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Bad Boy to Good Girl - CHAPTER 5

Joey Faces his Accuser “We have to return Susan’s things Joey and of course we can’t give them back to her unwashed after they have been worn, now can we?” Mom asked.
Joey didn’t think the question needed answering, so he remained silent. But Mom had other thoughts. Answer me Joey! Can we give Susan her dress and panties back unwashed after you have worn them?” “No Mom we can’t do that, it just wouldn’t be right,” he said. “Well now that we’re on the subject of returning the dress and panties, she didn’t give them to me, did she Joey?” “No,” was his reply.
“That’s right, she gave them to you and I didn’t wear them, did I? Now again, but who did wear the dress and panties?” “I did,” was Joey’s reply, “So who do you think should return them?” “Me I guess, I should take them back.”
“That’s right Joey, you will take them back. But we have a little problem don’t we?” “What’s that?” Joey said? “The panties, you ripped them, what about the panties? You tore them, what do you plan to do about that?” “I-I--- don’t know what to do about that.”

“Well young lady, I’ll tell you what you’ll do! You’ll tell her you’ll replace them. That’s right, with your allowance money, you’ll go to the store with me and we’ll shop for panties just like the ones you tore and then you’ll pay for them. Then you’ll return them to Susan! Do you understand?” “Yes, yes Mom, I understand.” “Good,” Mom said in return. “But we’ll do the shopping later we have to do other things first.”
“What’s that?” Joey asked in fear. Because of the way things were going he had a terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. The fear was soon confirmed when Mom said, “Okay lets get it over with.” Then she went over to the phone and called Angie’s mother.
She told her that she and Joey would be right over to return the dress and panties. Joey figured that it would be better to get it over with now and on with his life again. Even if it was going to be a new life, after all Mom did say he had to wear dresses when he was home.
So he started for his room to change into his boy clothes. But Mom stopped him, “Where you going young lady?” “To put on my boy stuff, I can’t go over there wearing this!” Joey half yelled. “Oh yes you can little girl and you will. That’s unless you want your father to meet his little girl after all.” Joey argued, “But Mom you said at home I had to wear girl stuff. Angie’s house isn’t home.”
Mom pointed to the agreement paper and pointed to rule number 1. I will do everything Mom says with no argument.
Joey was terror stricken, just the thought of going over to Angie’s house in a dress put him into a panic. Then the thought occurred to him in a dress his Mom had bought just for him, what if they asked about the dress he was wearing? Joey asked, “Mom what if they ask about the dress I’m wearing?”
Her reply just made the panic worse. She said, “That’s your problem honey not mine. So let’s get it over with.” She instructed Joey to hold out his arms. She planted the dress and torn panties on his out stretched arms with the panties on top. Then she grabbed Joey by the arm and started to haul him out the back door. Through the gate and still in a panic stricken fog, he saw Mom knocking on Angie’s back door. After about two knocks there was Angie’s Mom opening the door for them and the, “come on in, we’ve been expecting you” welcome. Mom grabbed Joey’s arm and hauled him inside.
Once inside, there stood Angie and Susan, their reaction to the sight that greeted their eyes was predictable. Their eyes were wide in astonishment and they had a girlish reaction of putting their hands over their mouths to suppress very serious giggles. They couldn’t contain the giggles and in no time at all they couldn’t even stand up.
They struggled to find something to sit down on, as their knees just wouldn’t support their bodies. What a sight it was Joey Teeter the pervert, the boy that was always looking up their dresses. There he was in person, wearing a dress. He wasn’t even cute and he actually looked pathetic with his short boyish haircut and the dress hanging on him like a clothes hanger. He had Susan’s dress and her panties in his outstretched arms and it was just pathetic with tears streaming down his red face, redder than the reddest rose.
The girls weren’t the only ones having trouble standing upright as Joey was having the same problem but not for the same reason. Angie’s Mom was awed at the sight and she’d been told what was happening, but was not prepared for the sight that greeted her eyes. It was a long awkward silence before anyone recovered his or her wits. To Joey’s surprise it was he that spoke first, not out of self-control, but pure survival instincts, he tried to speak, but had trouble getting any sound to come out. When he did manage to speak, it was more of a squeak than his own voice, but at least something was coming out of his mouth.
“H--- Her---hheeerrrre is your dress Susan! Here it is please take it.” Susan wasn’t about to take her dress back. First of all she was beginning to enjoy the Moment. If there was ever a Kodak Moment then this was world class. So without a word she spun around and ran for the family computer for the digital camera and was back before anyone even realized.
It was pure instinct when she began snapping pictures of this sight. Joey’s reaction to the camera, was just simply no reaction at all. There was nothing he could do but stand there and endure whatever anybody wanted to dish out. All he could do was say again, “Here’s your dress Susan. We washed it and everything, here it is, go ahead take it.”
Susan did however react saying, “I don’t want some dress a boy wore! I don’t want it. You keep it.”
Joey repeated, “No Susan please Susan it’s your dress. Please take it back.” “No way am I going to wear that dress after your wore it,” she almost shouted it out this time. Then her eyes widened and she paused in her tirade. She got a curious look on her face. Then she said, “If that’s my dress, where did you get that dress you’re wearing?”
In Sunday school Joey had learned from Mrs. Fairbanks to pray when you needed help. Joey began to pray harder than ever that God would just make him disappear right now. Of course that didn’t happen. Joey was dumbstruck and couldn’t say anything.
Mom broke into the conversation, and started to explain to Susan that it was his dress and she’d bought it for him. This took the girls by complete surprise and they just stared at the poor pathetic thing crying in front of them. Mom then proceeded to tell them how she was so sorry for all the times Joey had tried to look up their dresses and how she didn’t know how to make him stop. Now finally she hit upon the idea to make him know how it felt to wear a dress and have other people trying to look up his dress. So she bought him this one and now he was going to learn just what it is like to be a girl.
They all thought that was a wonderful idea and wanted to help in any way they could. Both Angie and Susan offered some of their older dresses and panties if she needed them. Mom said, “Thanks but I plan to take Joey shopping to get him some dresses and panties of his very own. I might get him some other things girls need. I’ll see that the torn panties are replaced.”
Susan hadn’t noticed the panties were ripped until Mrs. Teeter mentioned it and said, “there’s no need for that and that she had plenty of panties. I don’t want that pair anymore.” However Mrs. Teeter insisted that wasn’t the point. “Joey ripped them and Joey will replace them but it will take a few weeks because he had to save his allowance money for them.” “Good idea,” said Susan.
Susan began to get curious, and asked Mrs. Teeter how the panties got ripped so badly, Mrs. Teeter explained it probably happened when she was spanking Joey. That sounded really good to the girls. Then Susan said I think I’ll keep these panties for a souvenir, they all had good laugh on that.
Angie then came up with the idea, that Joey wasn’t a very good name for a girl! “You need a pretty girl name for him.” They all thought on that one and it was Angie’s Mom who came up with the name Joan.
“That’s close to Joey,” agreed Angie who hit on the idea that it should be Joanie. So they all agreed that Joey would become Joanie.
This was just more than Joey could bear and he dropped the dress and panties down on the kitchen table before running out the door. He went through the gate and into his house where he headed straight for his room. There he threw himself face down on his bed and tried to cry but he was bone dry on tears. He just sobbed and sobbed and for how long he didn’t know. He was exhausted mentally and it all caught up with him suddenly and he fell asleep. While asleep he tossed and as he turned over the dress became tangled and bunched up around him. That was how Mom found him when she finally returned home and started searching for him.
Mom gently started to wake him up and as he finally began to wake up she gently started to smooth out the dress. She spoke in an ever so smooth tone, “Now is that anyway for a girl to be? Your dress all bunched up like that and Joanie your panties are showing.” He looked sad that she had used the hated name Joanie again.
“Well honey you’ve had a tough day, let’s get you ready for bed because you have another tough day tomorrow. Come on a good girly bubble bath is just what you need right now.” Joey knew what a bubble bath was because he had seen Mom prepare one for herself many times in the past. However he had always wondered just what it was like but had never mentioned it to Mom. After all that was a girl thing and not for boys.
Mom got Joey into the bathroom and began to help him out of the dress. Then helped him step out of the panties. Joey was numb to his nakedness but was still aware of his boy thing hanging down. Mom seemed to ignore it so he did too. The bath was pure bliss and Joey had never even dreamed how great it would feel. He just seemed to relax, leant back to just let the water and soft bubbles do their magic. Joey was introduced to one best-kept secrets of being a girl. Mom left the bathroom and just let her new-found daughter enjoy the bath.
It was all too soon that Mom returned and said, “Okay lets stand up and get you out of the tub so we can get you dried off.” Mom helped Joey out of the tub and started giving him a good drying off even between his legs. “Okay,” Mom said, “Put a towel around you and come downstairs, I have another surprise for you.” With that Mom was out the door.
Joey wrapped the towel around his waist like he’d seen Dad do so many times and tied it just like Dad did too. Then he padded downstairs into the living room where Mom was waiting. When Mom saw Joey enter the living room, it was another one those, “Oh no! No not that way!” “What now?” was his reaction. “Mom,” just laughed and said, “well honey here’s another girl lesson.” Joey asked, “what’s so funny?”
Mom just shook her head and said, “Honey that’s the way boys wrap a towel around themselves. They just cover their bottom half while girls have an upper part they have to cover too.” Joey knew what Mom meant but replied, “I know Mom but I don’t have those things on me.” “That’s right honey you’re just a little girl now but little girls have to learn big girl things early in life. Come over here where I can reach you.” Joey obeyed and Mom took the towel off and moved it up under his arms. Then showed him how to wrap it high up. Then she had him practice a couple of times.
Then she noticed another problem and laughed again. “Now what’s so funny?” Joey asked. “Well honey it’s well actually honey the towel is too short for you to wear so high up, you’re showing down there!” Mom was laughing harder now and Joey started to sob again.
Mom took Joey in her arms and gave him a great big hug. Then Mom said, “Look honey we have to get this right from the beginning. Go back upstairs and get a longer bath towel. Wrap it around yourself like I showed you and come back down here again.” Finally Joey was all wrapped up in proper girl fashion and stood in front of an approving mother.
Mom reached over and picked up another package she brought from her recent shopping trip but he hadn’t noticed the remaining packages. She reached in and brought out a pink pair of panties. Nothing fancy, just plain pink panties and there was just a thin band of pink lace around the waistband. Mom held them out and Joey stepped into the second pair of his very own panties.
Next was more of a surprise and Joey had no trouble recognizing this item having seen Mom wearing one many times. It was a long nightgown with all that girly stuff on it. Joey just simply allowed Mom to slip it over his head and pulled down into place over his body.
“Okay honey you’ve had a very hard day, now off to bed with you.” Joey headed for the bedroom and Mom did another surprising thing as she went up into the attic. ‘Now what?’ thought Joey in reaction to that. Within a few minutes, Mom was alongside Joey and tucking him into bed, smoothing out the nightgown and pulling the covers up to his chin.
“Now honey since you’ve been such a good little girl to keep all the promises we wrote down, I’m going to give you something that’s very precious to me.” He wondered what she meant. “Every little girl should have a very special doll that’s very precious to them and even when girls grow up into ladies sometimes they still keep these dolls. Lots of times when they’re grown up they have little girls of their own to raise just like when they were little, so when they get very proud of their little daughters sometimes those new little girls get that very precious doll.” He was shocked by what she was saying that his own Mom was giving him her doll to play with.
“So this is my very precious doll that I had when I was little girl,” she said pulling the precious gift from behind her back and handing it to Joey. Tears actually came back this time but they were tears of emotion and love not tears of shame and humiliation.
Mom went on to explain that her doll was an Alice in Wonderland rag doll. Her dress was just like Alice’s dress in the story of Alice in Wonderland right down to her long yellow pigtails with the ribbons tied on the end. Joey was too tired to argue and soon fell asleep clutching the doll tightly to his bosom. That night was another landmark for Joey.
He went into dreamland and tossed and turned the whole night, as every dream he had, he was trying so desperately to get out of a dress but no matter what he did he just couldn’t get the dress to come off. To make it worse in every dream the dress he had on kept getting more and girly. Finally the dress was so long and kept flaring out with so much lace and ruffles on it that he couldn’t even walk.
In his struggles he suddenly woke up, to see a bright sunny day. He had to pee badly so he threw off the covers, sprang out of bed and headed for the bathroom. That was when he noticed all the sticky stuff on his panties and new nightgown. Joey didn’t have the slightest idea what a wet dream was and he was standing in shock trying to figure out what happened down there. Then Mom showed up and the first thing she noticed was the wet spot on Joey’s nightgown.
Mom knew right off what had happened and tried to explain but gave up, as he had to pee very badly. Of course his male persona kicked in and was about to stand there to relieve himself when Mom caught him and said, “Joanie pee the right way for a girl.”
It took a second for that command to sink in but the previous day’s obedience lesson came back. He struggled to get the nightgown up so he could pull his panties down so he was seated and did what was required. Mom was watching closely and Joey forgot to wipe so received a sharp reprimand. The instructions on wiping were repeated. She saw Joey’s reaction to her being there during these private things everybody has to do.
Mom said, “Joanie, I know you’re embarrassed by my being here at a time like this but I said I was going to make you into a proper young lady. These things will be necessary until I can trust you to do it right on your own. Do you understand me?” No answer came so she repeated, “Do you understand me young lady?” “Yes Mom,” was Joey’s reply. “Okay for now, jump into the shower and get cleaned up. While you’re showering I’ll lay out something for you to wear.”
After a refreshing shower Joey went back into his room. There on the bed was the same dress and panties he’d worn the day before but nice and freshly laundered. He quickly got dressed, but couldn’t quite get the zipper all the way up so he decided to ask Mom to help and then he headed downstairs. He was in an all Joanie mode now.
This time there was a little bounce to his walk and Joey couldn’t help notice the slight breeze that brushed his legs. He tugged ever so slightly at the hem of his dress as he bounded down the stairs. It felt strange but it certainly wasn’t a bad feeling. As he entered the kitchen he could smell good cooking smells. Mom tossed him the same apron as yesterday and at the same time said, “set the table Honey. Breakfast is almost ready.” He started to put the apron on and then remembered the zipper of his dress. “Ah! Mom?” “Yes Honey what?” “Ah! I need you to zip up the back of my dress.” “Oh! Okay Honey turn around,” and in an instant the dress was all zipped up.
It didn’t register with Joey, but Mom smiled as she caught it as he did say “my dress!” The Conversation at first was a little strained, but Joey broke the ice when he asked, “Mom what’s going to happen to me today?”
The question put that way at first stunned Mom but she recovered quickly and said, “Honey we have lots of things to do around the house till the mall opens. Then we have lots of shopping to do.” Breakfast finished Joey cleared the table and Mom started washing the dishes while he dried. When they’d finished Mom told Joey to clean and straighten up his room while she cleaned up downstairs. Things got done without any problems, and Joey was lying on the bed in deep thought, particularly on how this whole thing had started and wondered just where it was headed. He had drifted back into Joey mode, as his mind wandered.
One thing that did nag him a lot and that was just how long would he be wearing a dress and panties? After all he was a boy and Mom might call him “Joanie” and “young lady”, put him in a dress, give him a doll and treat him like a girl but he was still a boy. And one day he will grow into a man just like his Dad. Then there would be no dresses and panties that’s for sure. So it had to end sometime. But how and when? And what about today? He was wearing a dress and panties now and a whole day ahead of him and what did Mom mean when she said, “lot’s of shopping?”