MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

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Cases of men wearing the silks and laces of women interest my husband, Henri, and myself very much. We do hope you are lucky enough to find a wife who will let you dress, as her twin – you'll enjoy life so much the more. Henri has his own complete feminine wardrobe, and I adore having "Henrietta" around.

Although we are both French, we met in Buenos Aires. An Argentine friend of mine took me along once to the rather exclusive "Mujerados" Club (founded originally for male and female impersonators, both professional and amateur, but later with broader membership. Recently I have heard that it has been closed under the Peron regime). The occasion was a sort of fiesta, and there were several excellent impersonators among the masqueraders.

As one of these was French, I was introduced, and I was pleasantly surprised and secretly thrilled to find the pretty girl before me was in reality a Parisian youth, whose realistic transformation consisted of a lovely blonde wig, perfectly made-up face, earrings and necklace, figure-fitting blue silk frock over curvaceous contours, long white gloves, sheer nylons and high heeled court shoes.

Perhaps it was our nationality, or maybe it was something deeper, but the fact remains that we were very much drawn to each other. I found he loved his feminine things and that he often dressed up for pleasure and to amuse his friends. When he found that I, far from being shocked at his predilection for feminine attire, was deeply interested in all he said our conversation became almost girlishly intimate. The outcome you have of course already guessed we fell deeply in love and were married. Henri and I are very much attached to each other, and there is no doubt that this is due almost exclusively to the fact that he loves dressing and making up as a girl, in which pursuit he has my complete acquiescence, for I love to have the charming "Henrietta" around.

I can assure "Barbara" that we are by no means unique, and he should be able to find an under standing partner, just as "Henrietta" found "her" Amelia (that's me). Many are the men to-day who secretly delight in dressing in the soft filmily silks, the figure-forming corsets, the highest of heels, the gloves, jewelry and cosmetics, of us fortunate women, but few are they who reveal their whim to their wives. It is a pity, for I feel sure there must be many women about, who would delight in having a husband capable of transforming himself at will into a pretty girl.

Yes, there is no doubt that Henri loves his pretty things, nor that I adore seeing him in them.