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Bad Boy to Good Girl - CHAPTER 4

Joey’s new life When both were finished eating, Joey again reminded her of the sit down talk. He was very anxious to get this part over with. Mom said, “After we get the kitchen cleaned up.” There was more waiting and it was driving Joey nuts. Mom knew the waiting was getting to him and she used it to her advantage. Joey cleared the table and Mom started washing the dishes. Joey dried them as she washed. It took several reminders from Mom to be careful about getting his pretty new dress wet or dirty. “It can happen even with an apron on,” she kept talking about the dress like it was his very own dress. Joey didn’t know how to take that so he just put it in the back of his mind and continued working hoping it would all soon stop.
Finally the time came, and Mom said, “Okay Joey time for our talk.” Mom instructed Joey to sit in the big chair and she took a seat on the couch directly across from Joey. Joey plopped himself in the chair again his rear reminded him to sit more gently. His legs spread wide apart Mom said,
“No! No! No! Not that way. Well I see its time for another sitting lesson young lady.” “Now what!” Joey said out loud annoyed. “I’ll tell you what young lady!”

There was that young lady thing again and the thought hit Joey that he forgot to smooth his dress underneath before sitting down. So he got up again and did just that. This time as he sat down more gently. “Well that’s so much better honey but there’s more to sitting in a dress than just smoothing it out.” ‘Now what?’ Joey thought. “Your legs dear, put your knees together and keep your legs tight together.” Joey put his knees together, and pressed his legs so they touched. “That’s much better honey,” Mom said.
Mom was about to start her talk when she noticed Joey’s legs had popped apart again, so she gently reminded him of her previous instructions. Joey obeyed, but he found it most difficult to keep his knees tight together and wondered how girls remembered it so good. Mom started to talk about why he was in this situation but he already knew that. Then she stopped and had to remind him about his knees again. This time she elaborated a little more, “Honey you have to keep your knees together or everyone will see your panties and we girls can’t have people looking at our panties now can we?”
We girls? Why was Mom constantly referring to him as a girl? Mom got down to the heart of the topic she was going to talk about. “Now then Joey this is how it is. I’m sick and tired of people telling me about how you’re always trying to look up girl’s dresses. It’s terribly embarrassing and I’m really fed up with it. Now I’m finally going to do something about it and it’s going to happen right now.”
“I’ll be good Mom,” he said. “Don’t interrupt, this is how it’s going to work young lady! This is what is in your future and here are the rules. First I’m going to show you what it’s like to wear a dress so get used to the idea. Because you’ll be wearing dresses for quite a while. I’m going to show you how to wear a dress and act like a girl. In time you’ll actually become a proper young lady. That means everything about being a girl so when you’re home with me you’ll be my daughter and not my son.”
Joey was stunned, and forgot about his knees, and Mom had to remind him again. “You’ll dress like a girl, you’ll walk, sit, stand, use girlish body language, learn how to play with dolls, and help around the house, just like all girls have to do.” Joey was speechless and his mind went numb again.
His knees popped open again! This time she was losing her patience, and said, “Joey if I have tell you one more time to keep your legs together, I’m going pull your panties down again and give you another spanking! Is that what you want?” “No, no, no, please Mom no, I’ll keep my legs together, I promise!” Mom decided to give him a little test.
“All right Joey, let me ask you a question, why do girls have to keep their knees together?” Joey’s face turned crimson and he just couldn’t bringing himself to say anything so she repeated the question. Finally Joey found the words, “So people won’t see their panties.”
He finally got it out and then another question, “What are you?” Joey had trouble figuring that question out, and hesitated again, “Well little girl what are you?” Mom spat out! Tears were rolling down his cheeks and his speech slurred, his head hanging down he got the message. With slurred speech he said, “A little girl.” “So why are your legs apart?” Joey slammed them together. “So little girl do you want people to see your panties?” “No Mom no, no she repeated what she said. “I don’t want people to see my panties,” he replied.
Mom continued with the rules of what she referred to as his new life. His new life as a girl when he was at home. When she finally finished she asked, “any questions?”
Joey did have one very big nagging question and it kept coming to the front of his mind as Mom laid down the rules. Joey asked rather pleaded, “Mom please I don’t want Dad to see me in a dress, and being a girl.” “Well that’s your problem, isn’t it?” “But Mom please, Dad can’t see me in a dress and acting like a girl!” “Well I don’t know what to do about that, do you have any suggestions?” She asked. Joey thought for Moment and then said, “Please Mom I’ll do any thing you say just don’t let Dad see me in a dress.” Mom had Joey, just where she wanted him.
“Anything?” She asked. He said, “yes Mom anything!” “Well here it is then! I’ll make you deal, I won’t tell your Dad if you don’t.” That sounded really good to Joey, and he responded, “Okay, okay, okay, it’s a deal, I won’t tell if you don’t. You mean I won’t have to wear girl stuff when Dad’s home?” “Right!” She said, “Okay,okay,okay,” was Joey’s enthusiastic response.
“Hold on there honey, you did say you would do anything, right?” Joey said, “Yea yes Mom, anything, just don’t let Dad see me in a dress.”
“Well here’s what you have to do.” Mom laid down more rules.
In fact she got out a pen and paper, and wrote down the rules:

  1. I will do everything Mom says
    with no argument.
  2. I will wear a dress and all the things girls wear when Mom tells me with no argument.
  3. I will learn every thing Mom teaches me about being a girl.
  4. I will take good care of my girl clothes
    and my boy clothes.
  5. I will keep my room neat and clean at
  6. all times.

Mom made Joey sign the document and she gave him a copy. Then she told him to keep it handy so he could refer to it constantly.
They had been talking for nearly an hour so it had been some time since he had been to the bathroom and Mom had to go too. So she excused herself and told Joey to sit right there and don’t move until she got back. Joey heard the toilet flush and by this time he really had to make a pee trip too, and could hardly wait much longer. So when Mom got back, he asked if he could go to the bathroom too. “Sure honey, you can go now.” Joey got up to head for the bathroom and to his surprise she followed. ‘Why?’ he wondered when Mom followed him into the bathroom curiosity got the best of him so he said,
“Mom I’m ten years old, I know how to go to the bathroom by myself.” “Sure you do, as a boy! But what are you now?” This stumped Joey for a minute, then he said, “I’m a girl.”
“Well do you know how to pee like a girl?” Mom asked. This made Joey balk and Mom had to remind him of rule number 3, ‘I will learn everything Mom teaches me about being a girl.’ With tears of humiliation, Joey listened as Mom told him. “Stand in front of the toilet with your back to it. Then put your hands under your dress all the way to the top of your panties, then, pull your panties down to your ankles. Now lift your dress from the back all the way to your waist and then spread the front of your dress out in front and sit down.”
Joey was crimson with humiliation but just couldn’t make himself do it. He began to sob heavily so Mom said, “Okay, okay! It looks like Dad will get to see his little girl after all.” He just did as Mom said but in his terrible state, Joey had trouble making himself go. Mom just stood there and waited until finally he was successful in his efforts.
The next girl lesson Joey was about to learn surprised Joey even more if that were possible. Mom asked, “all done honey?” Joey nodded yes. “Okay, then, take four folds of paper, and fold them over.” Joey did as told. “Now spread your legs.” He did. “Now wipe down there.” Wipe? That was something new to Joey but he spread his legs reached down and did as he was told. “Now stand up and pull your panties back up.” He did. “Now straighten your dress.” He did that too.
“Okay, honey that’s how girls do wee wees and from now on that’s how you will do it too. Do you understand?” Joey nodded. She said, “I can’t hear your head rattle. Yes what?” “I will pee like a girl,” his meek response even surprised Joey. “Good,” Mom said, “now lets continue our mother and daughter talk.”
Back in the living room after they were seated and Joey forgot about smoothing his dress again, so he had to get back up and sit right. Then he forgot about his knees again and got reprimanded for that. Finally he was settled and thought nothing could get worse.
“Now for your immediate future,” she began talking. “OH! Wait a minute, I forgot something, sit right there and I’ll be right back.” She was gone for a few minutes and returned with Susan’s dress neatly folded in her arms and the torn panties laying right on top of the dress. Joey had forgotten all about Susan’s dress and the torn panties but here they were again. ‘Now what?’ Joey wondered. Mom sat down and put the dress and panties in her lap and started talking.