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"Petticoat punishment" took me back. I was raised by a stepmother and a two year older step sister. When I was 16 I was getting a bit out of hand and I received often from that time on until I was 21 (once for a whole summer's vacation) what they called "Ruffled Repentence".

I was dressed in my step sister's most lacy and ruffled garments and I had to go out in the yard and face all her girl friends, what fun those girls had! The worst part of it was my short dresses and the very frilled lace panties I had to wear. It sure cured me of being a tough bully!

I got so I liked the dainty garments, but it was always a humiliating punishment and I begged and begged to get out of it but never did. I also received old-fashioned spankings, which made me all the more punished due to my girl's clothing.