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My interest in "Slaverette Psychology" became active after I visited a girl-friend in the South. Ruth owns a few acres of cotton. She has a husband who is the 'play-boy' type. Well things reached a climax and Ruth had the goods on Jack. She wrote me and invited me down to visit her and in the letter told me that she had solved her problem.

I had an instructive visit and a most enjoyable one. I arrived in the middle of the afternoon and Ruth took me out to the cotton field and introduced me to her older sister who lived with her and was in charge of the cotton operation.
Ruth's older sister is a typical Amazon, but to get to the facts. In the hot sun with a large sack on his back was Jack picking cotton, and to top it all he was dressed in clubby work shoes (women's), black cotton stockings and a short cheap cotton dress.

When he leaned over in his work I noted that he had on cheap frilled cotton bloomers and I noted also his hose were held up by plain white elastic garters. His bra contained 'deceivers' and his hair had grown into a short bob. I noted that despite the hot, hard work he was made-up with rouge and lipstick.

When he paused in his work of picking cotton Ruth's sister, this up" as she called it with her riding crop and believe me she made him move fast. He must work during the cotton-picking season from sun-up to sundown. The rest of the year he slaves at all sorts of tasks and I mean he slaves. As Ruth told me: "Jackie has lost all desire to run around at night; when bedtime arrives he is quite ready to put on his coarse flannel gown and drop to his cot in the little room next to mine. Why he is too tired to even remove his stockings and bra!"

If each day he does not pick his quota of cotton or perform his assigned tasks completely and satisfactory he receives the riding crop before he puts on his nightgown. Ruth has many and varied punishments. I saw several administered, but one gave me much amusement. He talked back one morning upon arising and as a punishment he was made to work all day in a pair of old fashioned women's drawers! No dress, just the shoes, stockings, bra and very frilly old-fashioned drawers. To make him feel his punishment more Ruth invited her girl's "Chit-Chat Club" over and they witnessed 'Jackie' at his cotton picking. They got a kick out of it, especially when big sister tickled him with her riding crop as she did several times. How he danced in his frilled drawers to fine Amazon woman "perked him the tune of that vicious little whip!

Sunday is 'Meditation Day'. On this day he is dressed in Sunday clothing, lace and frills, and on Sunday afternoon the "Deportment Book" is checked and read to him, all faults and misbehavior noted and if the week's report is not up to par he receives the leather strap. For this he is placed over a barrel in the barn out back and well fastened: he is prepared and well strapped. I saw him get the strap and really, I assure you, it was complete and severe punishment!

His modesty was not spared and I heard a 'lordly male' beg, and yes, scream and cry for mercy with promises to do better and be a better Jackie. I intend to visit Ruth and her sister again and she is coming to visit me: you see I too had a problem and I, like Ruth, have solved mine, but that is another true story.