then my superior officer will take me by the arm into the bedroom where I will receive an old fashioned spanking, next I will be undressed and my "shortie gown" will be put on me. I will be put to bed like a naughty house girl, and later on in the evening I will be sent to cut a switch out in the back yard. My major will switch me soundly with gown lifted and I will again be put to bed."

I asked him; "do you deserve to be punished 'Gertie'? (With deep blushes) "Yes Sir, my dear major, I do deserve to be soundly punished." He waits on us during the party and blushes all the time, my fellow officers are all going to be "Slaverettes" when they marry.

Well my "Operation Discipline" is a success, my "Gertie" obeys well and is a regular slave – his training is doing him good. Like others I use different methods of punishment. I use the switch, riding whip, hairbrush, razor strap and my palm. Let me insert a little psychological advice. Many times, especially when women friends are about and your "maid" etc. displeases you and you wish to cause deep humiliation, take him to the bedroom and with windows left up and the door ajar so that nothing hinders the sound; give the naughty darling a good old fashioned smacking on his bare backsides, make it long and make it loud. After this stinging "prolonged spanking" make him go out and face the guests.

When I was a girl I remember how effective this method was as far as I was concerned! I just pass all this advice on to other " Slaverettes", you see I hope that all "psychological" warfare" of this sort gets around so that maybe someday we can have – "The Great Revolt" – FOR REAL!

Later on I will tell you about some of my methods of punishment as regards types of clothing I put him into and several of my friends wish to send in articles and letters also. One friend of mine will later tell you how she cleared up a lot of trouble by keeping a strap under her pillow; she now has a "GOOD" husband!

There is so much but let's wait until another time as I have written so much already this bright Sunday. MY 'Ger tie' is now waiting for me. I will say "as you were" and go to the bedroom and soon a certain "House Girl" by the name of "Gertie" – (Private ZERO class) will really "Sound Off" and HOW!