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Inside a Transvestite's closet!

Very few of us really know what goes on in the closets and bedrooms of our TV and TS sisters. Its a rare of occasion when that door opens and we are allowed a look into the innermost Iives of the crossdresser. Fortunately, one special person has allowed the FEMALE IMPERSONATOR photographer to join her in a session of crossdressing.

Stefanie, our model, was a bit shy at first, but who of us would not be when put in front of a camera. As you can see from the pictures, here, she took to modeling like a duck takes to water. Before too long, Stefanie won the heart of our photographer, and its only a matter of time before she wins the hearts of all of us.

As a pre-operative transexual, Stef is very busy saving her money for that all-important surgery, but she did take the time out to grace our pages. There is no doubt in our minds that Stef will make a beautiful and charming woman. Even though she is not a 100% female, she already has much of the grace and charm of a real girl.

Currently, our girl of the issue is busy at a large Eastern college studying for a career. The campus must be a wild place with a beauty like Stephanie there. She is the object of many a coed's envy and many a boy's attraction as she strolls across the campus.

Having started a series of hormone treatments about six months ago, Stet's body is already beginning to assume many of the characteristic female contours that she is justifiably proud of. Many months of electrolysis have left her face smooth and hairless, giving Stef an overall appearance that any girl would be proud to have. Stefanie has no definite plans for surgery at this point. Her main goal in life right now is to finish college, a task that shouldn't be too difficult for this intelligent lass.

Now that we have gotten this creature to pose for us, we think that its only a matter of time until she is discovered by an agency to do some fashion modeling. She is already becoming relaxed while posing, and feels at home in front of a camera. Who knows, we may have opened up a whole new career to help this lovely girl through college!

Stef thinks that its about time the that more TVs and TSs got out of their closets to do their own thing. She feels that it will make a person a much happier human being. We can only agree with her and admire her for coming out for all of US to see.

Aside from her natural beauty, our model has already mastered some of the tricks of makeup and hair styling that girls use to enhance their appearance. She is an expert at make-up and knows how to bring out all her good feminine features, as is clearly visible here.

Stefanie, like most of us, has a special liking for the soft, ultra-feminine clothing that we associate with beautiful women; stockings, garterbelt, lacy bra. Our girl knows that these are real trun-ons, and she likes to turn people on. as you can see.

We were really sorry when we ran out of film, and had to call the session to a close. One hour with this vibrant young woman left us feeling exhilarated, and anxiouS to do it all over again. Oh well, all good things have to end sometime, but we sincerely hope to see Stefanie again sometime in the future ......