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Gloria - 3. First Training

Suzanne took him up the curved staircase leading from the entrance hall to the private apartments.
“These will be your rooms,” she explained. He looked around and was a little disturbed. He had expected his room to be an adequate place for him to study. A bed, a closet, a few chairs and a desk for his work were all he had expected and desired. But here was a suite fit for a queen yes, definitely not for a king, for the whole atmosphere radiated femininity.
“Madame kindly asks you to put up with these rooms. This was her suite formerly, but after the death of her husband she has redecorated and moved into the master suite. Unfortunately, there was no time to redecorate this part of the house before you came. And Madame thought, maybe you like it this way and anyhow, you can now choose for yourself what you want.”

He looked around and was fascinated by the wealth and taste the rooms showed. There was a sitting room in the style of the French Empire and a bedroom in the style of Louis XVI with beautiful furniture, not overloaded, but just right to feel comfortable. Big chandeliers with candles lighted the rooms, but there were electric lights on the walls. He had never before seen electric lights. Some very good paintings hung on the walls and a few goblins and again, a lot of mirrors.
Suzanne led him from the bedroom into a smaller room, where the walls were lined with closets.
“This is your dressing room and right here is the bathroom. I shall help you to undress and give you a nice, warm bath. That will refresh you. It must have been a long day for you, with all that travelling.”
“Yes, please, get me out of this cape. I want to be able to use my hands again. I think I can manage the rest myself you do not have to help me. Say, is there nobody around who can lend me some male clothes? I do not really want to go to the opera dressed as a girl.”
“First of all, I am obeying Madame’s orders and she told me to undress you and bathe you and this is what I am going to do. Secondly, there really is no male person here who would have your stature and whose clothes would fit you. There is only the coachman and the gardener, and both are much bigger than you. And thirdly, Madame would never even dream of taking you to her box at the opera in clothes borrowed from anybody else, much less her servants. You would have to have a perfectly fitting tail-coat and all the trimmings that go with it: stiff front shirt, white tie, black patent leather shoes, top hat, and all. Do you really believe a gardener or coachman would have that? And one thing more. I want to make things easy for you and for me, so you’d better promise me now, before I release you, that you will obey me in everything until I hand you over to Madame. Otherwise, I would have to summon help and call the cook and the parlor-maid, or even the coachman and gardener. And you do not want them to know your secret or do you?”
“If I really have to go through this, I promise you to do exactly what you say. I shall put things right tomorrow with my aunt.”
“All right, I’ll take your word for it.” And she undressed him in a matter of minutes. He felt incredibly relieved when she took off his corset.
“Do I have to wear this again tonight?” he asked fearfully.
“Oh, no, you don’t. But you will wear a different one, one that goes with the evening gown which you are going to wear.”
“Is it as tight as this one?”
“I’m afraid so, because most of the gowns and dresses were made for the same waist size all but a few, which are about half an inch or even an inch smaller, but you do not have to wear one of those tonight, if you do not wish to. But your waist has already adjusted itself very nicely and if we do not wait too long, it will not be hard to lace you into the other corset, especially after a warm bath, which relaxes and softens the body.”
“Do I really have to go to the opera? Why, I could stay here comfortably and just wait until I get my own clothes from my trunk tomorrow.”
“I would not even think of it, if I were you. Madame has set her mind on taking you to the opera tonight and believe me, she is going to do it. If she has decided that this is what she wants, you had better not try to dissuade her. I have known her for some time now. Not even her late husband could change her mind once she had made it up, and he was a tough one.”
“Well, all right then let’s get it over with.” Jean-Marie was in and out of the bathtub in a few minutes. Suzanne then dried him and massaged him with an aromatic oil, that smelled like the entire treasures of Arabia.
“It not only smells good, it gives you a softer skin and is good for the corset marks. Now for the corset. Step over here, please. We’ll just use this lacing bar here. You do not wear a vest under this corset, as your gown will leave your shoulders bare, so it is necessary to distribute the body tissues correctly before the lacing, otherwise the skin will all be drawn to the back and it will hurt.”
She led him to a kind of trapeze, hanging down from the ceiling, and made him hold on to it. He tried to protest when she strapped his wrists to it with soft leather straps, but he was immediately silenced.
“You promised to behave didn’t you?”
A moment later, he heard a whirring sound and felt the trapeze rise.
“Hey, stop this!” he cried out, but Suzanne stopped the mechanism only when the trapeze was so high that he had to stand on tip-toes. Then she proceeded to put the corset around him. He noticed that it was already laced rather tightly in the back, so Suzanne had some difficulty in closing the front hooks, but after some kneading here and there, she succeeded.
He saw in the mirror on the wall that he already had a very slim waist this way, but she was not content and started to close the gap in the back.
“You see, first I drew the skin to the front, now it is being drawn back again to its original position and so it won’t hurt you unnecessarily. This lacing bar was used by Madame very often when she went out with her husband, and I know it is a big help.”
After going over the laces again with a hook and tightening them so that only about half an inch of the gap remained, she was content. He, however, felt again like he was being cut in half. When she finally let him down a bit so that he could stand on his feet again, he was determined to undo the laces the moment he had the use of his hands again promise or no promise. But she must have sensed his rebellion, for she did not loosen the straps. Instead, she fastened the strap that went under his body and flattened his maleness, though not without giving him little caresses here and there while doing it.
He could not understand why, but since he had first worn that dressing gown in the store of Madame Heloise, he was in a constant state of arousal, which had only subsided a little bit in the warm water, but reappeared immediately afterwards when Suzanne had begun to lace the corset on him. He was really ashamed of it, as you did not show this in the presence of a girl, but he had no control over it and the best thing, he thought, was to ignore it. Suzanne had done the same up to this moment and, actually, it was over before one could mention it: then the offensive sight had disappeared.
When he looked into the mirror, he saw that the lacing with his arms raised high had caused his twin mounds (which he preferred to think of as his pectoral muscles) to be pushed up and in from the sides, which shaped them into a quite realistic bosom, befitting a young girl with a pretty cleavage. Next came a pair of black open-worked stockings made of the finest silk, which reached high on his thighs and were fastened to the corset with long garters.
Suzanne then made him step into two petticoats, one satin, one taffeta. The satin one again was very tight around his legs, as was the one he had worn before, while the taffeta one had several rows of ruffles going down the backside, giving it additional fullness. As he was again not allowed to wear drawers, the petticoats slithered excitingly over his bare backside.
Suzanne brought the dress and made him step into it. She cautiously pulled it up until she could fasten the hooks of the waistband. Finally, she smoothed the full skirt down carefully over his hips.
Only then did she release him from the lacing bar. With the petticoats and now with the gown covering the knots of the corset laces, he knew he had no chance of undoing them. So he gave in, and docilely put his arms into the short puffed sleeves and let her fasten all of the hooks to the top. The gown was of rustling white silk brocade with silver threads woven into the material. In front and over the hips, it followed the lines of his body closely, but opened in the back from the hips down to end in a large train. On any girl, he would have found it magnificent.
Suzanne then led him to a chair and made him sit down. She showed him how to gather his skirts and how not to sit on the ruffles, which ran down the back of the gown. Then she put little high heeled slippers she called them “court shoes” on him, made of the same heavy brocade material as the gown. After taking care of his feet, she turned to his hands and arms and worked a pair of white glace kid gloves on them, buttoning them tightly at the wrists. The buttons were so small and the fingers of the gloves so tight that he was sure he could never undo them by himself. The gloves reached almost to his shoulders.
“Now for the make-up. We can do a little more than this afternoon, now that it is dark and the lights are low.”
She proceeded with the cosmetics like a true professional, and in a few minutes he saw an entirely new face in the mirror. It was the face of a very pretty girl, tastefully made up to accentuate her best points. He did not object to this, because he hoped that if his face was disguised well enough, nobody he met tonight would later recognize him when he became a boy again. And anyway, if he had to be a girl tonight, he might as well be a pretty one.
He already thought of himself as a girl, he suddenly realized. But it was the easiest way to cope with the situation. Tonight he would be a girl, and he made up his mind there and then, to make the most of it and enjoy himself as a girl as best as he could. He looked at himself and was quite content with his reflection in the mirror. He looked like a young lady coming from a very wealthy family, upon whom no luxury was spared. The dress let the top of his pretty round breasts, which the corset had created, bare, and showed the little valley between them. He could almost not believe that they were his own. Somehow he was ashamed of them, but then he liked the way they fit so perfectly into the entire picture.
Well, he had no jewels, he thought, when just at that moment Suzanne came to him and fastened a rather tight choker necklace around his neck consisting of a net of pearls and diamonds about three inches wide, which again forced him to keep his chin high, and carry himself proudly. Then she fastened wide, white-gold, diamond studded bracelets to each of his wrists, and finally a silver and diamond tiara into his hair.
The mirror showed him an image of perfection, a vision, the girl of his dreams. He could hardly turn away from the mirror. Suddenly, a pleasant shiver ran down his spine and he knew that he would like being a girl tonight.
“Stop admiring yourself and come to me. You have to practice walking with the train,” said Suzanne, interrupting his thoughts.
She showed him how to handle his skirts and how to avoid getting caught in the folds of the train. First, she made him walk up and down the length of the room, turning around at each end. He almost fell at every turn, until she taught him how to swing the train around with one foot to the back, before starting in the new direction. She made him practice this for about ten minutes, until he got the knack of it and did it automatically at every turn.
Then she showed him how to gather his skirts to avoid getting them caught in obstacles, like chairs or doorways. He practiced walking up and down the bedroom and the sitting-room, turning back and forth, walking around furniture without getting the train caught in it, sitting down and getting up.
“If you have to walk down stairs or cross a street, you have to pick up your train like this,” and Suzanne showed him how to do it.
At first, he tried to simply bend down from the waist as he was used to only to detect that this was futile because the tight corset made it impossible. He had to bend his knees and keep his body straight up, while reaching back down with his left hand to pick up the skirts. In the beginning, he almost lost his balance every time he tried, because the maneuver was not made easier by the high heels he was perched on, but Suzanne was a dedicated coach, and did not give up before he could do it quite gracefully in one, flowing and presumably effortless motion.
Finally, Suzanne taught him how to curtsey elegantly. He had to gather his train behind with one hand, put the left foot back, deeply bend the right knee and at the same time put his right arm across his waist and lower his eyes.
It took about 15 minutes of intense training until Suzanne said “Well, this is not enough for a reception at the court, but it may do for tonight.”
His legs, however, felt like they would fold up any second. He was completely exhausted and simply slumped into one of the easy-chairs when Suzanne made him get up again.
“No time for sitting down now; later you will sit most of the time anyhow. Let us go downstairs now. Madame will be waiting for you.”
When he came down the long staircase, Aunt Margaret stood watching him intensely. He walked down slowly, holding his skirts up in front a little with one hand and his head high.
“You really look marvelous, and you walk like a real lady. I must compliment you: you are a natural for these clothes,” Aunt Margaret greeted him as he reached her.
“Here, take this purse. It contains all the little things a lady might need during a night out.”
She moved closer and sniffed at his bare shoulders.
“Suzanne has forgotten the perfume. But let’s go now there is some in your purse and we can use it while we are in the carriage. Put this cape over your shoulders,” and she handed him a marvelous white fur cape.
“You don’t have to be suspicious, this one you just put around your shoulders, no inner sleeves in this one,” Aunt Margaret laughed as she saw his doubting glance and she fastened it around him and closed the snap-hooks in front. It came down to his knees just where the train started to open in the back. As he walked out, he threw a sideways glance at a mirror in the hall and could not help but admire the reflection he saw.