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Gloria - 6. An Unpleasant Experience

After a refreshing rest, Suzanne reappeared and dressed him in a delicate pink afternoon frock, dripping with lace all over. Of course he had to wear a corset again, and this time Suzanne had to close the gap entirely because the frock had an even tighter waist than the others. It had short sleeves, and Suzanne put his hands and arms in tight pink gloves that reached over his elbows. His feet were shod in pink boots with very high heels. After having made up his face just a little, she sent him down to take tea with Aunt Margaret.
Tea had been served in a large salon and Aunt Margaret sat at a little table, reading a newspaper. He sat down next to her. When she let down her paper, he addressed her.
“Aunt Margaret, may I ask you a question?”
“Certainly Dear, go ahead.”

“Since my trunk did not arrive, can we go tomorrow and get some male clothes for me?”
“Well, why? Don’t you like the things you are wearing? Look into a mirror. You look so pretty, you should always wear dresses. But if you insist, indeed I shall get you some male things as soon as possible however tomorrow is quite impossible. I have been invited to visit friends at their estate south of Berlin for the holidays. And you will accompany me, of course. We will not be back until Tuesday around noon. I am afraid you will have to stay a girl at least until then. So relax and enjoy it.”
She returned to her paper leaving him to digest this shattering news.
The parlor-maid announced a visitor.
“Mademoiselle Coco, Madame.”
“What a pleasant surprise, show her in, please.”
Coco entered with rustling and swishing petticoats. She was impeccably dressed again, and in the height of fashion in a plum-colored visiting dress with a very narrow waist and wide hips. Aunt Margaret got up and went to meet her. He got up too, following her. Aunt Margaret greeted Coco with little kisses on both cheeks. Coco then turned to Gloria and extended her hand. He took it and held it lightly while he respectfully curtseyed.
“Please sit down and have a cup of tea. What brings you here?”
“I am on my way to the Bergolds’; you know them. They have this terrible little brat of a daughter. She is fourteen now, and a complete tomboy. Her mother had asked me to make something to restrain and subdue her, and help her to become a lady.”
“And what did you come up with?” Aunt Margaret asked, seeming very interested.
“Look here this will restrain her and at the same time be very beneficial for her figure, as it pushes out her bosom.”
“Show me, please. No, I have a better idea. Put it on Gloria here, so I can really judge its effectiveness. Gloria, please get up and help her.”
He was very reluctant, but had to get up. Coco strapped soft leather cuffs, to which stout rings were sewn, around his arms, just above the elbows. Then she stepped behind him and pulled the elbows together. He heard something snap into the rings. His elbows were now held on his back with about five or six inches between them. It was not really a restraint, he just could not bring his arms to the front anymore. Coco began to pull on something and his elbows were pulled together very slowly. The thing between the cuffs must have been some sort of pulley. His elbows were drawn closer and closer. It did not hurt him but it got increasingly uncomfortable. Finally his elbows touched. Coco took a small silver chain with spring hooks and snapped them into the rings at the cuffs. Then she released the pulley. He had hoped this would bring him some relief, but the chain now connecting his elbows still held them pressed tightly together. He felt and indeed he was completely helpless.
“Let me see it, dear, come to me,” Aunt Margaret said, “Yes, it really does something to her bosom. It seems to be a very helpful and healthy thing. And yet she is not completely restrained: she can still move her hands and do a lot of things. Do you have more?”
“Yes, in fact I do. Since you mentioned the hands: if a more complete restraint is desired, you can put the lower arms into this glove. It is a single glove, encasing both arms, holding them tightly together. It has separate fingers like any glove, but each one holds the two fingers of the right and left hand tightly together, so the wearer cannot bend them. A perfect restraint, don’t you agree?”
“Yes, a great idea. Why don’t you put it on Gloria, too, so I can see the effect and how it looks.”
“I am glad to oblige.” Coco first removed Gloria’s pink gloves and then started to push, pull and knead the single glove onto his arms. When she was finally done, she closed a little row of buttons at each wrist, pressing them together even tighter. Gloria’s arms were now like one from elbows to fingertips.
“Marvelous! This will certainly hold any unruly girl in check. But what if she starts yelling and complaining? That can be a real nuisance.”
“No problem. Look here.”
She produced an oblong object that was fastened against a kind of soft and pliable leather belt about 20 inches long.
“Open your mouth, dear.”
He wanted to object, but one look at Aunt Margaret told him it would be extremely unwise and, reluctantly, he opened his mouth. In a moment, the oblong object was buried deeply in it, and the leather belt tightly fastened behind his neck. He was so securely gagged that he couldn’t utter any sound. He tried to make some noise through his nose, screeching or humming or whatever. This was immediately squelched by Coco, who simply pinched his nose shut, thereby cutting off all air. He was afraid he would suffocate.
“See how simple it is to shut off the noise?” she addressed him, “if you promise not to make any sounds, I’ll let go. Nod your head if you promise.”
He nodded immediately as much as he could while she was still holding on to his nose, and she let it go.
“It is perfect. I would like to have all of this. But having the elbows strapped together like this for a prolonged period of time isn’t this too hard on the wearer? I think there should be another method to strap the arms behind the back just as a simple restraint.”
“Of course there is. Look here.”
Coco drew something that looked like a long leather tube from her bag.
“This single glove holds the arms folded in the small of the back. It does not hurt at all and can be worn for very long periods. I know women whose husbands even make them sleep in it after an ardent session of lovemaking.”
“I want this too. My little friend here sometimes is a little sassy and this could teach her a little humility. Can’t you leave it with me and give another set to the Bergolds?”
“Of course, I’ll just have to fetch another one and if I can have your carriage, I can even be on time.”
“Thank you very much, and of course I’ll have you driven wherever you want.”
Margaret escorted her to the door and gave orders to drive her according to her directions.
Gloria still stood there in helpless silence.
“I think I should continue to lay down the rules for your stay in this house,” Aunt Margaret started when she returned, “you see, in my opinion you are still much too masculine. Since we will be spending the next three days among other people, to whom you will be presented as a girl, we must undertake great efforts to make you a little more feminine. You run around too fast, you are too sassy, and you are too impertinent. A true girl aspiring to become a lady is shy and much more reserved. To teach you to be more girlish, I shall train you rigorously from now on and these items will serve me in this purpose.”
He didn’t believe his ears. He thought the roof would cave in above him.
“From now on, your hands or arms will always be tied behind your back, if you are not actually required to use them, or when we have guests who do not know about your training. Whether your elbows will be strapped together like they are now, will depend entirely on your behavior. You will get black marks for every bad or ungirlish thing you do, and each mark means you have to spend one day with your elbows strapped together, including the single glove you are wearing now, morning to night. If you complain, you will also wear the gag. Just so you know what you’ll have coming if you get a black mark, we shall start your training right now, and until dinner you can stay as you are now.”
That was really cruel. Dinner was more than two hours away and he did not know whether he could stand this terrible constriction for so long. But he saw no way out. He was afraid to complain, as he was almost certain, it would mean the first black mark. He saw nothing he could do, but resign himself to his fate. Margaret picked up her paper again and started reading, paying no attention to his discomfort at all. He could not sit in one of the deep easy-chairs, so he tried sitting down on a stool in a corner. After a while, he started walking around the room, trying to catch Aunt Margaret’s attention. He tried to express his wish to leave.
Finally she said “All right, I won’t be too severe the first time. You may go upstairs and ask Suzanne to take you out of it and dress you for dinner.”
He wanted to turn and dash out but remembered to curtsey as gracefully as he could and then walk out slowly with small, girlish steps.
When he reached his room, he sounded the bell for Suzanne. When she saw him, she exclaimed “Now isn’t this nice and snug? Really, it does a lot for your figure.”
She made no attempt to release him. He followed her around with begging eyes, but she just said “stay off my tail I have to prepare your dress for tonight. Wait a moment: I’ll fix you.”
She took a long ribbon, tied one end around his neck and led him like a dog to a wall-bracket, to which she fastened the other end. There he stood, unable to move away, tied to the wall with a simple ribbon with only a loose knot. It would have taken him less than a second to untie it if he had the use of his hands, and even with his teeth he could have opened the knot in no time, but there he stood, helpless like a puppy on a satin leash.
Meanwhile, Suzanne took out the dress he was going to wear, a new set of lingerie, stockings, and court-shoes, taking her time selecting each item, checking it against the others to ensure the colors matched, with no haste. She must have spent at least 20 minutes doing it, until she had all the things together. She turned to him again, took him off the wall and started to undo the single glove which imprisoned his arms from fingers to elbows. After that, with a great effort she unhooked the chain holding his elbows tightly together. He sighed deeply when he could move his arms again and immediately wanted to undo the gag. He discovered to his dismay that it was fastened not only with a buckle, but was locked on, too. He was unable to remove it.
He gestured to Suzanne to get her to take it off.
“Can’t do. Don’t have key. Madame has key. Must wait until she comes.”
Because he could not speak to her, she spoke to him as if he were a little child, or somebody who didn’t speak the language. Then she proceeded to dress him for dinner. He had to keep on his extremely tight corset. The dress was beautiful; a soft rose tone with dark red applications, a little bustle emphasizing his behind and a trained full skirt. The sleeves reached to his elbows, where they ended in a flurry of rose colored lace. His gloves were long and tight glace kid and disappeared into the sleeves. The court shoes had the highest heels of all he had worn so far. When he gestured that he thought them too high, Suzanne calmed him.
“They are just a little over four inches. They are very smart. You’ll get used to their height very quickly and you’ll love the way they make you walk.”
When he came down to meet Aunt Margaret at the dining table, she unlocked his gag and took it out of his mouth. He was glad to be rid of it and touched his cheeks and moved his jaws to see if everything was still working.
“Well?” Aunt Margaret looked at him inquiringly.
He quickly remembered to say “Thank you, Aunt Margaret,” and to do a graceful curtsey. “The next time I have to remind you, you’ll earn a black mark.”
During dinner Aunt Margaret told him more about Coco. His real name was Conrad and he came from a good family. A few years before, he had decided he wanted to live as a girl and with the encouragement and help of his mother, he had done so ever since. He had his own business, making costumes for the large number of medium and small theater and music-hall productions playing in Berlin. He did most of the designs, and employed four girls who did the sewing. And if anybody wanted to have anything specially made, he was the one they turned to for extravagant and bizarre things.
Gloria wanted to know if nobody objected to a man living as a lady. Aunt Margaret explained that, not only were the people in Berlin extremely tolerant of their neighbor’s foibles, even the police were very tolerant. They actually had issued him a paper, stating that the fact that he was living as a woman was known to the authorities and that there were no objections. There was, in fact, no law against cross-dressing. At the most, it could have been called a disturbance of the peace if people had objected, but in any event this was rated as nothing but a misdemeanor and if nobody complained, peace was not disturbed.
Aunt Margaret explained that even though male homosexuality was punishable under the existent law, and there were many homosexuals around, who did not even try to hide their inclinations, very rarely was anybody tried and convicted. The police were keeping a watchful eye on male prostitutes (which were all well known to them) who tried to blackmail their lovers. If such a case was made known to them, they went after the blackmailer full force and the blackmailed person’s case was handled most discreetly, with rarely any damage being done to him.
After dinner, Aunt Margaret sent Gloria to bed early, as the next day they would have to rise early to take an early train.
“We are visiting very dear friends of mine. They have a son who is just taking his final exams to become a medical doctor, I think you will like him. Oh, before I forget it, remind Suzanne to pack at least two evening dresses. I think there will be a ball held at the mansion Sunday night and probably there will be a dance Monday night, too.”
The idea of having to dance in skirts, and probably with a man, did not thrill him at all, but as Sunday night was two nights off, he was not too scared. There might even be a chance to find some male clothes at that place and he could put an end to all this nonsense.
When Suzanne refused to let him out of his corset, he protested a little but soon gave in. He was convinced he could get out by himself as soon as she had left. He even went along playfully as Suzanne slipped his wrists through the loops of the adjustable garter-straps, “to get your hands out of my way while I clean your face,” she said. It isn’t even a real restraint, he thought, I can slip out any time. She pulled the nightgown over his head but left his hands in the loops.
“Have a good night and sleep well, tomorrow will probably be a long day,” she said as she tucked him in and left him.
When he tried to slip his hands out of the garter straps, he discovered he could only draw the loops tighter around his wrists, but however he turned and tugged, he could not slip out of the damn things. After about half an hour of struggling, he gave up. He had underestimated her: she had outwitted him and he had blindly walked into her trap. Now he had to keep on this dreadful corset until she released him in the morning. Well, tomorrow he would put an end to this all as soon as he got some male clothes. The fact that their hosts had a son sounded promising. He would probably help him.