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An argument sprang up at the club as to who could achieve the best changeover impersonation, men or women, and, as a result, there was a general challenge thrown out to the members to prove their word. It was agreed that we should hold two special sessions, in one of which all the girls should come dressed as fellows and all the men should be in the guise of girls, while in the other session a change-over love scene should be enacted by the best "girl" and the best "boy".

Maurice, who makes quite a pretty girl, and I often have fun changing over at home. In deed, it was at a fancy-dress dance, where we were both masquerading as members of the opposite sex, that we first got, to know each other.

The "change-over" evening was a huge piece of fun, and, in view of the competitive nature of the party, in which everyone seemed to be trying to outdo everyone else; there were many good impersonations on both sides. The girls made handsome boys, though there was no doubt from the start about who would be the girls' representative in the love scene, for Adele looked so boyish, with her short hair brushed back and her borrowed suit fitting her so well. She walked with an unexaggerated manly stride, talked in a deep voice and even looked at home with a pipe! But you should have seen the "girls"!

Bewigged, made-up, tightly-laced, clad in dainty frocks, shoes and gloves, they tripped lightly about on their high heels, sipping small drinks instead of their usual pints and affecting girlish gestures. As the evening wore on, we were amused to see the "girls" groping for non-existent pockets, trying to ease their by then tortured waists, sitting most immodestly with nylon-clad limbs fully revealed or patting their "bosoms" back into place, where too-ardent "male" attention in a darkened alcove had caused things to go awry!

More than one "girl" was called upon to demonstrate the extent of the girlish underneath’s being worn, much to the amusement and sometimes admiration of the others present , while the very dominating half of one couple insisted on frequently pulling up "his" partner's frock to test that the suspenders were not too tight.

A highlight of the evening was the leg competition. In this, all the "girls" were lined up behind a sheet hanging down from the ceiling to about the level of the waist. In order not to reveal too quickly their identity, they had to pull up their frocks out of sight behind the sheet, and then stand close to the sheet, while the "boys" on the other side judged which pair of legs was the prettiest. Naturally, their legs were completely visible and also their undies.

Actually their appearance undoubtedly represented their preference, and the results were interesting. Only one had his nylons rolled above the knee, while three showed a liking for opera-lengths: two used chic garters, while the others wore beribboned suspenders and one had both saucy rosetted garters and half-a-dozen short suspenders for his full-length sheer nylons; two wore close-fitting panties, two filmy nylon and lacy cami-knickers over brief, skin-tight slips, while the undies of the others were typical, wide-legged, French knickers. What fun we had judging their legs, affecting to measure them, but in reality naughtily caressing them to make the owners tremble.

Maurice, who was able to wear a higher heel than most, was the winner, and, to our amusement, someone cut the supporting string and brought down the sheet before the competitors could drop their frocks into a more decorous position. The prize was a chic pair of diamante garters, and needless to say everyone clamored for them to be put on then and there by Adele. With a show of gallantry, she handed Maurice up on to a table, where he stood smiling down at the others, as he slowly pulled up his frock to his hips, revealing once again his shapely legs sheathed in opera-length nylons, topped by the lacy legs of the georgette cami-knickers he prefers.

Then amid applause he held each leg forward in turn, amusing us all by his pretended (or was it?) trembling as Adele caressingly slipped the garter right up to the top of his leg. After a brief pose with the garters in place, Maurice dropped his skirts and prepared to step down.

But now came a surprise for him, for Adele reached up, took him by his slender waist and lightly swung him to the ground, planting a kiss on his painted lips as she did so. We all knew Adele was strong, but we didn't know she was that strong! It augured well for the girls' representative in the scene to be enacted on another evening. Maurice was chosen as the "girl" of the evening, and next time I'll have to tell you how he got on with Adele.

Suffice it to say for now that he took the whole affair very seriously and went into strict training, with my help. The intervening fortnight was spent in extra tight-lacing every evening, while he wore a light corset to work under his male clothes. Also at home he got used to shoes with even higher heels. Fortunately Maurice and I are much of a size, and he ran through my wardrobe, trying on everything in the evenings, always making up, and using his wig and jewelry.

Had any stranger visited me then, he could not have thought other than that my chic companion was a pretty girl. In deed, at times he would have found Maurice alluringly fetching, for he would sit about in a loose wrap over his figure-fitting cami-knickers and sheer nylons.