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I came of a very corset conscious family. My father, a Guardsman, wore very small waisted corsets and my mother was famous for her very tiny waist (she had corsets in all sizes down to thirteen inches). So my two sisters and I were accustomed to tight corsets from an early age, and we wear them still.

My sisters in the earl y 1900's had waists of 16 and 15 inches, and today they wear specially made corsets both measuring 18 inches over them. I was laced unusually tightly from a child, so that I have a full bust line and my waist today is nineteen inches over my corset.

I used to be laced to sixteen inches as at one time I was dressed as a girl, and but for the early death of my father in an accident. I expect I would have, been trained as a girl for always. Now I dress as one when at home and my sisters and I are oft en taken, as a girlish trio. I wear a corset at night always as I do not like the feeling of being without one. It is high and deep, covers my bust without pressure and envelops my thighs fairly tightly.

My day corsets are the same size (19 inches) but they end below my bust and come down on the hips very deep but they end just to be clear of a seat when sitting down.

I wear size 7 shoes with heels 5 inches measured centrally, and I am perfectly comfortable and natural in this outfit. I can wear a higher heel but am unsteady on anything over 5 inches. My sisters wear five-inch heels also. The one with size 3 shoes looks marvelous. The other wears size 5 1/4 and although the heels are the same she does not give the appearance of being so high heeled.

We have several friends I of both sexes who come in occasionally for an evening, or sometimes for a weekend, and we have a good time trying on one another's corsets and clothes, etc. And we all have some special corsets, which are a bit trying to wear but very nice about which I may write on another occasion.

My sister Margaret says I should have mentioned that both she and Ellen can (and do often) lace down to 16 inches again, and that all measurements are taken over the corset when worn, not corset sizes.