MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

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FORCED FEMINIZATION STORIES a whole new set and more are to be come. And I've also changed the design. Aah, and don't forget to subscribe, if you love it ;)


It all began with my wife getting the idea that she could possibly break me of my "habit" by giving me an overdose. She set about it with a vengeance. It was made simpler for her because I had just been laid off work due to poor business.

One morning I was happily surprised when Jane suggested I dress up. For once she gladly helped me. First, panties and bra were put on and padded appropriately, giving me proper breast and hips. Then she helped me into a body length corset. Since this wasn't tight enough around the waist she made me put on her waist cincher. She wanted me to suffer well.

With it on, my waist was laced from 29 inches to 22 inches. I thought I was going to die. Then she made me put on an old dress of hers. She tied this between my legs and had me put on her bright red jeans. She then ran a length of chain (an old dog leash) thru the loops around my waist. Using a small padlock she secured the chain to the puller on the zipper, of the jeans.

Dressed this way I couldn't undress even with my hands free. Since I couldn't bend over, Jane put the boots on me, she laced them up tight too. My hands were chained behind me and I was marched into the clothes closet where I was tied to the clothes bar. She tied my feet and knees together and gagged me.

Then she told me she was going out and would be go ne most of the day. But so that I wouldn't know when she had left and returned I was to be blindfolded and made deaf. She stuffed my ears with cotton (that she dipped in some kind of goo), padded my eyes with more cotton, wrapped a scarf over my eyes and ears, and over that she put on her bathing cap back wards. Then to top it all off she wrapped a 3-inch wide role of bandage around my head, leaving only my nostrils exposed, and secured it with a liberal supply of tape.

By the time she had finished my feet were on fire and my waist was aching terribly. Then I began to get worried. I doubted if I could last very long the way things were going. I tried to tell Jane. If she was still there the sounds I made must have sounded pretty silly to her. But they didn't have any effects. She left.

She later told me I was in there only an hour. It was hard to believe. Finally I felt her untie me from the bar. She then untied my feet and knees. I had, to be helped to the bed where I sat down. Out of kindness she loosened the cincher. But I stayed dressed. And my hands stayed chained behind me, and head stayed bandaged.

My feet were chained with enough slack for half a step and I had the run of the house. I stayed imprisoned for the rest of the day. You can imagine the shape I was in when I was finally released. Nature called with great in sistence, my mouth burned, and ached because of the nautilus, my stomach muscles wouldn't work, my back hurt, and my feet were numb.

Wow! boy did I have troubles. I didn't dress up for two months.