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How does it feel little girl to wear such a pretty dress? - CHAPTER 2

When the best laid plan fails. And so Joey sat in his room staring out the window at the recently constructed tree house that his Dad had so expertly built just for him. Dad was right when he said all boys need a place to call their very own. The tree house was just that. His very own place, so everybody that wanted to visit his secret sanctuary had to ask his permission to climb up the ladder and enter this privileged place.
It wasn’t exactly a tree house because it wasn’t built in a tree. It sat on four thick poles and was a ten-foot square structure with a triangular roof and a window on each side. A ladder provided access to the tree house through the hole in the floor.

It quickly became the perfect place to engage in his other favorite pastime. His indulgence and fascination with panties. Over the past year he had managed to collect three pairs of panties by various means. Up to now they’d been kept in his room and were well hidden. Two pairs were hidden in his tree house and his third least favorite pair was kept in their hiding place in his room for emergencies. Today was one of those emergency days.
Because of his grounding he could not get to the tree house so he recovered the plain blue pair and had them on under his jeans. They were far from his favorite, but at least they were panties and blue. That was what Nancy had been wearing on Sunday. These were not near as fancy or even the same shade but at least they were blue. So the fact that he had the same color panties on gave him some satisfaction and eased his stress of being grounded.
Joey’s passion of looking up dresses was causing him problems as his mother had caught him a couple times and she’d been told twice by irate mothers that they had seen him trying to look up their daughter’s dresses.
She was embarrassed by these confrontations with irate mothers and was at her wit’s end about what to do about Joey’s persistence in his horrible perverted habit. So Joey sat looking out the window as the slight breeze stirred the foliage, and he stared longingly at the tree house. It seemed to call him into its most private place.
The tree house was most perfect place to put on the panties he had stashed there. He could see if someone was coming and even if they escaped his detection he could hear them coming up the ladder. That would give him plenty of time to do whatever he had to do to prevent any embarrassing incidents.
As he drifted into far off thoughts something caught his attention. There was a motion in the corner of his eye. He shifted his attention and a wonderful sight greeted his eyes.
There was Angela, the eight old year girl who lived next door. Angela was the most girly girl he’d ever known. She loved wearing dresses and hardly ever wore jeans or shorts. She just seemed to have an endless supply of pretty dresses.
At school or at a party, or some function, she always had on a different dress and every one just seemed to make her so pretty. Angela was a girl that Joey envied and worshipped. She even talked like a dream, she was so cute that she had Joey fully under her spell. There she was outside in one of her pretty dresses with the wind swirling around and gently lifting her dress hem ever so slightly. ‘Oh what a sight,’ thought Joey as he pressed his nose to the window for a better view.
He was hoping for a big gust of wind to lift her dress up for that great view of her panties. As Angie (her nickname) bent down to pick something up from the ground, that Moment arrived when the gust of wind lifted the back of her dress all the way up to her waist. To Joey’s astonishment she didn’t jump right up and try to pull the dress back into place but she continued to pick up whatever she was picking up. It was obvious she was confident no one was watching her and thought she was in complete privacy.
Joey tried ever so hard to see any detail of the panties, but she was just too far away, he wasn’t even sure of the color but the color was different from her dress and slip. He could determine at least that much. As suddenly as she appeared, she dashed back into the house.
Joey was absolutely enthralled with her and this latest incident of panty peeking added to his emotional state. He just had to get a look at her panties close up. If possible very close up. As he stared longingly at the tree house, a plan began to take shape in his mind.
He would invite her into the tree house, but it had to be when she was wearing a dress, and somehow he had to get her to climb up the ladder first. That was most important part she must be wearing a dress and climb the ladder first. That would give Joey the view of her panties that would remain locked in his mind forever.
The next day the grounding was finally over and he headed straight for his tree house because it was the best place to think and the best way to put his plan into action. But first things first, he could think much more clearly when he had panties on, so out came his favorite pair. The pink colored ones with fancy stuff around the crotch. He giggled to himself as he recalled how the lace had itched his legs that time he’d ventured outside to the store on an errand for his mother.
That was such a daring trip, he’d never been out of his room wearing panties before and it was an adventure. His little pecker stood up the whole time he was gone. He didn’t know why it got so hard, wet and stained the front of the panties. It did upset him some but nothing ever came of it. He had to rub himself down there but it seemed to make things worse.
He discovered that when he took a shower that night before he went to bed, the shower finally made his pecker go down. Joey did not yet realize that he was on the edge of puberty, and of course had no idea what puberty was anyway. Now wearing those same panties he was ready to do some serious planning to get Angie to go along with his plan.
His thoughts were constantly along these lines and planned to make Angie want to see the tree house more than anything else in the world. His plan was for her to really want to see the inside of the treehouse so bad she would jump at the chance, and dash right on up the ladder. Of course Joey would be ready to seize the opportunity right away and start looking just as soon as she got three or four rungs up. Then he would start up right behind her and get the best view possible.
On that next Saturday, late in the afternoon he got his chance to put his plan into action. She was outside playing and close to the fence that separated the two yards so Joey made a point to get close to his side of the fence so he could talk to her. Sure enough she had a dress on which seemed to be a little bit short on her. ‘All the better,’ he thought. ‘Well here goes.’
“Hi! Angie,” he said with a little more enthusiasm than normal. “What cha ya doin?”
“Oh just nothin I guess. I’m a little bored, with nothing to do,” she replied and then after a short pause added, “That’s a neat tree house your Dad made for ya.” Joey’s heart almost popped out of his chest when she mentioned the tree house. Maybe just maybe she already had some curiosity about the tree house and he could make this a big advantage to his plan.
“Yeah it’s really great you can see out all four windows and see all the yards around here,” he said then added. “It’s high enough to see over all the fences.” Joey was really anxious to get her interest then he added, “You can see Tommy Pratt playing on his Army course that his Dad made for him.” That got Angie’s attention because she was attracted to Tommy but never let on. If she could see Tommy Pratt on his Army course without him knowing it that would give Angie a real thrill, her heart skipped a beat at the thought.
Angie was taking the bait so Joey could see it in her eyes and the expression on her face. He decided to let her carry the conversation for a while and see where it went led. She kept looking up at the tree house and Joey let her look for a while without saying anything. Then he laid another piece of bait by saying, “The other day when they had the fire in the field next to the school, I could see the fire trucks leaving for the fire.” ‘It’s working great,’ he thought as he could see her looking harder at the tree house.
Then another piece of bait came out, “I can even things some of the kids do when they know their Moms or Dads aren’t home. ‘This one really got Angie’s interest,’ Joey thought and he saw her actually lick her lips. Now was a good time to let her simmer awhile, and let her really want to get inside the tree house. He had to get her really excited so she would just jump at the chance. He knew she would resist going up the ladder at first if she had time to think about it. The expression on her face told Joey she was about to ask the big question, but he let her stew awhile. He decided to approach the subject from another angle so he said, “I don’t let many people up there! Especially girls, it’s really a boy thing being in a tree house.”
While she took that comment onboard he added, “It’s sort of built like a fort tower and I know girls don’t like that sort thing.” The expression on Angie’s face changed completely, first disappointment, then a look Joey was not familiar with. The expression of a young girl’s determination, and becoming dead set on doing something as Angie made up her mind right then and there. She was going to get into that tree house one way or another. No boy was going to tell her, “No girls allowed!”
Of course Joey couldn’t read her mind and had no idea what she was thinking, but he knew her mind was working, he could see it on the expression on her face. Joey also knew Jay Warner the star quarterback for the team was a hunk to all the girls and he figured Angie would be no different although she was a little young for that sort thing. He knew too that she was talked about being so grown up for an eight-year-old, so boys could very well be on her mind. So he decided to pull out his ace in the hole.
As nonchalantly as he could, he dropped the bombshell. “Yea and sometimes I can see Jay Warner swimming in their pool, and most of times a lot of other guys are there too.” This was too much for Angie, as Angie was starting to notice boys, and Jay was a hunk, and star football player at that. Angie began to visualize him in his trunks.
The vision of Jay and lot of other boys in their swim trunks put her over the brink, she just had to see this. So she decided to be girlishly coy and try and convince Joey to let her up in the tree house. Little did she know she was playing right into Joey’s plans. As girlishly as she could, she popped the question, “How come you don’t let girls up there?”
Joey was ready for that one, “Because you have to climb a ladder and it’s too dangerous for girls. They might fall, and besides it’s almost ten feet off the ground and girls get all scary and stuff when they’re high off the ground.
Angie had to think about that for second, then she replied, “that’s not true! I’m a girl and high places don’t scare me. “Well I never see you climbing trees or swinging on the bars at school.” “That’s different,” she said. “Oh yeah what’s different about it?” came Joey’s reply. “It’s at school that’s what,” was her reply. “Oh come on Joey don’t be a jerk. Girls have tree houses too.” “Yea but not this one,” Came his reply.
‘Now just a little more baiting and she would be ready,’ he thought. So he asked the question in a smart Alec way, “I suppose you want to go up into my tree house?” It was more of a statement than a question. Angie could hardly contain herself, “Yes, yes I do want to, please Joey let me go and see it.” ‘He had her! This was it,’ he thought and so he said, “OKAY, OKAY! But just this once. And you promise cross your heart you will never tell anybody.” “Yes, yes,” she repeated as she crossed her heart.
“And one more thing. You have to go first, that way if you fall, I’ll be there to catch ya.” “Oh don’t be silly,” she said almost begging. “I’m not going to fall.”
Joey though insisted that she go first and he went on to explain, “I don’t want to get blamed for letting you get hurt, so you have to go first or not at all.” “OH! Okay, I’ll go first if I can go right now,” she said. ‘Bingo!’ Joey thought ‘I’ve got you now.’ Before Joey could say another word Angie sped for the gate, and was through it, and made a mad dash for the ladder. The speed at which she took off startled Joey and he froze. In a flash Angie was at the ladder and Joey had to run for all he was worth to get behind her there. When he arrived she was half way up.
The agility of her climb up the ladder stunned Joey, he just was not prepared for that, by the time he got there and looked up she was at the top. All he saw was a flash of white under her dress, and some other color, but it was gone in an instant, as she crawled off the ladder on to the floor. He was so surprised by her speed and ability to climb the ladder.
Deeply involved in his own rapid accent, he had no time to feel disappointment, he just had to get up there. Finally as he reached the access hole, he looked up to see where she was. The sight that greeted his startled eyes made eyes his stare out wide. There she was looking out the window trying for all she was worth, straining to catch a look at Jay, and his buddies by the pool, but all she saw was his Dad doing some yard work. She continued to enjoy the view and Joey was certainly enjoying the view too.
As she leaned closer to the window, she was on her tiptoes leaning forward and her dress was all the way up to her little butt exposing her panties. Oh those panties were a dream to see.
Joey did not know what the material was, but they were a shade of white with some kind of picture on them, on closer inspection, the little pictures turned out to be ponies and teddy bears, and some other things he couldn’t make out. Her panties were stretched over her butt, and her legs were spread so she could stand at a more advantageous angle for her new and exciting view. The panties were also pulled tight up against her girl part, and made a clear outline. The view was so captivating, Joey unconsciously began to drool at the mouth. He just stared for the longest time, this was even better than he had dare hope.
Suddenly without warning she came out of her revelry and turned to see where Joey was. This caught him by surprise as he was still staring at the wonderful view that was before him. It was her shriek, “JOEY! What are doing?”
That shook his inner being at her tone. They both were staring at each other, Joey at the horrible realization, that he’d been caught again looking up a dress. While Angie suddenly realized what she’d done and it was what her mother had warned her not to do. In her excitement to get up the tree house she’d given someone a chance to look up her dress. Her mother had told her time and time again about being modest and keeping her legs together, and her skirt down. About how to be a proper young lady and never let anybody look up her dress.
Then there were the special warnings about Joey. Her Mom had explained that Joey had a nasty habit of trying to look up girl’s dresses and she was to be extra careful around him.
Angie realised that if this got out she would be serious trouble. What if Joey blabbed it all over school he had got her into his tree house and how he had seen her panties? Angie panicked initially but she was also smart and decided she could handle Joey. Despite her youth she knew she had to get control, get it fast and get control she did.
“You nasty little boy! You were looking at my panties! Weren’t you?” Joey was too stunned to answer, “Answer me you little pervert,” a word she’d heard at school and it seemed to fit here so she used it again. “Answer me you pervert! Were you staring at my panties?”
Joey still didn’t answer. She sensed she was getting the upper hand, and intended to get an even better grip on the situation. “If you don’t answer me, I’ll scream so loud the firemen will hear me. Now pervert, for the last time were you looking at my panties?”
“No... no... honest I wasn’t,” he stuttered in shock of being caught again. He had to lie or his whole world would come crashing down. So he tried to say no even more convincingly but to no avail. Angie had him and she knew it and Joey knew it. “You’re lying,” she shrieked, “not only are you a pervert, you’re a liar too!”
Joey tried to go back down the ladder, but Angie put a stop to that in a flash. “Get up here pervert so I can get a good look at what a pervert looks like. Joey Teeter, I’m going to fix you good and I mean good. If you don’t do exactly as I say I’ll scream so loud the windows will shake and believe me I can scream.” Joey panicked again and said, “Please... please don’t scream.”
“Why not Joey Teeter you afraid of something? I bet I know what you’re afraid of. You’re afraid of being caught looking up a dress, AGAIN! Am I right? Well pervert answer me yes or no!”
Tears began to form in Joey’s eyes. “One more chance pervert am I right?” “Y---e-s y-e--s y---e---s, yes,” he couldn’t talk as tears were starting to run down his cheeks, and he was stuttering. Then she asked, “yes what?” “I’m afraid of getting caught again,” he said as plain as he could talk. “Getting caught at what? You better say it! Or I’ll...,” she shrieked. “No, no,” Joey said, “I’ll say it but please, please don’t scream please.” “All right say it now or here goes, she puffed out her chest like she was getting ready give out a blood curdling scream.”
He could hardly talk, but he did his best. “Yes I’m afraid of getting caught looking up your dress.” Angie had him now, and paused for only a brief Moment as she considered her next move.
“Wait right here, and if you’re gone when I get back, I’m telling my Mom about and that you tried to touch my panties.” Joey froze as that thought sunk into his mind. “I didn’t try to touch you,” he cried out in anguish. Her reply was, “Guess who everybody will believe? Me or a pervert like you. If my Mom finds out you tried to touch me, you’ll be lucky you don’t end up locked in some school for perverts.”
That thought shook Joey to his very soul. He was trapped and could do nothing about it. Angie repeated her words, “Wait right here and don’t go anywhere! I’ll be back soon.”
Angie ran home as fast she could and went straight to her big sister’s room. Susan was three years older than Angie and a little bigger. Angie knew the dress and panties she was going to get would fit Joey.
She almost lost her self-control as she thought of her plan. The plan was to make Joey put on the dress and panties then she would tease and make fun of him without showing any mercy.
At the time she had no idea how well her plan would work. As Joey sat frightened to death, crying, and visibly shaken, he tried to think of what she was doing. Then the shame and humiliation of it all came crashing down on him.
An eight-year-old girl had got him scared and crying like a silly girl! A sissy, is that what he was? A sissy! Well he probably was, wearing panties like he did, he was a sissy and this brought tears of fear, shame and humiliation to an uncontrollable level. ‘What was Angie doing anyway?’
Time passed slowly so it seemed. Then at last he heard she was on the way back. As she climbed the ladder with agility, Joey noticed she had something under her arm that looked like rags or clothes.
Finally back in the tree house, Angie put down her package and to Joey’s surprise it was a dress with a pair of bright pink panties. They had lots of lace ruffles on them. ‘What in the world did she intend to do with those?’ he wondered. In a brief glimmer of hope he thought she was going to put them on for his benefit, could this be the reason she brought that stuff up here? The next order she gave Joey dashed any foolish hopes of any thing like that.
“Take off your clothes Joey and do it now!” ‘What did she say?’ Joey thought but the order was quickly repeated. “Get out of your clothes right now!” Joey hesitated and Angie started down the ladder, saying, “OKAY, I’m telling the world what went on up here.”
“No! No! No! Please don’t do that, I’ll take off my clothes, but what are you going to make me do?” “You’ll see. Now get undressed!” “OKAY, OKAY, But please turn around so you won’t see me,” Joey pleaded. “No, you turn around,” she said.
With tears of humiliation Joey turned his back and slowly slipped off his T-shirt. Then he pleaded one more time, “Please not my pants!” “Everything,” she said almost shouting. Angie stood in awe at the scene that was unfolding before her eyes. Here was a boy two years older than her taking off his clothes at her command.
She didn’t understand the feeling that was taking over her being but she knew it had something to do with control. She knew she was in complete control and Joey knew it. She was overwhelmed with the feeling of power.
Joey shook with fear and humiliation as he struggled to get his pants off over his shoes and socks. Finally down to his jockey shorts he said, “OKAY I’m undressed.” Hoping beyond hope, this was as far as this thing was going to go. His hopes soon fell as she said, “Oh no you’re not! Everything Joey Pervert, your underwear too.”
“Please! Please! Not my underwear. Please! No.” His pitiful pleas only fed Angie’s feelings of control and power.
“Off with them, or I’ll scream!” Down they came and then off. ‘Now what?’ he wondered. There he stood his back to this wild crazed girl. Bare rear in plain view, shaking and sobbing, humiliated beyond anything he’d ever experienced. Even when caught at his panty peeking schemes, this was much, much worse.
What came next was almost a relief and at the same time even more humiliating as Angie reached around him, and handed him the pair of panties she had taken from that bundle. At least he could he cover his bare butt, but being forced to put on panties and in front of anyone else was something he’d never even thought about before. Then the idea that he had to put panties on in front of a young girl made Joey almost pass out but the fear of her threats kept him obeying her instructions even as he moved in a daze.
Joey did not even think about any detail of the panties as held them up. He just knew they were panties and most of all he wanted to put something on to cover up his nakedness. So he stepped into the panties and quickly pulled them up. Then he just stood there in a daze. He was in shock at what was happening to him so he couldn’t even think straight. Then the next horror came.
Angie said, “Turn around.” He froze. “Turn around!” She repeated even louder this time. Feeling sick he slowly turned to find Angie had a look of surprise and a big smile on her face. Angie did not know it at the time, but the feeling of control she had here, was the seed of female control that would grow with her for the rest of her life as she went into womanhood. All she knew now was it felt strange, and good and she had to keep going.
As Joey turned to face her, his sobbing got worse and Angie just stared. She hardly noticed the odd bulge in front of his panties because she was interested in next step more. After a Moment she handed him the dress. “Oh! No! Please! Please no!” Joey pleaded.
The look on Angie’s face told him what he had to do. He had no idea how to put a dress on. He’d never done that before. Angie saw his problem and was more than willing to help. She got the dress into position and told Joey to bend down so she could slip it over his head. As the dress slid down his body, Joey didn’t even notice the short puffy sleeves, the low wide collar with the lace on it, or even how it slid over his chest. He just knew he put on a dress and panties. All this in front of an eight year old girl that had tricked and forced him into them.
But something wasn’t right, it didn’t fit right, then Angie got a smile on her face and said, “Now Joey Pervert, zip up the back up of your dress.” Now with no control of his own, he just obeyed and reached around the back. He fumbled for the zipper and finally got it only part way up. Then he shifted his hands over his left shoulder and tried to reach the zipper again but couldn’t do it. Then back he went to the original position but still he couldn’t reach the zipper. Angie was now starting to laugh at his fumbling as Joey’s sobbing was almost out of control.
Angie continued to let him struggle with the zipper and was laughing hard at his efforts. Finally she said, “Turn around little girl and I’ll help you with your dress.”
The girl phrase just went over Joey’s head. He was so humiliated and crying so hard. Angie zipped it right to the top, and pulled the flap over the top the zipper, and buttoned it. She did not realize at the time how difficult that would make it for Joey to take off the dress later on.
“Now turn around so I can see how you look in a dress,” she said and now completely under her control, he did as he was told. “Well now you do look good in that dress. How does it feel little girl to wear such a pretty dress?” All right little girl now you’re going to find out how it feels to have some one trying to look up your pretty dress.”
Angie started to laugh now as she now felt more and more the power she had over this poor helpless boy in a dress. “Go sit in the corner,” she commanded and Joey did as he was told. Without any knowledge of how to sit in a dress he just sat with his legs wide apart. Angie looked at his panties, pointed to them and began laughing even harder. She pointed and laughed. Finally Joey got the message and closed his legs.
“So how does it feel little girl? Having someone stare up at your panties!” At this point, Joey was just a robot simply reacting to the commands given to him. Her next order was, “get up little girl, I want to see your pretty dress.” Joey just did it. His humiliation and loss of control made him just do whatever she told him.
Her next order was, “Lift up the front of your dress little girl.” Without any hesitation he reached down to the hem and pulled it up to his waist. “I want to get a good look at your panties little girl,” she said now laughing even harder, but the laugh was taking on an evil tone. What Angie saw as he lifted his dress got her attention. The front of his panties was sticking straight out and this was something she had never seen before. This didn’t happen when she watched her classmates or her sister dress in front of her.
As she stared at this odd thing in his panties, the thought finally entered her mind that it was that thing that boy’s had down there. But why was it sticking out like that?
She decided to ask, “Hey Joey why are your panties sticking out like that?” Joey hadn’t even realized his pecker was hard. He looked down and saw what she was talking about. He quickly lowered his dress but Angie ordered it back up and he just automatically did as he was told.
Finally more out of survival instinct than rational thought he began to rebel. He started to try and get out of the dress. He began struggling with the button over the zipper but Angie was quick to react to his rebellion. With quick thinking she reached over to Joey’s pile of clothes lying on the floor and just kicked them down the access hole. Joey watched in horror as his clothes hit the ground.
In an instant Angie was on the ladder, hit the ground on the run and in one single motion scooped up his clothes before speeding through the gate and into her house. Joey watched in shear horror as his boy clothes disappeared and left him standing there in the tree house wearing Angie’s sister panties and dress! As Angie hit the back door that led into the kitchen she flung it open and was about to make a mad dash for her room when she ran smack into her mother. She just happened to get back from the store and was starting to fix supper.