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At the present moment my husband is seated in his favorite chair reading and it is with his specific permission that I am writing this. If you were here you would immediately ask, "Where is your husband?" for instead of a man you would see a glamorous "girl".

At the present time he has all the attributes, outwardly, that is, of a woman – dark curly hair, makeup, figure revealing blue crepe dress, nylon clad legs and high-heeled black patent leather pumps. Beneath the dress I know he wears a slip, a waist cincher girdle, and a 36 cup bra.

For over three years now he has been, outwardly, a woman and to the world we are "sisters" as well as business partners. The fact that we are "sisters" was brought about by circumstances, which made it advisable for us to be unconventional.

About six years ago we opened a small dress shop in a middle size town in the mid west. At first I ran the store by myself while my husband worked in an office. I needed help at times and he came to my assistance. It was embarrassing though to our trade as a woman has a bit of reticence when it comes to buying a girdle or a bra from a man.

One evening, after a trying day I said, "Oh, if you were only a woman!" to him and he laughed and said, "Let's go out for dinner and a show and you'll forget your problems." We went out for dinner and to a nightclub. One of the acts there was a female impersonator. He was very good, and it was not until the end of the act that the audience realized that the entertainer was a man and not a woman. That night he said that he had the solution. "What if he became a woman – to trade and all others a woman; my sister instead of my husband."

We took it as more of a joke at first but the more we thought' of it the better the idea seemed to be. Then we tried it out in the privacy of our apartment. It was a simple matter to obtain the clothing and his figure was quite adaptable being not too tall and also slender and he had legs that most girls could envy-slim ankles nice calves and thighs.

The first time he dressed as a woman, complete with girdle, padded bra, slip, hose, dress and high-heeled shoes, he said that he enjoyed the luxurious feeling the feminine garments gave to him. I was amazed at the transformation. He made an extremely attractive woman. That first night we made our plans. He would go in to training as a woman for a year or so while I would search for a new shop in a larger Eastern cit y. If at the end of a year he could pass close inspection as a "woman" we would then make the change.

Training nights were Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and all day Sunday. During those times I was a Queen and he was a "Lady in Training." He had to learn to walk like a woman and to become familiar with high heels. His figure had to be remade, as his waistline was that of a man rather than that of a woman. He wore high heels around the house at every opportunity, at first ones with heels about 2 inches high, then when he got familiar with them we boosted the heel heights to 4 inches, about as high as any commercially available.

On all occasions he wore silk or nylon hose tautly gartered to a girdle. The most difficult training for him of course was to get used to a girdles – or rather, in his case, a lacing type corset for that was the only thing that could reduce his "enormous" waistline of 28 inches to feminine one of 22.

As we, sold corsets, girdles and bra s of all types in the store, it was a simple matter to obtain a special back lacing type to be used as a training garment. For the first six months he wore the garment laced as tightly as I could pull it during the training period. At other times, even at night he wore a tightly boned elastic waist-confining garment. His bit of suffering bore fruit as his waistline gradually got smaller and smaller. At the end of six months, he measured 24 without the girdle and we could, by tight lacing of the original garment, achieve 21 inches.

By the end of the first six months training period we were quite sure that he could pass inspection as a woman. With a transformation and makeup, gowned in a figure revealing dress or suit, and tightly corseted and wearing high heeled pumps he could, I was sure, draw the attention of most men and an envious glance from many women. By that time we turned our attention to his beard. Fortunately it was light. He made an appointment with a beautician in a nearby city and made arrangements to take treatments to have it removed by electrolysis. This took several months. The hair on his legs we removed by one of the several commercially available compounds for such purposes.

It was about then that I heard of an opening for a dress shop near Philadelphia. We went down to look it over and at the same time to have a bit of a vacation and also to check whether or not he could really pass inspection as a woman. We drove over in our car. The clothes in both bags were completely feminine. As we left our apartment, he wore a long sleeve black sweater and slacks and loafers, but beneath he wore a bra (without the pads), a girdle and nylon hose.

When we were safely under way he made the change to a woman quite quickly. First the transformation, which gave him long curling black hair. Then the C cup bra pads that gave him the specified feminine curves. With the tight sweater he was quite an attraction. The slacks were replaced by a skirt and the loafers by high-heeled pumps. Makeup completed the change.

He was a bit nervous when we stopped for lunch on the Pennsylvania super-highway, but I told him to relax, that he looked fine. We both entered the "ladies room" and I'll say that he was marvelous. He straightened his stocking seams like any woman, tugged down on his girdle and reapplied makeup just like the rest. After that test everything was smooth sailing. We looked the store over and decided to make the move.

After a week of living as a woman, he said it was hard when we got back home from our survey trip to again become a man. Everyday until we left permanently for the east he wore women's clothes at every opportunity. The day before we left I sold all his male clothes – shirts, hose, suits, hats, shoes – everything.

Within 20 minutes of the time we left for the east, he was a woman and has been ever since. He says that the three years have been delightful. Our business has prospered. We have quite a number of women and girls who are our customers and not once has anyone even questioned that Bobby's real name is Robert and not Roberta. He has had numerous requests for dates, particularly from salesmen, but never once has he accepted. He is still my "date" and a very fine husband.

When I started this letter, I did not realize it would be as long as it is. I do believe, however, that the readers will be interested in the fact that this experience of ours is proof that a man can become a woman and enjoy a woman's clothes. It takes practice perseverence and quite a bit of training. Bobby is enjoying his life. "Babs" punishes her husband by forcing him to dress as a French maid and serve her. I don't believe in being a Slaverette. My Bobby is better than any French maid because he waits on me without force. I get anything I want because Bobby wants it that way. We really enjoy life.