MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

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"I'm back" shouted as dropped my cases in the hall. As I passed my flatmates bedroom I kicked the closed door. "Nick, you in there?” Total silence. I looked in the lounge – the table lamp was on. Nick had probably gone to the pub. From the lingering aroma of Chanel No.19 he probably had female company. He isn't going to be very happy when he finds I'm back a day early, I thought to myself. I put my cases in my room and went to the kitchen for a beer and settled down in the lounge to compose my report on the job I had just been on. An hour later heard the flat door being opened. I thought I'd wait in the lounge and see the expression on Nicks face when he and whatever girl he had, found me there.

I heard Nick's room door opening. I thought you randy sod. Next a female started moving in the kitchen. I knew it was a female as I heard high heels on the bare kitchen floor. It also sounded like she was making tea. I went to say hello. Nick's room was empty, so I went to the kitchen. The girl stood, with her back to me. She was quite tall and slim. Her hair was blonde and shoulder length. She was wearing a maroon pencil skirt and a light grey satin blouse. I was right about the high heels – they matched her skirt in colour and had at least 4" heels. Black tights or stockings covered her legs. Knowing Nick they probably would be stockings.

"Hello, I'm Nick's flatmate" I announced. She turned round. She was very pretty and very buxom. I had a feeling I had seen her before. She looked as if she had seen a ghost. "Oh Christ!" she said. It was my turn to look as if I had seen a ghost. The voice was Nick's. I was speechless. "Your back early. I knew I had made a mistake doing this". "It is you isn't it Nick"? I stammered. "Yes. I shouldn't have done it. I knew I'd get found out." Nick said.

"Your a transvestite?" "Yes I am". Nick sat down. I don't think I blamed him because I needed to. Nick looked at me the tears running down his pretty face and destroying his make-up. "What are you going to think? I'll leave if you want. I don't know what I'm going to do. " "You don't need to leave if you don't want to". "Thanks". Nick had by now controlled his crying. "How long have you been doing this Nick or is it Nicole". "Since I was 18 and it is Nicole" she smiled. "I'm going to have to think about this. You are very convincing. I suggest you sort your makeup and fix us a very stiff drink. I think I need it and you look as if you do as well". "O.K. I'll do that drink". "I'm going to my room to think".

I sat down on my bed. I couldn't believe it. My flatmate a transvestite and I didn't know it. Still it solved a problem it would be easier for me to tell Nicole that I too was a TV. I also knew where I had seen her before. It was in a TV magazine. After an hour I was ready. I was now Gwen. I checked myself in the mirror and saw that everything looked good. The living room door was open. Nicole was watching television. Her back was towards me. "Nicole you’re being a TV doesn't worry me. In fact I'm glad you are". By now Nicole had turned round. Her mouth opened when she saw me.

"Well then" she said "I can see why, your glad, you look really good Gwen. Now it was my turn to be open mouthed. "You know my name." I said. "Of course your on the front cover of this months TV world, I think this solves a lot of problems for us". "Your right Nicole. Where’s that stiff drink I think we should celebrate". "Here’s to us” Nicole said.