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How does it feel little girl to wear such a pretty dress? - CHAPTER 1

Ten year old Joey finds out first hand what its like to wear dresses and panties, and how it feels to try to keep people from seeing his panties.

The way it started Ten year old Joey pouted furiously in his room on the second day of a three day grounding since his Sunday School teacher Mrs. Fairbanks, caught him looking up Nancy Parker’s and Alice Mecca’s dresses. These were the two girls that sat directly across from him.
Then of course Joan Timberly hadn’t helped as she also gave him a view of her yellow panties. Joey’s thoughts began to drift to the reason why he was in this predicament.
It just didn’t make any sense. Girls just didn’t make any sense at all! They wore pretty dresses, with all that fancy girl stuff on them, lace and frills and all. Just so boys could look at them and tell them how pretty they looked. They had all that girl stuff on their panties too but if anyone got caught looking at their panties, they got into trouble. Big trouble.
If girls didn’t want anybody looking at their panties then how come they made them with so much pretty girl stuff on them? Why did they make their panties as pretty as their dresses? It just didn’t make any sense to Joey.

It was the view that Nancy Parker afforded him that got him into trouble and he should have known better than to stare. Mrs. Fairbanks always kept a close eye on her students, to see if they were paying close attention. Nancy’s pretty blue dress seemed to Joey to be a little short on her, which of course is what attracted his attention in the first place. That was why Joey made sure he sat directly across from her in class, so if and when the opportunity came he wouldn’t miss a split second of the view.
As Mrs. Fairbanks rattled on, Nancy became more and more disinterested and began to fidget more and more. That was just what Joey was hoping for and he made up his mind he wasn’t going to miss any chance to see what she had on under that pretty blue dress.
He soon got his chance when she innocently spread her legs as she shifted her position in her chair. The view was all he’d hoped for. The panties were a good match to her dress being a few shades lighter blue and that made them easy to see. The slip Nancy wore was white so that made the panties stand out more. As Nancy’s attention became centered on two birds sitting on the windowsill to her left side, she turned her head to the left. At the same time swinging her left leg wide to the left she gave Joey an excellent view.
For some reason she also lifted her leg to rest it on the rung of the folding chair she was sitting on. This motion let the already short dress slide up to the top of her legs. This gave Joey a view he dared not even dream about. Not only did he get a full view of the crotch on the tightly pulled up panties against her girl part he saw the fancy stuff that went from the crotch up to her tummy and the lace that fringed the leg.
But what was that skin colored part peeking out from her panty? Joey was aghast at what he was looking at. Could this possibly be that ever so secret part, girls so expertly keep from view.
He forgot about any caution he needed to keep from getting caught, and just stared and stared at the most unexpected sight he’d ever seen. His stare was suddenly interrupted by Mrs. Fairbanks shout! “Joey!” She shouted.
He was startled out of his revelry by Mrs. Fairbanks words, “Come with me! And Nancy sit up straight in your chair!”
Mrs. Fairbanks grabbed Joey by his arm and hauled him into an empty storage room. There she gave him the verbal thrashing of his life, saying at more than one point she wished she could give his back side a warming he would never ever forget. And she told him she would make that a strong point when talking to his mother about this filthy incident.
Mrs. Fairbanks went on to explain to Joey that she had suspected his filthy habit some time ago, but had had no real proof until today. “And today,” she boasted, “I caught you red handed, looking up Nancy’s dress.”
Joey was instructed by Mrs. Fairbanks to sit right there, until Sunday school was over and she would be back to deal with him later. “You are lucky you can sit down at all for now, but I hope your mother will give you the spanking of your perverted life. Hopefully you won’t be able to sit down for a week.”
Joey’s dad was a truck driver and was away from home most of time so Mom had to deal with the discipline. She would probably ground him for a month and was glad his Dad was working. His Dad did not like playing the bad guy when he was home and preferred to have good father and son bonding. He did not get involved in disciplinary matters often but when he did it was a bad time for Joey.