MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

more feminization stories and a new design

FORCED FEMINIZATION STORIES a whole new set and more are to be come. And I've also changed the design. Aah, and don't forget to subscribe, if you love it ;)


Since high school, I have worn dresses, lingerie and makeup around the house whenever the opportunity presented itself. I purchase my own clothes, and the salesladies know why I buy them and help me out. One woman friend of mine lets me dress up in her house and she comments on my dress and the details of my wig, makeup, walk and talk.

As "Barbara" she will talk and be friends with me. As a man she hardly knows me. She encourages me to be feminine and I thoroughly enjoy it. I am tall, but several women have said I could be a model and one man wouldn't believe I wasn't a young lady.

Whenever dressed, I wear a girdle and am trying a waist nipper and have reduced my waist to 23 inches with a hip and bust measurement of 38 inches.

My men's clothes are all heavy and harsh, such as wool, tweed, etc., and I see no reason why men's clothes have to be so heavy, ugly and rough and women's so light, smooth, and attractive.

I am still single but would like to marry a woman if I could have my dresses and wardrobe and dress my wife and myself as twins.