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In regards to figure training for boys using corsets and girls clothes, I'm well qualified to give you some experiences. I am a healthy young man of 25 years of age, but to look at me now you would never know it, as I am writing this letter (under orders from my wife) dressed in a lovely blouse and wide skirt with a flouncy petticoat underneath and all feminine lingerie, including nylon hose, corset, bra and very high heels.

It all' started when I was 15 years of age and I was forced to live with my Aunt who is a very strict and beautiful woman. She used to spank me very often and one day she told me that I was much too pretty to be a boy, so from that time on, until I was 20 I was dressed as any young teen-age girl might be. I had my own room all prettied up with ruffles and frou frou. My Aunt laced me in very tightly too until my corseted waist was reduced to a neat 17 inches, what it is today.

Then I met my wife who also liked to see me in feminine clothes dresses, lingerie and above all high heels. We were married and I had to swear to her that I would obey all her wishes and serve her always in all things. My Aunt then moved in with us and now I have to serve both of them and they have little fashion, shows with me as the model every weekend.

My wife says that I'm to tell you that I make a wonderful maid and that I'm her cute IiI “sister” to all her friends, I am also to tell you that very soon I will write again and relate what happened at a party she gave for her girl friends one night with me as the French maid.