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Gloria - 12. The Finishing School

When they arrived, they went to see the doctors first. Jean-Marie, now Mary-Jane, got a thorough check-up and was declared fit for the treatment. The daily dosages of the drugs he was to take would be sent out to Long Island by special courier every day.
“We hope to be able to isolate the active substances in our extract within the next year or so and then be able to transfer it into a form that can be taken as pills,” one of the doctors said to Mary-Jane, “right now we are still in an experimental state. We know that it works, we do not yet know why and exactly what does the work. With you and a few others like you, we are doing our first tests with human beings. We therefore want you to keep a diary and take notes on every change you feel in your body or any extraordinary occurrences, how you feel generally, and particularly your sexual feelings.”

Mary-Jane not understanding the language was under the impression that this was just the medical check-up before entering the finishing school. Had he known how his fate was decided right there, he would have heavily protested.
Before Suzanne and Mary-Jane set out for Long Island, they went to see Margaret’s New York lawyer. He was commissioned to do a legal name change procedure for Mary-Jane. Her very common first name, Margaret had determined, did not go well with her aristocratic last name, and it should be changed to Gloria. The lawyer promised to take care of everything: it would just take some time, but before Mary-Jane returned to Berlin, the name change would be official and her passport changed to Gloria.
The finishing school turned out to be a very modern mansion in the English country manor style. Mary-Jane was introduced as Gloria right away. After Suzanne had left, Gloria was requested to appear at the headmistress’ office. The headmistress spoke French and although Gloria had not been at the top of his class in it, the visit to Paris had helped and so he could follow the explanations of the headmistress.
“Your guardian has enrolled you not just to finish your education and learn our language, you will also be given the total feminization treatment, meaning that we shall change your body completely to that of a girl with one exception. With medical help we shall give you the breasts and the figure of a girl with a very small waist and ample hips and a beautiful round behind. We shall remove all ungirlish body hair so thoroughly that it will never grow back. We shall train your voice, your movements, your total personality to those of a demure, pretty girl. We have done it before and we shall do it again with you.”
Gloria at first thought he misunderstood her. Being dressed as a girl that he had had to agree to. But what was this about “total feminization”?
“Mais je ne le veux pas, I do not want this, you have no right to do this to me, I want to be a man, an engineer, I do not want to become a girl,” he protested after the headmistress had explained it again and the whole truth became apparent to him.
“We have every right to do it. How old are you?” “Soon I shall be 18.” “Well, until you are 21, anything you want is of no consequence to us here. We are acting upon the request of your guardian and you may complain to her as much as you wish. But until we receive different orders from her, we shall proceed with the program required by her.”
“We have had and have several boys here who live as girls. Some get the same treatment as you, some are only dressed as girls for their time at our school. It is not altogether that uncommon to send a boy to a girl’s finishing school to live there for a year or two as a girl. Some families do it because they want to tame their pugnacious offspring and to instill into them some more respect for the other half of the population. They are usually of the type the Latins call, “macho,” and being too proud of their manhood, they do their best not to be detected. Some male pupils come here of their own free will, because they like to live as girls. Presently there are three other she-boys as we call them in the school among about 90 girls. Your roommate will be a boy who gets the same total feminization treatment you will be getting he loves it.”
Gloria felt completely squashed. He knew he had no chance to escape: he was trapped. He was thousands of miles from home in a foreign country with no money, not really knowing the language. On the other hand, somehow he had come to like being dressed as a girl and living like one. Somehow it gave him an enormous pleasure, he just did not want to admit it to himself. He still had the goal of growing up to be a man and an engineer. However at the present, he had no other choice but to comply with the circumstances he was thrown into. He consoled himself that surely everything they did to him would be reversible and as long as he was there, he even could enjoy the exciting feeling of high heels, tight corsets and beautiful dresses with long skirts caressing his legs.
His roommate was Robin, a sweet and pretty girl. Nobody would ever have believed that she once was a boy. She had an absolutely girlish figure with a very narrow waist, beautifully rounded hips and behind and most astonishing of all magnificent real female breasts. Gloria found out later that they were very sensitive. They hit it off wonderfully right from the beginning and were the best of friends in no time.
Robin treated him as a girl, and if Gloria’s maleness became apparent in any way, Robin guided him toward feminity with an understanding that could only come from a person who had experienced the same problems.
Outside of the normal curriculum, Gloria had special treatments scheduled massages, depilation treatments and other things all intended to make his body more girlish. There were specialists coming in to take care of all this who used all kinds of creams and lotions prepared with herbs and other rare ingredients.
The normal classes were directed at giving the girls everything an upper-class young lady would have to know. There were classes in English literature, geography, history as well as art lessons, singing and dancing lessons and endless lessons in deportment and etiquette. In home economics, they were taught everything a housewife would have to know to enable her to manage a big household, including cooking, dressmaking and needlework.
Gloria and in keeping with her changing appearance we again shall use the feminine pronoun for “her” fitted perfectly into the atmosphere of the school. By now, emulating a girl had become her second nature and was fast becoming her first. Being embedded into totally, more than 100% feminine surroundings made her forget more and more her former life as a boy. Even when she wrote letters to Fritz, the letters were those of a girl writing to her boyfriend, telling him about her accomplishments in crocheting or knitting and other girlish things.
At the same time, her body changed visibly. Her overall figure became more feminine. Her hips and behind grew somewhat and her waist helped by the corsets she constantly wore and the massages became narrower. The most spectacular change was the developing of a real feminine bosom. At first only her nipples had tingled and become more sensitive, but over the months she slowly acquired a set of breasts of which a lot of the other girls became jealous. The girls when they were alone and visiting each other’s rooms often compared their physical assets. This practice was, of course, frowned upon by the staff, but the girls were much too curious to give it up.
At first Gloria refused to take part in these parties, but after her tits had grown and in Robin’s and her opinion were presentable, she agreed to join. She did not want to appear as arrogant being of European nobility made the others think of her as arrogant often enough. It turned out that Gloria had one of the prettiest sets of tits in the whole school. And they were still growing.
At the same time her face had developed distinctly girlish features and her skin was soft and free of blemishes. Her hair had grown out to reach almost to her waist and shone in a lustrous golden blond. She became very popular with the other girls, because with her ever changing body, she had to get new dresses all the time and she would give away the things she couldn’t wear anymore. She had arrived at the school with a waist that could be reduced to 23 inches. When she graduated two years later, her corsets reduced her easily to 19 inches and she even had some gowns that required an eighteen inch waist. Of course, she could not wear a corset that tight for a whole day, but for a night out, she could bear it.
Sex, of course, was never mentioned officially, but it is impossible to coop up so many young girls, curious about the facts of life, without an outlet for their desires. Most of the girls had lesbian affairs with their roommates and with Gloria and Robin it was not different. They made love to each other as two girls, kissing, stroking, fondling each other, discovering every sensitive spot of their bodies just as two girls would do it. The only difference was that they had no need for dildoes, which some of the more audacious girls had somehow smuggled in.
About once a month the school either held a dance or the girls were invited to one held by a boy’s college or a club. These affairs were tightly chaperoned but in spite of this, the contacts these affairs allowed with the other sex were enough for the girls to give them subjects for conversation for weeks.
Robin loved these dances. She went all out on these occasions to appear most feminine and seductive, trying out her newly developed charms on an unsuspecting male. The enthusiasm of Robin rubbed off on Gloria and soon both were competing for the attentions of the boys. They took special care with their dressing and their make-up. Invariably they laced each other to the smallest possible dimensions. Gloria had a slight advantage, because she had more gowns and shoes, but Robin was very imaginative in altering the things she had to make them look different. Both always tried to show as much as possible of their bosoms. Once, Gloria was banned from a dance because at a rather wild polka her tits had jumped out of their lacy beds above the corset and were completely uncovered. The boy she was dancing with almost popped his eyes out.
Margaret had sent Suzanne over to bring Gloria home after graduation. Like true girls, Robin and Gloria shed tears by the bucket at their parting. Robin brought them to the pier and did not stop waving her handkerchief until the vessel could not be seen anymore. They had vowed to make every effort to meet again.
Suzanne, pretty and scheming as ever, immediately put an end to the freedom Gloria had had during her school days by again invoking the severe rules for her behavior that Margaret had put down during the first months of Gloria’s existence in Berlin. Primarily, this meant that Gloria’s hands were to be restrained behind her at all times when she was not required to use them.
Gloria tried to escape this as often as possible by offering to show Suzanne her proficiency in needlework, but Suzanne limited these activities to only a couple of hours per day, as more would put too much of a strain on Gloria’s eyes, she said.
To avoid sitting in their stateroom all day with nothing to do, Gloria persuaded Suzanne to take long walks in the fresh air on the decks. Invariably Gloria wore a wide cloak for these outings, under which her hands were handcuffed on her back.
Suzanne related to Gloria all the things that had happened in Berlin during her absence. She herself had become engaged to Karl Becker, whom Gloria had met on her first night out at the opera. Coco had sold her business to him and was now living at Margaret’s home as her companion. Their first encounter had developed into a lasting and still very hot love-affair.
The news Gloria was most eager to hear, of course, was about Fritz. Suzanne reported that he had specialized in what was just now becoming a new field in medicine: psychiatry, and in about half a year or so would become an officially recognized specialist in it.
They left the ship in Le Havre and took the boat train to Paris, where they stopped for a few days for shopping.
“Your body has changed so much that nothing you left in Berlin would fit you now,” Suzanne explained, “and if we are passing Paris, it would be a shame not to stop and buy you some new things.”
Gloria was girl enough to enjoy the ensuing buying spree, even though it kept her a few days longer from her reunion with Fritz. She objected strongly, however, to the fact that Suzanne bought everything with an eighteen-inch waist.
“It’s too tight, I can’t stand being laced down to 18 inches for longer periods.”
“Don’t worry, my little one, after a few weeks figure training with us, you will be able to lace down to eighteen inches without any trouble.”
Suzanne bought several corsets that closed at 17.5 inches even.
“If we lace you to eighteen inches, it is easier, if there still is a little gap. And who knows, you might even want to be laced even tighter than 18 inches to please Fritz.”
Gloria’s protests as usual were completely in vain and so she was equipped with several beautiful new dresses with an eighteen-inch waist. Luckily, Suzanne did not insist on her wearing them right away. She would have died, Gloria was sure.
The new hour-glass-line was just becoming popular in Paris and all the new dresses had an exceedingly tight waist from which the skirt opened all the way to the ground, spread out by a wealth of beautiful rustling and swishing petticoats. The top accentuated the bust line and the sleeves were large leg-o’-mutton sleeves. Blouses and dresses except ball gowns all had very high and tight stand-up collars which usually were lightly boned at the sides and reached to just under the chin in front. You could not do anything but keep you head proudly erect in them.
Suzanne had her measured for new shoes too.
“You need shoes with really smart heels now to go with the new dresses,” she had told her, “I know a shoemaker who makes all the boots and shoes for the elegant courtesans in Paris.”
The shoemaker’s shop was a very elegant little shop on the left bank of the Seine. In the window just one pair of evening sandals were displayed, encrusted with rhinestones and pearls and with the highest heels Gloria had ever seen.
“We want some shoes with really high heels for the young lady here. She has a tendency to take long strides, unbecoming to a young lady, and with the new wider skirts there is nothing to stop her. I think she should really be perched on tiptoe in six inch heels, I am thinking of two pairs of walking boots, two pairs of shoes for daily wear and two pairs of evening shoes,” Suzanne explained to the shoemaker.
To determine the possible height of the heels, the shoemaker made her stand up on tiptoe on a little stool as high as she could.
“You have very pretty feet, Mademoiselle,” the shoemaker finally said, “however they are almost too small for six inch heels as your companion had suggested I make. I suggest that you wear shoes with heels not over five and a half inches for comfort and I make you two pairs with the maximum of six inches for special occasions.”
“Of course you could wear even higher heels if your feet could be perched on the tips of your toes like a ballet dancer’s.”
He bent down and brought out a pair of shining boots, their tops meant to reach to the top of the thighs of the wearer.
“Here, I made this pair specially for one of my best customers, a very beautiful lady. They are not to be worn in the streets of course, as longer walks with them are obviously impossible. But she manages to walk around in her house quite well to the enjoyment of her lover, who is an ardent admirer of high heels. Actually, the boots are designed so that the weight of the body is distributed between the heel and the ball of the foot: the toes would not be strong enough to carry all of the weight.”
“They are marvelous,” Suzanne took them and held them against her legs. “Imagine how they would look on you. Their heels must be 8 inches at least.”
“Eight and a half.” The shoemaker volunteered.
So far the highest heels Gloria had worn had been just slightly higher than four inches, and she was afraid of the almost two inches to be added to the new shoes and boots. And the long “ballet-boots” just frightened her. She imagined having to wear them and already felt terribly restrained but the thought of being laced into them was also very exciting.
“You must have a pair like these, Gloria.” Suzanne turned to the shoemaker.
“How long would it take you to make a pair just like these for my friend here? We don’t have much time but we will pay you a premium for fast work.”
“I would have to make a cast of the young lady’s feet to be able to make the correct beds for the feet, but we could do this now. If you could come tomorrow for a fitting, you could have the boots the day after tomorrow, late in the afternoon.”
“Done. Now let us select the styles we want for your other boots and shoes.”
The shoes and boots were delivered on the afternoon of the day of their departure. At first, she could not walk in them at all even the ones with less than six-inch-heels and it took her a lot of training to be able to handle them.
She was sure she would never be able to even get up, much less take a single step in the ballet-boots, but when Suzanne had laced them onto her legs and helped her to stand up, she found she could stand in them, but only if she constantly shifted her balance between her feet, and after a few minutes she managed to move around their hotel suite with the tiniest steps.
“In time and with enough training you will be able to move quite gracefully in them,” Suzanne told her.
After removing the ballet-boots and putting on the boots she was going to wear to the train-station, Suzanne made her practice walking in them until it was almost time to depart. By this time she was quite accustomed to the new height. Of course, taking long steps was a thing of the past. Perched on these heels she could take only the tiniest steps. Well, back in Berlin she could probably wear the old shoes again with their lower heels.
While packing, Suzanne said “I don’t think we should carry along your old shoes and boots. Now that you have your new ones you really don’t need them and we have enough luggage anyway. We’ll give them to the maids here.”
Poof! there went all her hopes to be able to return to the comfortable four-inch heels.
The day they had arrived in Paris, Suzanne had written a letter to Margaret, describing her ward who had changed so much.
“Margaret dear, you cannot believe how girlish he has become,” she had written, “and I mean in mind and in body. His skin is soft and white everywhere from his delicately arched eyebrows to his toes. There is not a single hair on his body disturbing the perfect skin except for the exactly defined little blond triangle at his crotch. His waist is very small, he usually wears corsets with a nineteen-inch waist, but I am sure we can ultimately lace him down to eighteen inches. His buttocks are beautifully rounded and soft, his legs long and slim with small, narrow feet.”
“But the most remarkable change took place above the waist: He now has a pair of splendid, gorgeous female breasts. They are the size of rather large grapefruits, pert and perfectly shaped, with large dark aureolas and very sensitive big nipples. They are so sensitive that even the slight, caressing touch of his lingerie makes them permanently erect and hard. They seem to give him a lot of pleasure, because when undressed, he is always stroking and fondling them.”
“His throat is long and slender and his face has not a trace of masculinity left in it. In his rosy cheeks the color comes and goes. His honey-blond hair has grown to reach to his waist and if it is all piled up on the top of his head, it is a truly divine crown of glory. His voice has changed to a soft, melodious feminine timbre, which is very sensual.”
“His mind has changed completely, too. His reactions are absolutely girlish. He is shy and bashful, even timid, blushing at every opportunity. He is proud of his accomplishments in needlework, dressmaking and cooking. He is extremely interested in fashion and his main concern most of the time is how he looks, and he is constantly trying to improve his appearance. He spends hours in front of mirrors combing and brushing his hair, primping and preening. He reads romantic novels and sighs for the heroine as deeply as his corsets allow.”
“In short: He is more girlish than any modern girl I know; he is a girl 200 %, the epitome of feminity. The years in the finishing school have completely altered him.”
Thus Aunt Margaret was informed of what to expect when she went to the big train-station to pick up the two girls after their journey through the night from Paris.