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FRIENDLY FEMINIZATION STORY - At Christmas time dreams come true!

Little Tim snuggled down under the bed clothes trying to drown out the sound of laughter drifting up from below.  He didn‘t object to the rest of the family having fun of course, but how much he‘d have loved to have stayed up late - especially tonight of all nights.  Even his best efforts with the eiderdown were unable to stifle the the penetrating voices and giggles of his two elder sisters.
Still, tomorrow was Christmas day, always a terrific time. There‘d be lots of fun and excitement, and of course loads of presents for him to open. In fact he‘d already examined the brightly colored parcels under the tree in the lounge, but despite feeling them, shaking them and performing all the external analysis possible, he was still none-the-wiser to their secret contents.
He listened intently and then, when he was sure he couldn‘t be overheard, whispered the same prayer that he offered up every night. Being only nine, he wasn‘t entirely sure how such things operated, but felt confident that the Almightily would one day hear his plea, it was simply a matter of being persistent.

... Tim found himself standing before a big oak door and pondered for a while, hearing giggles and shouts from within. Tentatively he lifted the large brass door knocker, made in the shape of a lion, lifted, then released it, letting it drop against the solid housing with a firm resounding clang.  He paused, and was about to repeat the action when the door groaned open and a little girl stood there beaming. „Oh hiya Tina“ said the child, brightly, „Do come in, the party‘s really great“...
... He wasn‘t sure how he‘d gotten here, but he was standing in a large room which was decorated with balloons and streamers. Everywhere he looked there were children playing. Some were playing with the balloons, others dancing to music, and more still just running around giggling with joy. He knew he‘d been here before, but couldn‘t quite place it.  Then it dawned on him... there were no boys at this party. It was just for girls.
For an anxious moment he glanced down, then realized that all was well - his frilly pink dress was just as pretty as the other girls‘...
He felt himself being jostled from behind and heard a vague and distant voice pleading in his ear, „Come on Tim, wake up! It‘s Christmas day!“
„Oh great“, he moaned sleepily, with not quite enough enthusiasm. He‘d have loved to stay just a little longer in his favorite dream.
Tim half climbed, was half dragged, from his bed by the firm hand of Claire, his older sister by three years.  His sisters were dressed and, as usual, sleepy Tim was letting the side down.  It was a family tradition that no presents were opened until all the children were dressed and were downstairs together.
„Come on, hurry up our Tim!“ said Susie, tugging at his pyjama top in an effort to speed him up.  „Well I can‘t get dressed with you here, silly!“ he retorted, peeling her hand away.
„Oh, there‘s no need to get dressed, Mummy says you can come down as you are“ said the elder girl.  Mmmm, now this certainly was a break in tradition, thought Tim, as he wrapped himself in his He-Man dressing-gown and followed his two giggling sisters down the stairs.
„Good morning sweetheart“.  His Mum planted an affectionate kiss on his cheek. „I see they managed to wake you up at last!“ „Yeah, mornin‘ mum“ beamed Tim as he shot onto the sofa to join his sisters.
It seemed as though every square inch of wall was covered in Christmas cards.  He could make out a dozen or so fat red Santas, probably as many reindeer and almost a whole country side of snow scenes.  Tim smiled to himself, there were a few of what he called „candle and bauble cards“ - the kind that are always at the bottom of the box, that nobody really likes.
His gaze shifted to the wonderful tree which seemed to have taken over half the room, rather than the corner it had been given.  The branches glistened with tinsel and were draped with the same decorations that were carefully wrapped up and stored in the attic each January.  At the very top, clothed in a splendid white silk dress which sparkled in the fairy lights, sat a watchful Angel, her wings spread as though she might lift off at any moment.  That really was a pretty dress, thought Tim.
Mum took her place in an armchair and the family bowed their heads for a few moments of prayer.  After remembering the poor and needy, and thanking God for Christmas, Tim said his usual prayer. As usual it was silent and secret - between himself and God.
„Well, I guess you‘re first Claire“ announced Mum to an excited chorus of cheers.
Needing no further encouragement, the eldest of the three dived off the sofa and scampered across to the large pile of prettily wrapped presents stacked under the tree.  Casting lesser parcels asunder, she quickly uncovered a small but exciting looking box, covered in red shiny paper. „This is from Aunty Julie and Uncle Bill“ said Claire, checking the label. She gave the longer of the ribbons an enthusiastic tug and the wrapping gave way enough for her to see the contents.
„Hey brill!“ she exclaimed, tearing the remaining paper to reveal a pink make-up box, filled with little brushes and powders of every imaginable shade.
„I can see you guys have already worked out whose parcel‘s whose“ chuckled Mum. „Go on Susie, your turn“.
The ten year old wasted no time and quickly selected the largest box under the tree. Everyone knew of course, but Susie announced the contents of the label anyway, „This is from you Mummy!“ Unlike her sister, she carefully pulled the paper off and put it aside in a neat pile. Only then did she open the lid of the box.
„Oh Mummy!“ she exclaimed excitedly, „It‘s a Princess Barbie Set“. Proudly she held her new dolly aloft for all to see. She did indeed look like a Princess in a wonderfully pretty pink sequined dress and a sparkling tiara on her head.
„My turn?“ asked Tim hopefully. „Yeah, go on sweetheart“.
Tim rummaged through the pile of brightly colored parcels and selected one that he‘d spied out earlier.  He was curious about this one, dispite squashing and feeling it throughout the week he just couldn‘t work it out. The girls hadn‘t helped either - they just giggled whenever he asked what they thought mum had bought him. At last he‘d find out.
He peeled back a corner of the paper and peered inside, pulled back more paper and started to chuckle. „Oops, sorry mum, you‘ve put the wrong label on this one!“
He offered it to Susie, the most likely candidate, and looked to Mum for confirmation. She shook her head. „Must be yours Claire“ he said, trying to pass the box to his older sister. „Nope!“ she giggled at the confused boy.
He peeled back the remains of the paper, lifted out the pink frilly dress and pulled a mock face. „Eh?“
„What‘s up petal, don‘t you like it?“ asked his Mum seriously.
„Yeah... I mean... but... it‘s a DRESS!“
„Of course it is...“
She slipped along side him and threw her arm around his shoulders. „It‘s okay darling, really it is.  We know all about your little dreams.“
Claire gave him a warm smile and nodded. Susie grinned. „Isn‘t it pretty Timmy?“ she asked.  Tim just couldn‘t stand the humiliation and burst into floods of tears.  For years he‘d dreamed of dressing like a girl, and had occasionally borrowed one or two dresses from his sisters, but there was a difference between having secret dreams and having the whole world know that he was nothing more than a little sissy!
But, there‘d been no condemnation in their voices. No mocking. The girls joined the pair on the sofa and added their reassurances.  Perhaps it was okay, but how on earth could they possibly know?
He looked through tear-filled eyes at his elder sister, „huh?“
„Timmy, aren‘t you going to look at your dress?“
Your dress... your dress?  It rang through his mind. This really was HIS dress!  Susie picked up the dress from where Timmy had discarded it and held it aloft for all to see. „Gee, I sure hope it fits.“
His reddened eyes grew wide as he looked the dress up and down. It certainly looked like it would fit and, by golly, it wasn‘t half pretty!
The dress looked similar to those worn by little girls to parties, thought Tim.  Many a time he‘d admired the lucky wearers, but only in his dreams had he imagined that he‘d ever have one of his own.  Like many children‘s dresses, the top was delicately smocked and cascaded down from a high waist into a froth of pink silk and frills.  His eyes rested on the scalloped hem line as he considered how it would look. He thought it might be a little short, but he did rather like short dresses.  Those rosebuds between the scallops looked enchanting and he began to get excited at the thought of being dressed in such a frilly dress.
The sleeves were big and puffy, certainly befitting a party dress, and they were trimmed with snowy white lace which matched that around the large rounded collar.  Below the smocking, a white satin ribbon was tied in a long floppy bow which hung down the front of the dress, contrasting prettily with all the pink frills.
„Do you like it, sweetheart?“ asked his mum gently, hugging him closely for reassurance.
For a few moments Tim hesitated, thinking he might be in the middle of a wonderful dream and that he‘d be cruelly awoken before he‘d had chance to wear this lovely dress.  Then he nodded, appreciatively, „Mmmm.... it‘s very nice“.
The girls applauded. It had almost seemed as though things were going to be awkward and their little brother was going to try to deny the feelings that they knew were deep in his heart. It was okay though, he‘d just overcome the biggest hurdle.
„Go on Susie, you can open another of your parcels“ said mum. She giggled excitedly, laid the dress across her brothers knees and scampered back to the tree.
While he watched the girls open a further present each, Tim ran the cool pink silk through his fingers again and again, savoring the soft feminine feel.  He couldn‘t wait to try it on.
„Hey, this one‘s for you as well...“ cried Claire, passing a large bundled parcel to her brother, who seemed to be far away in a land of his own. She bent down, getting between him and the dress and looked up into his face „... Hello?  Earth to Tim“.
„Oh sorry... that‘s terrific, thanks Claire“ he said sheepishly.
This present was from mum too.  His heart picked up the rate as he examined the exterior and found it soft and squashy. „Mmmm... doesn‘t feel much like a bike“ he giggled.  This time there was no hanging about and the ribbons and pretty paper were cast aside in seconds.  Whatever it was, it was white, soft and extremely frilly.  Tim grabbed it in both hands and held it up.
„You can tell he‘s new to this“ laughed mom, as he quickly turned it the otherway around and lifted it up again.
There were „ooh‘s and ah‘s“ from the girls as they looked at Timmy‘s gorgeous new frilly white petticoat.  The top was a simple cotton affair with pink piping around the arm and heck holes and a matching satin bow on the front.  It was the skirt that really captivated the children. Layer upon layer of frothy white net, each one edged at the bottom with white lace. The outer layer was trimmed at the bottom with small pink bows.
His mum giggled, lifted the petticoats high up, then let them float gently back down. „This‘ll make your dress stick out, our Timmy“.
Still clutching his treasured present, he threw his arms around her neck and hugged her closely. „Oh mummy, it‘s wonderful - really it is. Thank you, thank you“.
This was the most magical Christmas time that there‘d ever been.  As the morning wore on, the children became more and more excited and three piles of pretty presents grew ever larger.  Not all Timmy‘s presents had been clothes of course. He‘d gotten a beautiful make-up set from Claire, who‘d promised to give him some lessons on how to look his best. Susie gave him a pretty Barbie dolly, joking that it would stop him borrowing hers. There was a lovely array of other presents too, from Aunties and Uncles, but every single one of them was feminine - suitable for a little girl of his own age or younger.
It was a magical time for mum too. It‘d been years since her son had called her „mummy“ and she liked the sound of it. He‘d seemed a whole lot more loving that morning too.  She gave a little sigh and tugged at Tim‘s pyjama top, „Well, I think it‘s time you got dressed young lady“.
Tim staggered excitedly up the stairs, arms overflowing with all kinds of pretty clothes, lace, frills and ribbons draped over his arms and tucked in his dressing gown pockets.  The girls scampered up after him, not only eager to help carry his new wardrobe to his bedroom, but also both hoping to see the transformation.
His room wasn‘t particularly boyish, but the racing car wallpaper did look decidedly out of place against the pile of frilly outfits deposited upon the bed.  His „Action man“ figure, who seemed to snear from the shelf above his bed, would have to watch out if he were to avoid having his battle fatigues replaced by a pretty Barbie outfit.
Tim watched as the girls carefully laid the clothes on the bed, replacing his hap-hazard pile with a neat sets: matching blouses to skirts, panties to petticoats and various hair ornaments and jewelry together. He was spellbound as they arranged it all, giving him small nuggets of advice about which blouse to wear with a particular skirt and which socks would look the prettiest.
It was a precious time as they giggled and chattered over his wonderful new wardrobe. His sisters had made some lovely suggestions. Perhaps he should wear the long-sleeved white blouse and lemon pinafore dress, or maybe even that lovely embroidered „gypsy“ top and fiery orange floral skirt. The rich-red velvet dress with the white lacy collar certainly did look very warm and Christmassy, and for a brief moment he‘d considered the powder-blue dress and white pinafore - giggling as Susie suggested that he‘d look like „Alice in Wonderland“, but no, since early that morning there‘d only really been one choice.  His first outfit just had to be the frilly pink party dress!
Claire told him to strip to the waist and go have a good wash. They‘d been far too excited for such trivialities earlier on in the day, but she thought he ought to start out on a good footing.
He returned in record time, neck still dripping and traces of soap around his ears. Still, Rome wasn‘t built in a day. There‘d be plenty of time to get him trained properly.
„We‘ll start by making you smell nice“ announced Claire, as she gave him a liberal spraying with „Summer Lavender“ from a long slender bottle. She was right - he did smell nice, similar to the girls in his class at school, thought Tim.
Not waiting for him to make a choice, she chose the prettiest pair of panties and held them upto him.  „Okay buster“ she teased, „time for the frillies!“
„Err... it‘s okay, I can manage“ blustered Tim, unprepared for this afront to his dignity.
„Oh come one, we‘re all girls together. I‘ve seen it before, don‘t be so shy...“
Yeah, thought Tim, blushing furiously, you might have seen it before, but not when it‘s been this size!
„...or perhaps you‘d like Susie to help?“ she added, nodding to his younger sister, who was sitting on the bed grinning like the Cheshire Cat.  Susie would have no hesitation in pulling his pyjama bottoms down and he knew full well that the pair of them could easily overpower him. Still, he was eager to be dressed up in all the finery he‘d been admiring and fondling all morning, so decided to put his pride away and dropped his trousers.
Susie put her hand over her mouth but couldn‘t stifle the giggle. „Oh, we are looking forward to our frilly dress, aren‘t we?“ said Claire, who knew about such things.  She bent down and offered the pink frilly panties for him to step into, holding them wide with her thumbs in the lacy waistband. Grateful for the cover, he quickly stepped in and she drew them up his shivering legs.
„There, „ she said as she lifted them over the embarrassed boys excitement „all tucked in safely“.  The expected giggles didn‘t come from Susie, she was too engrossed in an intimate examination of the frothy white petticoat. „Are you going to wear this one?“ she asked, half hoping that he‘d say no and that she‘d be able to borrow it for the day.  The big grin on his face said it all.
Claire took the petticoat and carefully bunched it in her hands with a much practiced motion. These were the skills that she‘d soon be teaching her brother to do himself, she thought. For the time being she was more than willing to help dress him. She was looking forward to having another little sister.
Impatiently Tim held his arms aloft waiting for the frilly garment. The front of his panties were rising still as they betrayed his excitement. Claire passed the rustling petticoat over his hands, pulled it over his head and let it float down into place. She then fussed around him for a few seconds fluffing it out and arranging the layers of lace nicely.
„Isn‘t it lovely?“ said Susie.
„Yeah. Come on Timmy, give us a twirl“ giggled Claire.
Although he‘d never dressed in such a frilly petticoat, he‘d often watched the girls at school skipping and playing in the playground. He‘d have loved to join in, especially if he could‘ve worn those cute little checked dresses!  As it was, he was well versed in the art of skipping, pirouetting, and generally behaving like a small excited girl should. Right on cue he twirled around for his two sisters, making his petticoat flare out prettily.
„Oh very sweet“ laughed Claire, then after a pause, „I supposed you‘d like your dress on now - would you?“
„Oh yes, yes please Claire, I would“, enthused Tim.
As she prepared his frilly pink dress, she noticed that her brother had seemed a lot more polite than usual. Perhaps putting him in dresses wasn‘t a bad idea. Indeed, perhaps making boys dress like girls occasionally would do them all good, she mused.
Once she‘d unfastened all the buttons, she lifted the delicate dress up, watching the lovely silk shimmer in the morning sunlight. She wouldn‘t have minded such a pretty dress herself, but she didn‘t begrudge her little brother his moment of glory. After all, it was his very first day as a little girl.
„Arms up sweetie“ she said, at last, almost coaxing him like a mother would with a reluctant child.  There was no trace of reluctance however, and his arms shot into the air in a jiffy.
A tingle ran down his spine as she pulled the cool silk over his head and down. As she‘d done with his petticoat, she let go around his chest and let the dress float down gently into place.  She arranged the skirt over his petticoat and spun him around to start buttoning him in.  She smiled to herself as she worked her way up the back of the bodice, the buttons were rather fiddly and he‘d never be able to undo them without help.
Tim felt wonderful. It was a strange mixture of pure excitement and a kind of reasurring feminine feeling, as though this was the way things should always have been.  He stood with his hands on his hips and then ran them up the front of the dress, stroking the rippled smocking which was being snuggly fitted to his chest.  He felt rather childish, being dressed by his older sister, but it was certainly nice being pampered and fussed over.
With the last button fastened, and the pretty white collar tucked neatly under his chin, it became clear to all that the dress was a perfect fit. Tim looked an absolute treasure.
„Just a few little adjustments, sweetheart“ said Claire, as she fussed around him, fluffing his dress and petticoats for a final time and pushing the sleeves up his arm just an inch or so more to make them puff out prettily.  She refastened the bow on the front and arranged it so that the ends dangled down properly, then knelt and adjusted the hem until his petticoat could just be seen between the scallops of his dress.
Susie wasn‘t going to be left out of this strange ceremony and bunched up a white ankle sock, stretching it out. „Come on little sister“ she laughed „put your foot in“. Tim peered over the flounces of dress at his grinning sister and smiled back. There was no sound of malice in her comment and he did rather feel like her little sister. Obediently he held out his foot and let her slip the sock on. „Such balance... you‘d make a pretty ballet dancer“ quipped the youngster as she turned down the lace frill on his sock for that special „little girl“ look. A few seconds later and its twin was safely on his other foot and the girls were busily choosing a suitable pair of shoes.
„Well mum bought the black ones to go with his red skirt“ said Susie „but they don‘t really go with a pink dress“
„No, but how about...“ Claire clicked her fingers for emphasis „those white Mary Janes that mum got you for your birthday party last year?“
Almost before she‘d finished speaking, Susie had scuttled off into the girls‘ room. Seconds later she emerged triumphantly carrying a small pair of shiny patent shoes. They were indeed white, were embossed in a delicate flower arrangement around the toes, and had tiny straps emerging from the instep which fitted into fancy silver buckles at the side.  „Oh perfect“ she exclaimed, holding them alongside his feet, „come on, tootsies in little girlie“.
„Certainly Miss“ giggled Tim as he lifted his foot.
With the pretty little shoes securely strapped on his feet, Tim took a tentative step or two. The little heels lifted him by an inch or so higher than he was used to, but they were certainly comfortable enough. He deliberately stepped off the rug onto the wooden floor and took a few steps to hear the wonderfully feminine tappity-tap of the heels. He felt like a little girl and now sounded like one as he moved.
„Come on, we‘re not finished yet, young lady“ said Claire, steering him away from the door and over to the bed.  She whispered into Susie‘s ear and then began to rummage amongst the items they‘d brought from downstairs, whilst her sister disappeared back into her own room yet again.
She sat him on the bed and opened the little case that he‘d been given as a present earlier. Selecting a pink lipstick, she puckered her lips and made him do likewise. Skillfully she applied a pretty pink bow to his lips, blotted it, then applied a second and third coat. She was part way through making his lashes long and pretty with a small black brush, when her sister re-emerged. „Oh very pretty“ said the little lass, looking in wonder at the transformation taking place on the bed, „I like your lipstick“
With a light brushing of pink blush on his cheeks, just enough to give a healthy „little girl“ flush, his makeup was complete and Claire stood back to admire her work. „Mmmm, you do make a smashing girl, our Tim“
He was thrilled. Whilst he certainly felt the part, to be told that he looked like a little girl really made his day.
From behind her back, Susie produced a hairbrush and a handful of hair decorations. „Kneel down for mummy“ she giggled, repeating the phrase that mum used to use on the two girls when they were little. Obediently he dropped to his knees in front of his sister, ready to have his hair done.
„You‘re gonna have to work on that!“ said Claire, noticing that he‘d given a wonderful display of his frillies as his dress had caught the air and floated up.
Tim felt like a small child as his sister brushed his hair. It was a nice feeling and one he wanted to savor. She parted it down the middle and carefully brushed it into a neat handful at one side. She maneuvered the bunch towards the top of his head and fastened an elastic around it. He winced as she pulled the bunch tightly against his head. „That‘s the price of fashion“ she giggled.
After making a matching bunch at the other side, she took a long white silk ribbon and tied it around the bunch and into a long floppy bow. She carefully arranged it so that it would dangle around and tickle his ears - reminding him that he was wearing ribbons, she told him.
After further thought, she brushed a few wispy bits of hair from across his eyes and fastened them at either side with small teddy-bear shaped slides. „That looks better“ she said.
Whilst Tim was still kneeling, Claire whispered something in Susies ear and they both burst out laughing. Neither would tell him the joke, which was just as well. Hearing that he looked like a little five year-old probably wasn‘t what he wanted to hear.
„Okay... Time for Timmy‘s debut“ announced Claire.
With his heart racing, he followed the girls and made his way down the stairs. This was wonderful, he felt so feminine, so alive. Why even his dress floated up, just like a girl‘s should, as he skipped down the stairs. What a perfect Christmas day this was going to be.
Mum gasped as he walked through the door. „Why Timmy, you look beautiful“ she exclaimed. „It looks like I‘ve got three pretty daughters now“.
On impulse he held the hem of his dress and gave her a pretty curtsey, „Thank you mummy!“
For the rest of the day the four had a wonderful time together, giggling and hugging and making plans. It certainly was a wonderful Christmas time, but only the first of many ones they‘d have together.
„Mummy...“ asked Tim, as she straightened the little boy‘s frilly nightie and tucked him in, „How did you know?“
„It‘s Christmas time, sweetheart“, she said. „At Christmas time little girl‘s dreams come true!“
She kissed him sweetly on the cheek and left him to have more pretty dreams. „Especially when their prayers aren‘t quite as silent as they think they are“ she thought to herself as she closed the door.