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David Pearson had been working for Europe Airlines for almost two years as an air steward and was enjoying himself more than any other time in his life. Not only did he have the chance to work with a delicious group of stewardesses, but also he was also able to live on his own in a flat fairly close to Heathrow.

To David this second bonus far outweighed the first because by living alone he was able to keep his precious little secret. David had been wearing pretty lacy undies under his stewards uniform for both his two years at E.A. but since the age of about four or five he had collected and worn each a range of pretty clothes that even he couldn't remember them all.

Since moving in on his own he had spent the vast proporiton of his wages on building an expensive wardrobe of clothes (ranging from simple bra and pantie sets to chic little outfits to wear to work as an 'office girl' or at night to a local disco. During his no-working hours he would always spend time either dressing up or 'dressed' doing the housework. On a few occasions he had actually ventured out as a 'girl' either just walking or out shopping. On these occasions he would become 'DEBBIE' and live completely as a girl, which of course he longed to be.

During work however his favourite love would have to be curtailed slightly because nobody knew his secret life, but this did not prevent him from wearing his favourite items underneath. In fact even with a short-sleeved airline issue white shirt he could easily wear a white or cream camisole top or one of his favourite camiknickers sets with frothy lace round the bodice and legs.

This he had been doing for about two years now and had also began to wear one of his matching lacey bras to match his French knickers and suspender belt as well as his camisole. It was to be this habit that on one particular flight proved to be his undoing quite liberally. He had spent the weekend dressed as Debbie and have ventured out during Saturday to buy a skirt and blouse from Richards that he had wanted for a long time.

The blouse was in cerise with padded shoulders and shirttails very fashionable. The only thing was he only possessed underwear in white, pink, cream, beige and black, none of which matched the blouse. After looking around he finally decided to buy a suspender belt, french knickers, half slip and bra from B.H.S. The only thing was the only bra in size 36C cup - his size, was an underwired design with detachable straps - he much preferred the soft-liner design with lace cups because he could always wear them to work. Either way it matched the outfit and when he tried everything on later he found it fitted very nicely around his false bust and narrow back.

On Monday however he couldn't bear to leave his new undies behind so he stripped everything on under his uniform and caught the bus to work. The flight left on time at 8:30 to Oslo and everything was fine for about an hour or so. At about 9:30 just after breakfast had been collected he felt a little hot in the confined cabin space and removed his tunic. He remembered what, he was wearing underneath and checked to see whether his shirt was at all see through, it wasn't so he carried on working. Fiona and Carole were helping him collect the last trays and when they continued talking to him normally he knew everything was O.K. What he hadn't bargained for was Cheryl the stewardess in charge patting him on the back for doing a good job.

Had he been wearing one of his more skimpy bras nothing would have happened but he wasn't he was wearing his new cerise underwired bra and Cheryl knew that something wasn't exactly right. David froze for a second and looked straight ahead of him hoping that she would simply assume he was a little lacking in muscle around his back and was a bit bony there. However Cheryl's hand went back to the area of his bra clasp and began outlining the shape of his bra through his shirt. Swinging round quickly David turned to face Cheryl and tried to speak but he could only stand with his mouth open as Cheryl reached forward and outlined the wire of each cup as well as the lace edged cups.

A grin came across her face as she began undoing his shirt and her eyes opened wide when she pushed back his shirt to reveal a very pretty lace edged half-slip covering an equally pretty bra. "So we've got our best undies on for this flight have we David, fancy that a real transvestite working on my plane". Saying that she began undoing his belt to his trousers and soon had them down around his ankles. David was frozen to the spot, which left him incapable of resisting even if he had wanted to. At that point Fiona and Carole both walked in and David's humiliation was just about complete.

"Look girls, we've got a transvestite working with us on this flight and she's wearing her undies just for us" Cheryl said. Both girls looked at each other and began to giggle as only girls can in that situation. "Well young lady I suppose your going to explain it all away now with a story about going to a fancy dress party or not realising what you had put on so early in the morning. Well you can save your breath because its plain to see you are a transvestite, a boy who dresses up in pretty girls undies and maybe even skirts and blouses too. You needn't worry though love because we could always do with an extra girl on these flights so perhaps you'd better get dressed and see me after the flight."

With that Cheryl grinned at the other two who began to giggle again and they all left him to get dressed. It had obviously been a shock for David but as he dressed himself he began to realise that these women were really not that unkind and looked as if they might even help him. The rest of the flight was quite uneventful although Cheryl, Fiona and Carole all took turns in patting David on the back keeping their hands lingering for quite a bit longer than they used to. Carole kept asking him if his seams were straight and when he made a mistake whether it was just the wrong time of the month, but apart from that very little was said and David’s pleasure at being dressed in his pretty undies was only heightened by the fact that the other girls knew.

Eventually they arrived back at Heathrow and everyone disembarked as normal. David was making his way out of the aeroplane when Cheryl shouted quite loudly "Wait a minute young lady you're coming with me remember." David blushed as the other air stewards looked his way and saw him respond to Cheryl' s call. She caught him up and told him to follow her to the stewardesses changing area. There was little he could do but follow and after waiting outside the changing room doors for a time Cheryl emerged with a neat pile of clothes. As she did so two other stewardesses passed by looking at him and the clothes he was given.

"I want you to go home and try these for size David. There's a size 12 skirt. a size 14 blouse and a size 14 blazer to match the skirt. All the other L.A. girls wear this as standard uniform so I think you had better start. Have you got any royal blue court shoes?" Not thinking he just replied, "Yes I have Cheryl" and remembered the other girls watching him. They both smiled at him and one turned to Cheryl and said, "Is he a transvestite love". "Yes he is" Cheryl replied. "Don’t worry we had one on our flight last year and with a bit of training they soon set used to the idea. Hind you I'd make sure he wears a tampon up that pretty little bottom of his and a tight pair of panties to hold his sweet little prick back between his legs or he might start playing with himself and that really would give the game away." Cheryl told David to remember that and bring his own tampons along and to carry them in his handbag.

David simply blushed even more and looked sheepishly at the floor. Cheryl then looked at the other two girls saying, "I think he's shy, he hasn't had his first period yet!" With that all three laughed out loud which forced David to grab the clothes and run. The whole episode had been quite a shock to him but David still felt some good would come of it and was really quite excited about the proposition or working as a girl alongside the other stewardess.
Having calmed down a little in his flat he set about transforming himself to become Debbie for the night and tried on his new uniform. The overall colour scheme for the outfit was royal or electric blue and yellow. There was a straight shirt with back splits about 5" up from the hem topped by a royal blue blouse with small shoulder pads and a yellow neck tie round the collar. As David slipped each item on he began to imagine working the next day alongside the other girl s and became quite excited about the prospect.

With his electric blue 2" heels and matching stockings he finally arrived at the matching yellow tunic. Slipping his left arm through the jacket he could feel his breasts strain against his delicious blouse bouncing slightly in his white bra as he eventually put the garment on. With a few final adjustments he moved elegantly across the room to his long wardrobe mirror and was very satisfied with the pretty young girl with shoulder length brown hair staring back at him. Cheryl had also included a royal blue E.A. handbag with the clothes, which only went to make the outfit more complete and his appearance extremely feminine.

For the next hour he practised walking up and down in the flat, collecting cups and saucers and generally tidying up. Eventually he felt confident enough to complete his tasks the next day and decided to change into his nightie for bed. The next day he woke early and made himself a cup of tea before applying his make-up. As he felt his nightdress swish into the 'V' between his legs where he had his tight panties on he realised very soon that he was going to enjoy his new job as an air stewardess as opposed to an air steward.

Taking great care with his make-up and clothes he eventually stepped out of his flat to confront the world. Host air stewardesses receive a few admiring glances when they walk through a busy street or on a bus and Debbie was no exception. As he climbed onto the bus he felt a number of eyes following his shapely stockinged legs as he walked up the stairs to the top floor and when a dishy looking blonde lad got up to let him sit down he knew he'd been accepted.

Arriving at work he felt very apprehensive as he walked towards terminal 3, but as he blended in with the other airline stewardesses he began to fee l more confident and extremely feminine. Cheryl looked very pleased when she first caught sight of Debbie, and David blushed demurely as the two stewardesses from the previous day came over to inspect Debbie's appearance.

"I think she’s going to be better even than our transvestite last year don't you Sandra." Sandra looked for a few seconds and said "Well if she looks like that without the operation I'm sure she'll be even better without her horrible cock! " All three laughed together as Cheryl lifted Debbie's skirt and patted her bottom. "Have you worn your tampon Debbie. "At that moment David remembered his previous day's instruction and began to panic. "Oh I was just going to buy some when …!“ Cheryl looked very angry and pulling Debbie’s panty girdles down smacked her on her pretty little bottom very hard. David squealed in pain as Cheryl reached down further to take his testicles tightly in her hand. "Right young lady bend over and lets fit you up properly." Saying so she squeezed tightly on his testicles and it was all David could do to stand up. Reaching down he felt his bottom become very exposed and Cheryl's other hand spreading his cheeks.

"As I thought you naughty girl, no tampon and right at the start of your period. But don't worry I've got a spare box of Lil-lets in my bag and I'm sure one of the other girls will do her best to help fit you up." With that, Samantha the taller of the other girls reached into Cheryl's bag and pulled the box of Lil-lets out. "If she'd brought her own pack of Tampax she'd have an applicator to ease the pain a bit but these are just going to hurt and teach her a lesson." David felt his bottom almost pulled apart as a web finger was rubbed over his anus. Then the small tampon was used. "Right my girl I think that’s better for you. You've got a small cord hanging outside your opening, which you can pull when you change your tampon mid-flight. Right pull up your pretty panties and lets join the others on the plane."

Saying so Cheryl turned and walked towards the door of the stewardesses changing room leaving David to tuck his prick back between his bottom cheeks and pull up his panties girdle and pretty lace edged french knickers up his legs to form a perfect feminine 'V' shape at the base of his abdomen. Adjusting his skirt David once again became Debbie and the two other girls watched as he minced out after Cheryl towards the flight departure lounge. Walking along he felt the enormous thrill of his breasts bouncing gently as he took each small step along the carpeted hallway. When the carpet finished he also heard the click click of his 3" royal blue court high heels, which made him feel even more feminine. He had also remembered in the morning to place two tiny buds of cotton wool in the front of his bra and looking down he could see the nipple effect that they created quite visably through his blouse.

Eventually he reached the bottom of the aircraft steps and taking a deep breath he began to climb towards the fuselage of the plane. All he could think about was the sheer joy he was feeling dressed in his very pretty uniform covering his even more delicious undies. Even the wind blowing up his skirt was a fantastic feeling, especially as he could feel the cold just that little bit more above his stocking tops. Finally he reached the top of the stairs and was brought back to reality by the stern look of Cheryl at the entrance.

"Now my pretty thing the work begins. You know your job well enough you just have to remember to give everything that feminine touch and behave just like one of the girls." David felt quite nervous but at the same time really excited at the prospect of working as a stewardess. He knew if he got it right this time there might be many more occasions when he could work as a girl. What he didn't know was the complete feminisation plans that Cheryl and the other girls had for him and during the flight he was to learn a lot more than he bargained for about his role as a stewardess and a girl …