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Gloria - 9. The Deflowering Part Two

The afternoon tea proved to be rather dull. There were only the women present and apart from the four visitors from Berlin and their hostess, there were only some neighbors, and their conversation circled around their houses, kids and gardens. Jean-Marie was glad when they all left and they retired to get dressed for dinner.
Suzanne selected a very elegant dinner dress for him. It left him very little room to move from its high, tight collar to the narrow skirt, which only permitted small, mincing steps. When he complained about the restrictions, Suzanne just told him he would mostly be sitting at the table.
“This is not a ball-gown to dance in, and it allows you enough room to walk to and from the table.”
She took great care with his hairdo and his makeup.

“Your head will be seen all the time by everybody and any pretty young girl is under constant scrutiny by the other women and even more so, if she is a “new face”.”
He had to agree: he was as pretty as a picture when he walked down to dinner together with Aunt Margaret and Suzanne. Somehow, the feeling of his tight skirts keeping his legs tied together so softly, yet effectively, troubled his passions.
About twenty people had gathered already in the drawing room. They were shortly introduced all around, then dinner was announced and everybody sat down at the beautifully decorated dinner table. The food was excellent: nothing exotic, but prepared with imagination and knowledge.
Jean-Marie suddenly felt a foot lightly rubbing against his legs under the table. He looked across and saw Coco smile at him and wink. Then another foot touched him from further down the opposite side and Suzanne smiled and winked at him. He was quite disturbed by these unexpected advances, especially when he saw them look at each other and smile again. There seemed to be an understanding between the two of them. The trouble was, he couldn’t make out if it was an alliance against him or if he was included as an ally in some secret plot. It could be promising, but he had better watch out.
Shortly after desert and cordials, the gathering dissolved, everyone went home, and the four ladies from Berlin retired to their rooms. Jean-Marie was not tired at all, and neither were the other three.
“I was glad to get away from them,” Margaret stated.
“Von Eltzen was a business partner of my husband and we are still doing business together but he definitely is not a big charmer and the others were not very entertaining, either.”
“Well, let’s have a party here,” Coco suggested, “I have taken my precautions for this turn of events.”
She brought a cooler with a bottle of champagne from her room. “There’s more where this came from,” she said.
Everybody had a glass of champagne and Suzanne took Jean-Marie and started dancing with him, humming a popular waltz.
“You know, we must practice a lot until tomorrow. You will have to dance as a girl, which means mostly backwards, and with trained skirts you will surely get tangled up in them and fall, if we do not practice.”
She put his left arm on her shoulder and took his right hand in her left so he had the girl’s position. As it turned out, he could not dance at all with his tight skirts.
“Take them off, then,” she said, “Let’s get you out of that dress, and then we can dance.”
In a minute they were dancing again, she fully clothed; he only in long gloves, corset, stockings and high heels. When he saw this strange couple in the mirror, it immediately aroused him. It looked so strangely erotic.
Coco and Margaret picked up the tune and started dancing as well, with Coco leading. Very soon, however, their dancing ceased and they were holding each other tightly, kissing passionately. Jean-Marie saw that Margaret opened Coco’s dress in the back and pulled it off her shoulders. Coco wriggled until the dress lay in a puddle on the floor. All the time, their kissing did not let up.
Suzanne kept dancing with Jean-Marie, but he watched the other couple as much as possible. Margaret opened the ribbon that held up Coco’s drawers and they, too, fell down. Then she pulled at some ribbon in the back and grabbed his cock in front. It became fully erect in just a few seconds, and she massaged it gently. Jean-Marie couldn’t take his eyes off them as they started to make love slowly and oblivious to anything around them. One thing was certain now: Coco was a boy.
Suzanne had stopped dancing, too, and proceeded with him just as Margaret had done before with Coco, and soon they were similarly engaged: Margaret and Coco on a couch at the foot of the bed and Suzanne and Jean- Marie on the bed. Only the sounds of ecstatic lovemaking could be heard.
After a while, Margaret disentangled herself from Coco’s embraces, got up and said to the other couple, “let’s change partners.”
Jean-Marie was deeply engaged in something he did not want to let up right then, but Suzanne extricated herself and let him lie on the bed, sighing deeply with closed eyes.
He opened his arms to receive Margaret. He felt a mouth close around his still-rigid shaft, and he writhed in ecstasy from the touch of lips and tongue. His hands were searching for her and he found her legs, encased in slippery silk stockings. He glided upward with slow, caressing strokes, grabbed her wonderful full ass-cheeks and pulled her to his mouth to do as he had done on their first night of love. He noticed that she was wearing a different perfume tonight. He opened his mouth and searched for her love- nest with his tongue and received the shock of his life when a hard and throbbing cock entered his mouth.
This was not Margaret: his new partner was Coco.
He wanted to reject it; get it out of his mouth, but that was easier said than done. Coco’s thighs held his head immobile, and the damned thing was buried so deep that it was impossible to spit it out. Then there were the thrills that Coco’s actions on his own cock caused, and soon he was unable to do anything but respond in the same way.
Just when he thought he would reach his climax, Coco let him go and got up. He was very frustrated, but willing to follow any request from Coco that promised a continuation. Without saying a word, Coco turned him around to a kneeling position on all fours and pressed his slippery tool into his ass.
“Don’t fight it, relax: you’ll love it,” he was told in soothing tones.
Coco reached around and started to massage his dangling cock. After an initial sharp burst of pain, Coco’s cock glided in and out, causing only the most delightful feelings in him and in less than two minutes they both came almost simultaneously and collapsed on the bed.
“Now you are a real woman after having been fucked by a man,” Margaret declared.
He was completely confused. He had been fucked, but Coco was a girl: he looked, felt, sounded, and smelled like a girl. He had made love to a girl, not to a man!
On the other hand, this girl had a cock like a man, so maybe he really had been fucked by a man. However, he had felt only a very feminine creature that could not be rated as male at all. It was all so confusing. All he knew for sure was that he had enjoyed it immensely.
The two women had not been idle during all this, but had been engaged in some hot lovemaking of their own. When they saw the two boy- girls relax after their love-bout, they joined them on the bed. It was very wide but with four people in it, it got rather crowded, and certainly did not offer enough room to stay clear of each other which, on the other hand, actually was the last thing on their minds.
The love-making continued into the wee hours of the morning and nobody cared who was doing what to whom with what. When they finally fell asleep, they were all completely exhausted.