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How does it feel little girl to wear such a pretty dress? - CHAPTER 7

Shopping for Joanie Mom’s call from down stairs brought him back into reality, “Joanie, honey lets get ready. The mall will be opening soon and we have lots to do.” Then with hopes high, he asked, “What am I wearing?” He crossed his fingers as he hoped and prayed for all he was worth she would say jeans and T-shirt.
When the words came back from Mom, “your new jeans and a T-shirt of course.” He was delighted. “Put your dress and panties in the wash basket.” Joey’s reaction was an explosion as he struggled to get the zipper down the back of the dress. But no way could he reach that darn zipper so he ran downstairs and asked Mom, “I need you to get the zipper back down.”
“Okay Honey turn around so I can reach it,” Mom said. Joey complied. Mom laughed at him and Joey sort of giggled back, then Mom said, “Honey that will become part of your girl training. How to get in and out of all kind of dresses.”

After a slight pause, she added, “And believe me girls have all kinds of clothes to wear but after a while you’ll get the hang of it.” That didn’t phase Joey because all he knew was he was getting out of this darn hated dress and into some boy clothes! With the dress unzipped, he was half out of it by the time he got back to his room. He quickly launched it into the laundry basket followed a few seconds later by the panties. He quickly opened his drawer that contained his underwear and was anxious to get back into Jockey shorts again. He reached in to pull out a pair, any pair, and just any pair he really didn’t care. He just wanted boy’s underwear.
He was shocked to find out, there wasn’t any! No Jockey shorts! No boy’s underwear! No nothing in boys underwear! All that was there was just a couple pair of panties. Panties?
When he finally recovered from the shock, he yelled, “Mom! Mom!” “Yes Honey,” came back her calm response. Of course she already knew what the problem probably was and was ready for Joey’s next girl lesson. Joey yelled back, “where’s all my underwear?” Mom replied, “Your what?” “My underwear!” Joey yelled back. Again she said, “Your what?” “My Jockeys!” Joey screamed back.
“Stop yelling at me Joanie. Don’t yell at your Mom.” “Sorry Mom, but where are my Jockeys?” Mom went into her mocking mode and said, “What in the world are you talking about?” Now in total frustration mixed with fear, he said slowly, “My Jockey shorts you know my underwear? What happened to it? There isn’t any in my drawer.”
Mom was ready and said, “Well what is in your underwear drawer?” Joey yelled back, “Panties! Panties Mom, just panties, that’s all that’s in my underwear drawer. Just panties!” “Well of course dear, that’s what girls wear. They wear panties. Don’t you know that by now, girls don’t wear Jockey shorts, it’s panties for girls.”
This wasn’t sinking in for Joey and he just stood there naked and stunned. He stared into his usually full underwear drawer that contained just a couple pair of panties! Finally Mom broke the silence and said, “Joanie honey come down here I want to talk to you.”
“But Mom I don’t have any clothes on.” Mom said, “Then put on a pair of those panties and come on down here.” Joey was still in shock and replied, “You mean just wearing panties?” “Yes,” she said, “Just in your panties.” “But--- but-but Mom, just in my panties?” “Yes and hurry up or I’ll be up there after you!” “Okay, okay, Mom I’m coming.”
Joey chose the white plain ones slid them on and looked into the full-length mirror. He saw his reflection and thought, ‘well they’re not real fancy and unless you look real close you really couldn’t tell they were panties.’ It was then he saw the bulge that stood out and tried to pull the panties up tighter but that didn’t work to good so he tried to tuck his little pecker back underneath and then pull the panties up tight. That seemed to work a little better. It would have to do.
Mom was saying, “Get a move on young lady, I want you down here right now.” Joey was struggling with his emotions, as he stood in front of his mother in just his tight panties. Mom asked, “What’s the problem now?” Joey lowered his head, “Mom what happened to all my underwear? You know my boy underwear? My Jockeys? There isn’t any in my drawer.”
Mom cleared her throat in preparation for her prepared answer. She puffed out her chest as she prepared to drop the bomb on his world, “I threw them all away!”
Joey thought, ‘I didn’t hear that right,’ and said, “excuse me, what did you say?” Mom repeated her statement, “I threw them away.” Joey shook his head in disbelief and tried to comprehend what she’d just said. “You what?” He asked in pure astonishment! “I threw all your boy’s underwear away, that’s what I said.”
“Bu--- bu--- but why?” Mom had a prepared answer for that question too. “Because by the time you’re ready to wear boy’s underwear again, you’ll have long out grown those!”
Joey was now in deep shock. “Yes that’s right, she continued, “You will be wearing panties for a long time to come. So deal with it! Get used to it! Because that’s just the way it’s going to be from now on.” Joey thought for a stunned Moment and then said, “But you said I was going to wear jeans and a T-shirt, that’s boy clothes. Boys don’t wear panties under their boy clothes.”
Joey thought he had her there but her response showed just how wrong he was. Joey was trying to think of an answer to his question but before he could answer she brought up those rules again.
“Remember rule number 2?” she asked. “Do you remember what rule number 2 is?” Joey hung his head and said, “No Mom, I forgot.”
“Then here it is,” said Mom who produced the piece of paper with the rules on it. “Now read me rule number 2.”
“Okay Mom. It says I will wear a dress and all the things girls wear whenever Mom tells me with no argument.” “That’s right, so what’s you’re problem here?” she asked.
“Okay, okay Mom, said Joey and started to head back for his room. He just had to get one more word in and said, “Honest Mom I just don’t understand why I have to wear panties under my boy clothes.” “All right I’ll explain it to you. Girls wear boy’s jeans, shorts and shirts all the time, you know that already don’t you? He nodded. “But they don’t wear boy’s underwear when they do. They still wear their own panties. Got it so far Joanie?”
“Yeah, yeah I know what you mean but I’m not a girl, so I can wear my own underwear under my jeans.” Mom came back, “Look Joanie you’re just not getting the big picture here! I’ll give you it one more time. From now on you are Joanie! In this family even when you wear boy clothes you’re still Joanie and will wear panties at all times. Period!
Do you get the picture now? For all practical purposes you’re a girl around here! You will dress like a girl! You will act like a girl! You will conduct yourself like a girl and even when you have boy clothes on! Now is that clear young lady!” Mom finished with a shout, “And that means panties at all times, is that clear?” Joey shrank back at her tirade and nodded. “I can’t hear your head rattle young lady! I asked you a question and I want an answer now! Do you understand? You are now going to be treated as a girl.”
Joey standing in only his panties and taken back at Mom’s tirade replied, “Yes, yes Mom I understand.”
“Good,” she said, “Then we will have no more sessions about what you’re wearing or what you’re going to wear will we?”
“No,” Joey quickly replied. “Good now get dressed so we can get going we have a lot of shopping to do.”
Back up in his room, Joey pulled his jeans on and then a T- shirt before he stood in front of the full-length mirror. He had seen plenty of panty lines showing through girl’s jeans and he didn’t want any visible panty lines on him. As he leaned over to get his socks on, his back was just turned towards the mirror enough to see the waistband of his panties show just above his jeans. There was just a bit lace peeking out. ‘Oh no I can’t have that,’ he thought so he quickly slid out of the jeans.
He decided to put on the dark blues panties he’d seen in the drawer the first time he noticed all his Jockeys were missing. When he reached down to pick them up, he noticed something very different about them, they felt different than any other panties he’d ever felt before. On further examination he found them to be slippery, thin, light, very thin as a matter a fact. Even though they were a much darker blue than his faded jeans, he thought they would blend in with the jeans if some someone got a look at them.
It was Joey’s first experience with nylon panties but he didn’t know what nylon was at the time. Sliding the panties up his legs then putting his boy thing into place then pulling the panties up tight to his crotch was a new experience for him and it felt very nice.
He thought as long as Mom was going to make him wear panties he would ask her if she would get him more like those. Hoping if the waistband did peek out a bit, it wouldn’t be too noticeable and he knew full well that the panties did have that little habit of peeking out over the top of jeans. He’d seen it so many times much to his delight. That little thing panties did often played a major role in his schemes to get a look at the girl’s panties. It worked well to his advantage then but now it was a distinct disadvantage and a major concern. J
oey was soon dressed and passed his self-inspection. He was standing in front of Mom ready to head for the mall so he decided to ask, “just what do we need to get at the mall?”
“We have to go clothes shopping Honey,” was her reply. “But why so much clothes Mom? School doesn’t start for another month or more. Are you going to get clothes for you Mom?” “No Honey not for me.” “But then who?” Joey asked. Mom got that stern look on her face and said, “Now Joanie who’s living in this house besides you and me?”
That one really stumped Joey and he just didn’t have an answer. With a blank look on his face he said, “I don’t know. Who Mom?” “Well young lady I’ll answer that question with a question. Who in this house wears panties besides me?”
More deep thought then the light dawned on Joey, “Me Mom. I wear panties too.” “Well yes that’s right and remember our chat a few minutes ago? “Yes,” he said wondering what she had said.
“You’re a girl now and not a boy right?” “Yea, yea Mom!” “So what’s your girl name?” “It’s Joanie Mom, my girl name is Joanie.”
“Well then if Joanie is going to live here, she has to have some clothes right Honey? Not just one dress!” That seemed to make sense to Joey, and he replied, “Yea I guess so.” It took only a brief Moment for that statement to sink into Joey’s head. He stopped in his tracks as it dawned on him the impact of what Mom just said. The realization hit him like a truck, they were going shopping to buy girl clothes for him!
“Mom,” he shrieked. “Do you mean we’re going shopping to buy girl stuff for me?” “That’s right Honey! Well not really for you as Joey but for you as Joanie. Joanie needs everything, dresses, panties, slips, socks, shoes, nighties, jewellry and even some things to play with.”
Joey’s imagination went into full tilt, he saw himself trying on dresses in the store. His knees went weak and he stopped in his tracks but Mom took his hand. She started to drag him so Joey regained his self-control and just followed her. “Of course we can’t get all that in just one day but we can get the bulk of it today. Think of the fun we’ll have shopping Joanie.”
Joey’s imagination ran away with him and he pictured himself in dresses and doing all this shopping. Then Mom added, “I’m really going to enjoy myself! I’ve always wanted to shop for my own little girl and now I’ll finally have that pleasure. And not only will we have today but lots of days! Yes lots of time to shop for Joanie. Won’t that be fun Honey?”
Then suddenly Mom stopped dead in her tracks, as a thought came into her mind, “Wait Joey we have one more thing to get straight here. Before we go any further you’re wearing panties! Right?” “Yea,” Joey said. “Well let’s get this straight right now and we won’t have any further discussion about it!” “Okay Mom what is it?” asked Joey who just couldn’t imagine what else there could possibly be.
“Now honey you know panties don’t have that place in them like boy’s underwear does. You know what I mean where boys get their thing out, when they need to pee. And we’re going to be gone quite awhile, so you’ll have to pee while we’re out so we need to get something straight.” ‘Now what?’ thought Joey to himself.
Mom continued, “you’ll have to use the boy’s rest room alone because I won’t be able to go in there with you. So you have to remember you’re wearing panties and that you can’t get your thing out! So you’ll have to sit down like I showed you yesterday! Remember how I showed you then?” Joey nodded.
Mom continued, “but now you’re not wearing a dress you’re wearing jeans but you do it the same way. Except now you have to remember to lower your jeans and panties all the way down to your ankles. If you don’t you won’t be able to spread your legs wide enough to wipe. Do you understand what I’m telling you Joey?”
“Yes Mom, I understand,” he said. “Now one last thing and you might as well know this now for future reference. When you come out from the restroom I’m going to ask you did you do it like I taught you? And I will know if you’re telling the truth or not. Do you know how I know that?” “No,” Joey replied. “I can tell very easily just by looking into your eyes and the look you have on your face. It’s that easy.”
“Geez Mom I never knew that.” “Well its very true so now you know and believe me it works every time.”
“Okay, okay Mom I’ll do it like a girl, I promise.” His thoughts were, ‘I’m not taking any chances. I’m in enough hot water without any more trouble.’ He just made the resolve to pee just like Mom told him. On the drive to the mall, Mom made small talk about all the nice clothes girls get to wear and how much fun they would have shopping. What scared Joey most of all was that he was getting caught up in the Mom’s excitement. Then the thought always came back that all that girl stuff was for him. ‘Just how much was Mom going to buy?’ he wondered.
One thing was very troubling, if Mom was spending all this money, to buy all this girl stuff, it sure sounded like he was going to be Joanie for a long, long time. And another thing, he pondered, was he going to have to try on all those dresses, and all that other girl stuff Mom said they were going to get. Surely there would be lots of people at the mall and would see him as a boy trying on dresses.
Joey fought back the tears as they pulled into the Mall parking lot. At the same time he made himself a promise he would never, ever again look up a girl’s dress. Then he changed his promise, ‘I promise to never let myself get caught looking up a dress again.’ Once inside the mall the first stop was K Mart and Mom headed straight for the girl’s department. Mom was in full swing for Joanie shopping and went right to the dress rack for Joanie’s size.
The first one she looked at was a yellow sleeveless one with ruffles around the armholes and the ruffles continued down around the low neckline. The waist was well tucked in and had more ruffles of white around the hemline.
Her first words were “Oh this is cute. Come here Joanie, lets see how this looks. Stand here in front of me,” Mom said then held the dress against Joey, holding it up to his shoulders. Joey turned a bright red but Mom didn’t even notice Joey’s reaction. Then she told him, “Here you hold the dress right there, walk straight ahead and then turn around. I want to get a good look at just how it looks on you from a little distance away.” Joey’s feet seemed to be made of clay as he did what Mom said.
The next dress was a red and white plaid while the sleeves were short with just a hint of lace, the hem was a little lacy. Joey went through the same routine with the holding and walking. This time though, when Joey got back to were she was standing, she told him to, “turn around.”
Then she took the dress reversed it and held it up against his back. “See Joanie a good dress looks as good from the back as the front.” There were several racks with Joanie’s size on them and Mom continued this routine of holding the dress on Joanie and making him walk and turn around.
Joey was getting more and more nervous as more and more people were coming into the store. Sooner or later someone would see Joey holding a dress against himself. They would see a boy holding a dress on himself with his mother making comments, like, “Oh Honey that looks so cute on you,” or the comment, “honey what do you think? Do you like it?”
Then the time came when she made Joey hold the pink fancy dress against himself, and walk over to the mirror holding the dress just right, so he could get a look for himself at how it looked. This went on for some time and Mom would put a dress in the shopping cart, or back on the rack. Then once while he was standing in front of the mirror, holding this lavender party dress against himself he was staring into the mirror and saw this lady staring back at him. She had a startled look on her face and Joey wanted to melt right there on the spot.
He quickly lowered the dress and turned to give it back to Mom but Mom said, “no Joey wait. Put it back against yourself, I want a better look at it.” Joey was so embarrassed but did as he was told.
The woman continued to stare so Joey lowered the dress again and Mom made him put it back up. Then Mom said, “all girls need a pretty party dress, don’t they honey?” Joey was getting numb from the woman’s stares. Then Mom made him do the back thing again then finally she put it in the cart.
Then Mom looked over at the woman and smiling said the words that made Joey’s vision blur. Looking straight at the woman, Mom said, “he’ll look great in that dress don’t you think?”
The lady just shrugged her shoulders and moved away quickly. They continued looking for dresses and then Mom said, “Honey we just have to try on a couple these dresses. We can’t take them all home unless we see just how well they fit. So we have to find a dressing room for you so you can try some on and we can see how they actually look on you.”
Joey’s knees went weak and he felt his cheeks flush crimson. Then Mom said, “I don’t know if we should use the boy’s dressing rooms or the girls.” Then she said, “We better ask a sales girl. Ooh! Miss! Oh miss.”
Finally she got a sales girl attention. Mom was pretty smart because she thought of a way to put the decision onto the sales girl instead of Mom having to make the decision. She said, “Miss we need a key for a dressing room so he can try on some of these dresses.” She really emphasized the he so she would know for sure who would be trying on the dresses. She had a startled look on her face and said, “Excuse me Ma’am?” Mom asked politely, “We need a dressing room so we can try on these dresses.”
The sales girl still startled asked, “is that for the boy to try on these dresses?” “Yes that’s right,” replied Mom. The sales girl was too dumbfounded to move so Mom raised her voice an octave and repeated the request again. “We need a dressing room.”
The decision of a boy’s room or a girl’s room was strictly in her hands so she reached for the key rack and gave them a key to the boy’s side. Joey was trying to hide behind Mom’s back but the sales girl kept staring first at Mom and then at him. The confrontation drew the attention of two other girls that were standing close by.
They were both watching and listening closely to what was going on. Joey felt their stares, as they stared at this boy that was going to try on dresses. He just wanted to melt away, the humiliation was more than he thought he could stand. It didn’t seem to phase Mom in the slightest because she just took the key and headed for the boy’s dressing rooms, “saying come on Joanie over this way.”
As they got to the rooms, Joey noticed a lady and her son. The mother was looking at jeans and the boy was just gawking around when he spied Joey and his Mom. He continued looking at them but what really got his attention is when Joey’s Mom selected a red plaid gingham dress from the cart and handed it to Joey.
She opened the door, handed Joey the dress and told him, “go on in take off your pants and shirt and put the dress on.” On wobbling knees Joey went in and closed the door. Then he heard Mom say, “don’t lock the door!”
Joey didn’t answer. Mom repeated the statement, “do you hear me Joanie! Finally a weak, “Yes Mom, I hear you,” emerged. He had trouble getting the shirt off because he was shaking so much. Then he had trouble with the jeans because they just wouldn’t pass over his shoes but finally he was down to his panties. He tried to slide the dress on, but it wouldn’t fit over his chest, he struggled for a while then remembered maybe there might be a zipper. Sure enough there was so he took the dress off his head and unzipped it.
Now he got the dress on and he stood there staring at himself in the room’s mirror. He looked a sight that’s for sure. His boyish hair cut all askew with the unzipped dress hanging on his boyish frame. He remembered the zipper and tried to zip it up but couldn’t get it done all the way.
He stood staring at his image, ‘what next,’ he thought. Mom was getting impatient and called in to Joey, “What’s the matter in there?” A pause, then Mom asked, “Do you need some help?” Joey choked on the words but said, “Yes, I can’t get the zipper all the way up.”
“Well come on out here and I’ll help you.” Joey froze at the words because he just couldn’t make himself come out of the room in a dress in a crowded department store. He just couldn’t make himself do that.
Next he realized Mom had opened the door, had him by the arm and was hauling him out of the room. When he stepped out, Mom stepped back took a hard look at him and was just musing on how he looked in this dress. Mom was oblivious to anyone else in the area but Joey wasn’t.
He immediately saw the girl standing by the lady and her son he’d had seen just minutes earlier. They were obviously brother and sister. The girl and the boy spotted Joey, and Joey saw them looking at him at about the same instant. All three froze on the spot. Then the girl reacted first when her mouth dropped open. She threw her hand up to her mouth in typical girl fashion, her eyes popped wide open and she stepped back. The boy’s eyes went wide and he nearly collapsed. Both were speechless and just stood and stared at the sight of this boy with a dress on, and his mother inspecting him.
Mom said, “Turn around Honey so I can zip it up for you.” With a great effort Joey did as Mom said. Then she began to pull and tug on the dress to get it to hang properly. All this time Joey’s face was bright red and tears were forming. He tried to fight them with all his might.
Mom continued her inspection and she told him to walk down the isle so she could see how it looked when he walked from the back. Then turn around and walk back so she could see how it looked from the front. This brought about another serious problem. There was only one isle to walk down where Mom could observe him. The very same isle his very interested audience was standing in! Joey saw that right away he would have to walk right past them.
Mom repeated the order only this time a little louder and that caught the attention of the other Mom. When she turned to see what it was, she nearly fainted. The look on her face was one of complete disbelief. Well Mom said just a little louder this time, “walk down the isle so I can see how it looks!”
Joey’s now familiar reaction kicked in and he started his walk. To Joey it was like a walk to the death chamber. He had to consciously put each foot in front of the other and they felt like lead. The three observers were frozen as the boy in a dress came towards them. Joey tried to quicken his pace but his feet wouldn’t co-operate. He tried the ploy of just taking a few steps then turning around to start back but Mom was having none of that.
Mom said, “No, no, Joey walk farther. I need to see how it looks on you.” The Mom and her two kids head’s slowly turned as Joey walked passed them.
Finally Mom said, “That’s far enough now come back.” By this time the girl couldn’t hold it any longer and just started giggling out loud. This broke the ice for the boy and he let it out laughter too. Their Mom finally got her breath back and just gasped at the sight.
Joey’s Mom was not paying any attention to the audience and she was zoned in on how the dress looked on Joey. As Joey started back, he picked up a little speed but Mom made him go back and walk slower. When he went back as he was turning around to walk back a little girl came from around the corner and met Joey face to face, she heard the commotion and came to see what was going on.
Joey quickly turned to head back and he heard the little girl yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Look over here, come quick look, look!”
“My goodness! Jennifer! What is all the excitement about?” Her Mom exclaimed. “Come here Mom quick, look, look.” Her Mom hadn’t started over yet as she was interested in some shirts for her son, Jennifer’s Mom said, “what in the world is going on?” Jennifer said, “Mom look it’s a boy trying on dresses!” That got her Mom’s attention and she had to see if this was true or if Jennifer was playing games.
She thought probably that Jennifer had made a mistake and that it couldn’t actually be a boy. ‘That would be impossible,’ she thought. ‘She might just look like a boy and she was sure it was girl.’ But to calm Jennifer down she went to see what it was and to explain it to her daughter. What she saw was a red gingham dress walking down the isle away from her but nothing out of the ordinary. After all lots of girls had short haircuts.
When Joey got to his Mom and she turned him around the light dawned then on Jennifer’s Mom. “Oh! My God! It is a boy!” She shrieked. Needless to say more people had heard the commotion and started to gather around.
Joey was like a robot and just did as his Mom told him. All his own feelings were buried deep in his mind and refused to come out. His Mom continued on unconcerned as to what was happening around them. Joey was numb to anything around him, as Mom reached into the cart and handed him a yellow sundress and said, “Here honey try this on. Oh! Here let me help you with that zipper again.”
Joey was not conscious of the noise the zipper made as Mom lowered it. Joey stepped in to the dressing room and put the yellow dress on. This one had no zipper or buttons while the elastic waist gave him a little trouble getting it over his head. Finally it was on and Joey stepped out of the room.
The now growing crowd gasped as they saw the boy in the yellow dress step out of the dressing room, and unsuppressed comments were made. Mom tugged and pulled on the hem as she made sure it hung just right and there were no wrinkles then told Joey to walk down the isle again. The crowd parted as Joey made his way down the isle and the scene was much like a model walking down the runway, except his face was flushed and tears were streaming down his cheeks. He was reacting to the buttons Mom was pushing on him and he just did it, numb to the humiliation and comments that were being made.
When he got back to Mom she said, “Honey it just isn’t hanging right, I really don’t know why?” Then a lady stepped forward and said, “It needs a slip to make the skirt stand out more. That’ll give it the right hang.”
“Oh you’re right!” Mom said, “Thank you so much.” Then Mom said, “Go put your clothes back on and we’ll go find just the right slip for this dress. Hurry honey get changed.” When Joey was changed and the yellow dress was back in the cart, Mom moved onto find the slip racks.
Mom began sorting through the slips, holding each one against Joey’s body, and putting some in the cart and some back on the rack. Finally Joey asked, “Mom do I have to wear all these slips under that yellow dress?”
Mom had to laugh at that, then she said, “No of course not.” Joey asked, “Then why all of these slips?” “Because you need slips to wear under the other dresses too not just the yellow one.”
Finally Mom saw two that would make the yellow dress hang just right then she said, “Oh honey you know what?” Joey shook his head and said, “No Mom what?” “You need a slip for that darling pink party dress too so we might as well get one.”
Mom fished around in the cart and brought the pink dress to the top and started looking through the racks for just the right slip. Not finding any suitable ones she spotted another rack with frilly slips on it so she moved over toward it. Mom started sorting through them and going through the routines of holding them against Joey. Then laying it on top of the dress in the cart.
Finally she selected two and started towards the dressing rooms again. But this time she took another isle and as she walked down the isle she suddenly stopped. She picked up a red and black plaid tartan skirt off the rack.
This time she held the skirt up to Joey’s waist then made him stand there as Mom moved back a couple of steps to get a good look at the skirt on him. “Oh yes! Honey that does look nice on you. You know Honey a girl needs some skirts too, not just dresses.” She put the skirt in the cart with the dresses.
Then Mom said, “Oh! Dear we’ll have to get a blouse to go with that skirt.” It took a little exploring to find the blouse racks but arriving at the blouse rack she started looking through them. Again holding them up to Joey’s body and looking at it she found one she liked. She told Joey to hold the skirt to his waist while she held the blouse up over his chest. “Ah!” Mom said, “That looks just wonderful.”
People were following Mom and Joey. They were trying to look unconcerned or nonchalant but it was obvious they were all following this mother that was trying dresses on her son. The boys were just too amazed to say anything while the girls had their hands in front of their mouths, trying to unsuccessfully suppress the giggles. Joey was trying to shrink in size and hide behind Mom but people surrounded them on all sides. Hiding was impossible.
Mom though was heading for the dressing rooms again while Joey shrank back. Mom grabbed his hand and started to drag him along. Then Joey said, “Mom I really do have to go bad.” Mom stopped and said, “Okay.” And they headed for the nearest restrooms. Joey almost ran for the restroom and Mom shouted, “Remember what I told you in there.” Joey didn’t even answer he just needed to pee.
He had no intention of making things worse for himself and fully intended to comply with Mom’s instructions. He headed straight for the nearest stall and once inside he locked the door. Joey didn’t have time to notice the four boys that had managed to head straight for the restroom too just a few steps behind him. Joey undid his belt, and unzipped his jeans. Then he lowered his jeans and panties in one motion. With jeans and panties down around his ankles he sat down, and started to relieve himself.
The restroom was empty when he ran in but now he heard someone else come in. He had no idea it was the four boys that had been keeping close watch on this amazing scene of this boy trying on dresses. Now they had him by himself and fully intended to have some fun unobserved by anyone else. No sooner had the boys gone inside the restroom than they quickly noted they were alone. One boy said, “Hey! Little girl! You’re in the wrong place! This is the boy’s room, the girl’s room is on the other side!”
Joey froze and his heart stopped beating. His whole body became stiff and the boy repeated his previous statement. “Hey little girl, the girl’s room is next door.”
Joey wasn’t finished but he just stopped at the sound of the boy’s voice, and couldn’t make himself go anymore. “Hey little girl! Didn’t you hear me? You’re in the boy’s room! The girl’s room is next door.” Joey was in some kind of suspended animation and he couldn’t speak or move. He couldn’t finish peeing either. He just sat there with his jeans and panties down around his ankles.
Then another different voice from the first one called, “Hey sweetie pie what’s your name?” No answer came from Joey so the boy continued his quest, “What’s your name honey?” Still no answer, so he continued, “Oh come on sweetheart, a pretty little girl like you has to have a name!”
Then he said, “I bet a pretty little girl like you has a pretty name.” Still no answer came from Joey so the boy continued his questioning. “Come on cutie, what’s your name?” Still no answer from Joey. Then yet another voice said, “Come on out cutie and give me a kiss!”
Joey heard the laughter but couldn’t make his body work. He was frozen in space where even his heart seemed to be in suspension. One of the boys leaned down to look under Joey’s stall and then he started to laugh even harder, then he said, “Those sure are pretty blue panties you have on little girl.”
Joey realized he’d seen the dark blue nylon panties lying on top of his faded jeans. Now in survival mode he reached down and pulled the offending panties and jeans back up to his knees. Now Joey began to regain some of his senses but in survival mode and pulled the panties and jeans into place. Not bothering to put his little pecker into place he stood up to complete the job. He had to get out of there and fast but he had no idea exactly how many boys there but he knew there were at least three.
Then he had a brainstorm, he would pull the same trick Angie had used on him. If they gave him any trouble he would scream and he mentally prepared himself for a loud shrill scream! About this time the same boy that seemed bent on learning his name repeated the question, “Come on little girl, what’s your name honey?” Then a third voice said, “Hey guys! Maybe it’s not even a girl.”
The boys took on a sinister look that Joey had no way of seeing. And the boy said, “I bet I know!” “What?” Another boy mocked. “It’s probably a little sissy boy that likes to wear girl stuff. You know like dresses and panties and stuff like girls wear! Is that right little girl? Are you really a sissy boy!” A voice came back. Fear had Joey immobile, but he had to get out of there and quickly. Then one of them said, “Come on out so we know what we have here! A girl or sissy boy!”
Joey puffed himself up, now in pure survival mode ready for the scream, and physically prepared himself for a mad dash for the outside where he knew Mom and safety awaited him. He unlocked the stall door and the boys were ready too.
Joey dug his heels in and started the dash for safety. The boys were ready though and formed a net. Joey was trapped before he got two more than feet. They threw him back but was ready for whatever they intended to do.
Before they got started Joey’s Mom had heard the commotion and with a mother’s instinct to protect her young, flung open the restroom door and stepped inside. She shrieked, “What in the hell is going on here?”
A woman coming into the men’s restroom really startled the boys and they broke their trap. Mom yelled, “Come on out here Joanie and do it now!” Joey bolted through the broken trap and Mom and Joey were quickly reunited back in the store. Joey broke down and started sobbing, and said, “Mom I want to go home.”
Mom was not ready to stop because she was enjoying the pleasure of shopping for the daughter she’d always wanted. Joey continued his pleading and sobbed harder, but Mom said, “Joanie pull yourself together, we have a lot more shopping to do before we go home!” She pulled Joey by the arm saying, “We have to try those dresses on with the slip underneath remember honey? We have to see how the dresses fit with a slip underneath. Now come on, get a move on, we have a lot to do yet.”
Back at the dressing room area, Mom took the yellow dress with the full skirt and told Joey to go in and put the slip on she’d selected just for that dress. Then he was to put the dress on and come back out. Again Mom was pushing his buttons and he just reacted automatically.
Inside the dressing room, he struggled to get his jeans off over his shoes, but gave up and just took his shoes off. He struggled with the slip trying to figure out which was the front and which was the back. He got it wrong but thought he had it on right so he slipped the dress on and stepped outside in his stocking feet. He didn’t even try the back zipper, he just asked Mom to zip it up for him.
Mom complied but after the dress was zipped up, she noticed the slip was on backwards. She unzipped the dress and told Joey, “Go back in and put the slip on the other way and come back out again with the dress on top.”
Again he saw another boy and his sister watching the scene unfold in front of them. The girl started to giggle and point while her brother just gawked. Their Mom looked to see what was so funny and when she saw Joey in the yellow dress, she was at first stunned. Then she regained her composure, grabbed the kids and sped out of sight.
Again with the dress finally on right Joey had to walk down the isle and this time it had Mom’s full approval. “Okay Honey let’s see what that skirt and blouse look like on you.” Was her only word’s of approval. She handed Joey another full-length slip and pointed out which was the front told him to put it on followed by the tartan plaid skirt and the blouse.
Inside the dressing room Joey was quickly out of the dress and had the other slip on without any further problems. The blouse was another story because here was another lesson in girl’s clothes that he was about to learn. He easily enough got the blouse on, but buttoning it up was another whole new ball game. He spent several minutes trying to get the buttons to go into the buttonholes. It was a major problem and he just couldn’t figure out what the problem was. After all he’d buttoned up many shirts in his lifetime but couldn’t understand why there was a problem now. He was standing in front of the mirror in a blouse and slip trying to get the darn buttons in the button holes, when Mom called in. “Honey what’s taking you so long?”
“I can’t get these darn buttons to go into the button holes,” came back the reply. “Well hurry up Honey we don’t have all day you know!” The rounded lace collar and low neck line felt a little strange to Joey, but the double row of ruffles that went down the whole length of the blouse added to Joey’s buttoning problem. The minutes passed and Mom was beginning to get impatient.
“Joey!” she called again. “What is the problem in there?” “I can’t get this stupid shirt buttoned!” He called back. Mom’s patience was at an end so she opened the door and started telling Joey, “Now look let’s get this right from the beginningg! First of all that is not a shirt! Boys wear shirts. Girls wear blouses! So what’s that you have on?” Joey fumbled for words, but the word, “blouse” just wouldn’t come out, so he said matter of factly, “it’s a shirt!”
This got Mom’s anger up. “A what?” “I’m sorry Mom, it’s a girl’s bl--- bllo--- blouse I have on.” “That’s right Honey a blouse. So what’s the problem here?” “I just can’t get the buttons to work!” Mom got a little smile on her face as she realized what the problem was.
“OKAY honey it’s a blouse and not a shirt. All girl’s blouses button on the opposite side of boy’s shirts, see here, like this.” Then she showed Joey how the buttons and button holes were on the opposite side. “Now you try it.”
Joey started to work the buttons the opposite way from he what he was used too. He still had problems though, first of all the buttons were so darn small, and there seemed to be so many of them, and then all the ruffles were getting in the way. Joey continued to struggle so finally Mom stepped into the room and took over the buttoning task until it was finished. She reached over and picked up the skirt. Then she put it into the right position and told Joey to step into it.
Joey felt really embarrassed as he stood there in his slip and this frilly blouse as his mother held out the skirt telling him to put his foot in it. Another problem came up when Mom told him to zip it up and Joey searched for the zipper.
Mom laughed at this latest problem and said, “it zips up the left side.” Joey made the remark, “How come all these girl’s clothes button on the wrong side and have to zip up in different places?” This gave Mom a good chuckle and said, “you’ll get used to it honey and it won’t be a problem for long.” He complied and she told him to walk for her again.
So it was another trip down the isle for Joey this time in a skirt and blouse. Joey didn’t notice that the skirt was barely long enough to cover his panties but Mom did and that was the main reason she wanted it for him. It was a good length for her to teach Joey some lessons in sitting with a skirt on but that would come later. By now another crowd had gathered but Joey paraded down the isle for Mom, resigned to the fact that the better he co- operated the less time they would be there. Finally Mom was satisfied with the way all the dresses and skirt fit. She said, “Honey I guess the next thing is some shoes for my little girl.” Mom and Joey headed for the girl’s shoe department.
Once there Mom tried to figure out what size he would wear in a girl’s shoe but finally just had to take a guess and try some on. She was trying on pair of loafers just for size when a sales clerk saw Joey’s Mom trying girl’s shoes on him. She was at first startled but then approached them and said, “Can I help you?” Then said, “Ahhhh! Ma’am those are girl’s shoes. Boy’s styles are over there,” She pointed in that direction.
Mom said, “Yes I know girl’s shoes when I see them. That’s what I want.” The clerk fumbled for words and finally said, “Do you want girl’s shoes for your son?” Mom said, “Yes, that’s right.”
The clerk stepped back in shock but before the clerk could reply Mom said, “he used to take a boy’s size eight, what would that be in a girl’s size?” The clerk was having trouble trying to comprehend the situation but finally said, “probably a ten or nine and a half.” “Thank you,” she replied and carried on looking.
Joey wanted to go into meltdown at this scene that was taking place in his honor. He tried to slouch down in the chair but Mom had full control and said, Come on Honey lets see what they have in your size.”
She spied the Mary Jane’s and explained to Joey, “Oh honey I always loved Mary Jane’s.” Then she explained to him that Mary Jane’s were what all little girls wore. “They are so cute and so practical too and you’ll find them very comfortable to wear.” They found a pair of Mary Jane’s in black and another pair in white so in the cart they went.
Next in athletic girls they found a pair of Pink Nike’s. Then Mom happened to notice the party dress again so she stopped and pondered. Finally she said, “You know what honey? You’re ten years old and I think it’s time you had some heels to go with that pretty lavender dress, don’t you think so?”
Joey envisioned those new wide high heels he had seen so many girls wear and couldn’t imagine how anybody could wear such a thing, let alone walk in them! Was his Mom going to buy him a pair? But Mom seemed to read his mind and said in a reassuring way. “Over here for the dress shoes Honey, come along.”
On the way she explained how young girls start to learn how to walk in heels by wearing a low heel to begin with. “And that’s what we’ll get for you to start off in.”
Once there she got to his size and Mom started picking out different colors and laying them next to the dress to see how the colors matched. She selected one pair in white and one pair in a dark blue. Both had what she said was a two- inch heel. “A good heel to train in,” she said. “So let’s see how they fit.” They headed for the chairs and sat down.
Joey was removing his shoes and about to try on the blue pair when he felt someone sit down next to him. He turned to see that it was the first girl he’d encountered at the dressing rooms and his face went crimson. “Hi,” the little girl said. Joey didn’t see her brother anywhere around so he said, “Hi.” The girl asked, “Are you getting new shoes too?” Joey just nodded yes. Mom said, “Come on honey get those shoes on so we can see how they look on you.” Joey got them on and Mom said, “Okay honey walk around so I can see how they look and feel while you’re walking.”
This was a whole new experience for Joey, this day Joey had the experience of wearing new items of girl’s clothes he never worn before or even thought about for that matter. Dresses, skirts, blouses, and slips. But girls shoes! This was an experience he just couldn’t even imagine and never even thought of!
He started to stand up to walk but this gave him trouble right from the start. Just to stand in these short heels was a problem for him and he fell backwards down into the chair. Mom said, “Ooops, Try again honey.”
Joey tried again but had to hang on to the arms of the chair to steady himself as he struggled to stand. He just stood there wobbling back and forth and from side to side trying to get his balance. He had no idea how off balance the high heels could make him feel even if they were only two inches high. Mom encouraged him to try and take a step. He tried but his arms were flailing around trying to find balance. Mom gave him further encouragement and Joey struggled. Finally a step came, then another, then another and he managed to get a little feel before he started to take some very unsteady steps.
The girl was laughing and her Mom was too while Joey’s Mom couldn’t suppress a laugh either. She encouraged Joey to keep trying. Finally on the return walk he managed to get a few good steps in. Mom said, “That’s better honey, it’ll come to you. You’ll get used to heels in no time at all.” Joey was humiliated but had to endure.
Then the girl said, “I’m getting three inch heels today for a party. Those are just two-inch heels, aren’t they Mom?” “Yes honey they are.” With a very superior attitude the girl said, “It’s easy to walk in those.”
Joey was humiliated even more to be bested by this girl and that made him try even harder to master these heels. The girl’s Mom asked Joey’s Mom, “Are you getting shoes for that lavender dress you have in the cart there?”
“Yes that’s right.” Then the girl’s Mom said, “I saw a pair off silver with a slight hue of blue, with the cutest little blue bow over here.” Then the two Moms went to see them.
Joey’s Mom came back with them and laid them on the lavender dress to check the color. “Oh that’s beautiful thank you. Here honey try these on.” This time Joey did a little better walking. The girl’s Mom had also selected a pair of white three-inch heels for her daughter. She told her to put them on and walk for her.
The girl got up and walked with out the slightest problem even for the first time in three inch heels. She was alongside Joey and their Mom’s told them to turn around and walk back toward them. It was a sight as the two turned, Joey stumbled as he tried a turn, She did it as graceful as a ballerina, it was comical as the two headed for their Mom’s. The girl in her natural feminine grace, Joey as clumsy as a child with his first steps.
The girl’s Mom struck up a conversation with Joey’s Mom and they just started chatting. Then she said, “I just have to ask you my curiosity is just killing me! Why is your boy trying on dresses and girl’s shoes? I’m sorry but I have to ask. I just can’t help it!”
“Oh that’s perfectly all right,” Joey’s Mom said. Joey tried to jump into the conversation and was going to say something about a costume party but Mom had the upper hand in the conversation.
“Well,” she said, “it’s kind of a long story but briefly, well actually he’s being punished.”
“Punished?” the girl’s Mom asked in astonishment! “Yes punished,” Joey’s Mom said. “Whatever for?” the girl’s Mom asked “Well you see Joanie here had a very bad habit of trying to look up girl’s dresses and trying to see their panties. I’ve tried everything I know to stop it but it just keeps happening so after the latest incident which I won’t go into now that was the last straw.”
Joey’s Mom continued, “So I hit on the idea maybe if I make him wear dresses and panties and teach him what it’s like to have someone trying to look up his dress, it may teach him a lesson and hopefully he’ll give up that nasty habit.”
“My, what a terrible thing you do,” the girl’s Mom was looking straight at Joey as she spoke. The little girl involuntarily closed her legs even though she wasn’t even wearing a dress. She put her hands in her lap in a very modest lady like fashion. These words made Joey react too, he didn’t realize it but when Mom said his panties, he followed the girl’s lead and closed his legs, and in feminine fashion folded his hands in his lap. The girl’s Mom said, “Oh you mean petty coat punishment!”
That got Joey’s Mom attention right away, “Yes that’s what I’m trying.” The girl’s Mom seemed to get warmed up to talking some more and said, “I know a woman who has her son doing the same thing for a different reason but she makes him wear dresses whenever he misbehaves. And she tells me it works wonders with him.” “Really,” Joey’s Mom said, “I would certainly like to talk to her about Joey.”
“I’ll call her and tell her about you and Joey here,” she replied. “I can have her email you if you would like that?” Joey’s Mom was ecstatic at the idea so she gave the girl’s Mom her email address.
Joey remembered Mrs. Fairbanks Sunday school lesson about praying to God when you needed him and Joey needed God to make him disappear right then so he started praying but without any results. He could do nothing but sit there and endure the humiliation. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Joey’s Mom thanked the lady, said their goodbyes and they left the shoe department.
Joey was sure the day was almost over and after checkout they would be headed home. That’s just where Joey wanted to be most of all! Mom dashed his hopes when she said, “Honey you need some nightdresses to sleep in and they’re over here.” Mom steered Joey towards the sign that read, girl’s sleepwear. Joey froze and stopped in his tracks when he asked Mom, “Will I have to try them on too.”
Mom replied, “No honey you won’t have to try on the nighties.” Joey felt considerable comfort at those words. Mom looked at several of the long gowns, all with fancy collars and frilly sleeves, with lace and frills on the hems. Joey blushed, as he knew he would be wearing these gowns, but felt a little better when he remembered he would at least be home then. Some had little animals and little kids playing embedded on them, and in all colors.
Mom took some off the rack and told Joey to hold them next to his chest. Then he walked over to the mirror to see what they thought of them and which ones would he like to have. Three joined the rest of the clothes in the now very full shopping cart. Joey noticed the different material they were made of. One nightdress was the same material as the panties he was wearing. One was cotton and the other one was flannel. It was the pink nylon that stirred his curiosity as to how that would feel on his body, because he remembered the strange feeling of the panties when he put them on that morning.
Mom was about to leave the area when she suddenly stopped, and exclaimed, “Oh! Honey! Look at this! It’s a baby doll.”
Joey didn’t see any dolls around and said, “I don’t see any dolls.” Mom laughed, “not dolls honey a baby doll.” Joey didn’t see any baby dolls either and said, “I don’t see any baby dolls.” Mom had a good smile over that remark too. Then she said, “No honey look here. I mean a baby doll nightie, see like this one.”
“Oh!” Joey replied feeling sheepish. “Here honey hold this on you and go take a look see.” Joey did take a look and said, “No Mom that’s really not for me.” Mom said, “Oh honey of course it is! Every cute little girl needs a baby doll nightie.” Then she took it from Joey and the pink baby doll joined the pile in the cart.
She said, “Wait a minute I have to see if the matching panties and robe are here too.” She found the matching panties and robe for the baby doll nightie and satisfied she moved on out of sleep wear. Then Mom stopped in mid tracks again and headed back to the shoe department. ‘Now what,’ Joey thought.
Mom came up with answer, “Honey you need some slippers to wear with those nighties.” Again Joey found himself trying on slippers with the same routine fitting and walking as before but the slippers were much easier to get on and they did feel nice and soft on his aching feet. They were big, bulky and fluffy. The ones that surprised Joey though were the pink ones with a three-inch heel.
Mom said, “These will look very nice with your baby doll nightie.” Joey had to try them too and he had a real problem walking with that size heel He struggled and she bought the pink heeled pair and two more pairs of the fluffy ones. One pair in blue and other pair in black. Now confident they were headed for the check out and home Joey picked up his pace as he followed Mom.
“One more stop honey and then we get something to eat, I’m starving how about you Joanie?” Joey was starving, but what about this last stop? “We just need to get you some socks that look right for those dresses and shoes,” said Mom as she seemed to read his mind again. Mom sorted through various packages of socks some she put in the cart then she spied some with all that lace and stuff on them.
Joey had seen girls wearing them many times in the past so a pink pair and blue pair joined the pile in the cart. “Oh!” Mom said a little louder than usual, “we need to get you some pantyhose too.” “Oh no!” Joey said out loud, “Not pantyhose, please Mom not those too.”
“Oh my yes,” Mom said, “Every girl needs plenty of pantyhose! You’ll ruin lots of them before you learn how to put them on properly, so we need several pairs for right now. Then at least two or three pairs for that pretty party dress so we need to find some that match that darling lavender color.” Finally Mom had all the socks and panty hose and they moved on again.
Joey knew at last that it was check out time and home. Again Joey’s hopes were demolished when she said, “we need more panties for you. There’s only a couple of pairs in your drawer.” Joey wondered how Mom would get anymore stuff in the cart and now knew why Mom chose one of the big carts instead of a smaller one. At the panty counter Mom again started sifting through the various panties, holding them up to see what they looked like, and checking the sizes.
Several different colors and various styles joined the growing pile in the cart. Every once in a while Mom would say, “these will go with that dress or that dress.” Joey thought, ‘what difference does it make anyhow nobody is supposed to see the panties anyway. Isn’t that why I’m in this trouble in the first place?’ Mom made the comment on two pairs that, “they will be good to wear with your nighties.”
Then she spotted a package that attracted her attention. “Oh my look here! I haven’t seen these in years. Days of the week panties,” Mom exclaimed. “Oh honey you will love wearing these. They were my favorite when I was a little girl and look in your size too.”
Mom’s excitement drew more attention from other shoppers and they tried to hear better. “Did that woman say panties for that little boy that was with her?” Joey tried to hide, but had no success. Mom found two days of the week packages and they joined the collection in the cart. Curiosity got the better of Joey so he had to ask, “What were day of the week panties?” Mom was more than happy to explain it to him.
Mom took a package from the cart and showed it to Joey and she went on to explain, “Look there’s a picture right here on the back of the package.” She pointed this out to Joey and said, “you see each panty has the day of the week written on it and each one is a different color. So you wear the panty that’s for that day.” Joey wondered what the big deal was about that but dared not ask. As Mom’s explanation was drawing more attention to Joey and the crowd began to get the idea the panties were for this little boy he was sorry he asked.
Finally they arrived at check out and it took several minutes to get each item scanned, Joey’s breath left him when he saw the four hundred ten dollars and seventy cents ring up on the machine. Mom didn’t even flinch as she handed the clerk her credit card.
Mom was thoroughly enjoying herself and no amount of money was going to spoil it for her. They headed out of the store amidst the laughs and giggles of the fans they had attracted, Joey gave it some serious thought about just running away but Mom had a tight grip on his hand.
Mom turned into McDonalds and Joey was glad for the break because he was starving but he had other urgent business to attend to. He needed desperately to pee again because he never finished the last one. Joey told Mom of his immediate need, she gave him that look that meant a lecture was about to happen.
Joey said, “Yes Mom I know how do it. I promise I will do it like you said.” When he got in the boy’s room there was a couple of boys and a man at the urinals and they were full so there would be no problem with him going into the stall and closing the door. He undid his belt, lowered his jeans and panties and relieved himself. He took some extra time because he needed the break. So he just sat there and relaxed a while.
Then he remembered he didn’t want Mom coming in after him so he spread his legs folded the paper like Mom showed him and wiped himself. It didn’t occur to Joey just how girlish this method was he just did it automatically.
He got dressed and met Mom outside whom of course asked him the big question. She looked him straight in the eye. He said, Yes Mom just like you showed me.” Joey and Mom enjoyed the meal they were ready to head home.
Finally at home Joey was exhausted mentally and physically. This was one of the rare times in his life when he actually wanted a nap.
However Mom was on a roll and had more plans for her new daughter. Mom said, “Joanie honey now that we have plenty of time we have to try those dresses on again, so I can get a good look at them on you.”
Joey wanted to collapse but followed Mom’s instructions. All the dresses and even the night gowns were dragged out again so Joey carefully put each one on and paraded around the living room. Mom carefully observed and instructed Joey how to walk and how to practice sitting.
He perfected the technique of sweeping his skirt under his butt then sitting with his legs crossed and how to be sure to keep his legs together. The party dress took some practice with the heels on and Joey had a good lesson in putting on pantyhose. He ruined the first pair as expected and he had another problem. That was sitting and standing naked in front of Mom as he tugged and wiggled trying to get the panty hose pulled up right without putting a run in them.
When he finally accomplished that feat it took a couple of tries with different slips to get the right one for that dress. That meant putting the dress on zipping it up and then unzipping it to take it off again. Then back on and zipping it back up. Mom of course helped him with all this.
The other problem was standing and balancing in the heels while he changed the dress and slips. But it was good practice in all areas of putting on dresses and walking in his new heels. When the dresses were tried on, he hung the dresses in his closet. Mom even made him push his boy clothes to the back of the closet so the dresses had plenty of room to hang with out putting a crease in them. That really bugged Joey to have all those dresses in his closet and they were all his dresses at that. So any time he wanted boy clothes he would have to push his dresses to the side to get to them.
Mom still wasn’t finished, as she needed to see how the nighties fit. Joey tried on each one and Mom took all the panties out of their packages. She gave Joey a different pair to wear under each nightgown. Again he was naked in front of Mom as he took off and put on each pair of panties she handed him.
By now he was beyond humiliation, he just did as instructed. Of course the baby doll nightie was special. It had its own matching panties, and the hem didn’t even cover his panties when he stood straight, the bottom of the panties peeked out from under the bottom of the hem line. Mom thought this was so cute. Then he put on the robe and Mom showed him how to tie it on the left side. He had to be sure it was on the left side because that was the girl side Mom explained. She said, “remember all girl’s clothes button and tie on the left. That’s important to remember because it’ll save time when you get dressed. You won’t be fumbling around trying to get the buttons done.”
The sleeves on the robe were huge to Joey’s mind they were all very lacy and were big at the bottom and hung far down below his wrist. He struggled more with the three inch heeled slippers and spent a long time trying to master all this girl stuff. Finally Mom saw the exhaustion in Joey’s face, and she said, “Well honey I guess that’s enough for one day. Lets get you a nice long hot bubble bath and ready for bed.”
That was best idea Joey had heard all day. Normally Joey resisted any idea of going to bed but he was ready this night. He remembered how good that bubble bath was and was eager to climb into that hot tub again. Joey never knew anything could feel so good, and without even realizing it he was asleep in the tub. He did not know it until Mom told him he’d been in the tub 45 minutes. She told Joey to get out of the tub and get dried off. He put a towel on and went into his bedroom where he faced a stiff looking Mom.
She just stared at him like he was some kind of freak. Joey asked, “What’s wrong Mom?” She said, “You tell me! What’s wrong with this picture?” Joey was dumbfounded then Mom said, “Go back into the bathroom and put that towel on right.” Then it came to Joey that he had to tie it higher on his chest like girls do so he did it and returned to his room. Mom said, Now that’s much better.” She told to him to take the towel off and to step into the panties she was holding out for him. He complied and next she gave him the nylon nightie.
He noticed the great feel it had, as slid it down his body. Then she gave him the warm blue fluffy slippers. Mom said, “Come on honey lets watch a little TV.” Mom sat on the couch and leaned against the arm. She patted the seat next to her and told Joey to sit there. Joey sat as directed and soon leaned against Mom as she put her arm around him. It had been a very long time since Mom had her arms around him.
Joey didn’t know how long he was in Mom’s arms but the next thing he knew she said, “Move over honey, I need my bath now and get my nightie on.” Again he didn’t know how long Mom was gone as he fell asleep again.
When Mom got back from her long luxurious bath, she had her long nylon nightgown on and a robe, she woke him and said, “Come on lean on me again.” Joey snuggled down against Mom and was hardly aware of his nightgown rubbing and touching his mother’s as he was sleeping again.
Mom lay there for a long time not wanting to disturb this time with her new found daughter. Mom drifted into deep thought as the two lay in each other’s arms. One was sound asleep while the other was caught up in thoughts she never dreamed possible with this little boy becoming her daughter.
Of course she would never make him a real girl but for as long as she could, she would feminize him as much as possible for as long as possible. She did notice how he obeyed her with out any rebellion and this was a good sign. Finally Mom woke him and guided the sleep-walking boy into bed. She tried to wake him as she handed him her precious Alice in Wonderland Doll and she folded his arms around the doll. She kissed him good night saying, “Good night Joanie dear, I love you.”
When Joey woke the sun was streaming through the window. The first thing he noticed was he was all sticky and wet down there again! He was too young to associate the weird dreams he had with him in dresses and playing with girls. The sticky mess in his panties and the soiled nightgown was something new and he just knew it had happened again.
“Mom!” Joey called and he wasn’t even out of bed when Mom said, “Yes honey I’m coming.” When she got to his room she saw the problem right away and said, “No problem honey just throw them in wash and get in the shower. Then come here and I’ll help you.” Finally out of the shower he dried off wrapped the towel around his waist then caught himself and moved it up higher. He padded back into his room There Mom had the dress he was to wear for that day with the slip, panties, shoes and socks all laid out on his bed.
But Mom was down stairs, he dressed but couldn’t find the zipper in the back, then found it on the left side, zipped it up, put on white socks with the pink Nikes and went downstairs to a wonderful smelling breakfast. Joey was unaware of the feminine characteristics he was displaying this morning, but Mom was keenly aware of them and fully intended to exploit them to the fullest.
After breakfast they did the dishes and Mom put Joey to work cleaning house, with the promise that if he did a good job he could play some video games after lunch. Joey asked a stupid question. “Can I wear boy clothes when I played the games?”
This upset Mom and he had to apologize or lose the chance to play. What it did for Joey was to send the message that Mom was dead serious about him wearing girl’s clothes.
About nine AM the phone rang and it was Angie’s Mom. So Mom chatted for a long time as Joey continued with the housework. This was something new as Angie’s Mom and his Mom had never talked very much before. Actually what was happening was that Joey’s Mom and Angie’s Mom were beginning a new and life long friendship. A friendship that would have a life long impact on Joey’s life, as well as Angie’s.
The days of doing housework and playing video games and watching TV at night with Mom went on for a few days. Mom had stopped calling him Joey and referred to him constantly as Joanie. Angie’s Mom and his Mom talked more and more on the phone and it became obvious to Joey they were becoming friends.
One day Joey was cleaning his room when Mom called “Joanie! Honey come down here a minute.” Joey bounded down the stairs hoping Mom was going to let him stop the cleaning and get into the games early today. When Joey got to the kitchen door he went right on through and faced Mom as she usually did, it was then that Joey turned ashen in color. There at the table drinking coffee with her Mom, was Angie’s Mom.
Angie’s Mom said, “Hello Joanie it’s been a while since I saw you last. You’re looking so sweet today and your Mom is right! You do make a cute girl!” Mom saw Joey’s reaction and said, “Don’t worry honey Mrs. Mertz here knows all about you, don’t you Linda?” Mrs Mertz said, “Oh my yes and you really are cute!”
Mom said, “Please pour Mrs. Mertz some more coffee and a little for me too honey.” Joey did as he was told. When Mrs. Mertz went home, Mom said, “sit down honey I have some good news for you.”
Joey needed something good and was happy when Mom said, “Dad called last night and he’ll be home on Saturday. Joey’s heart almost jumped out his chest at the news. Then he almost broke down in tears.
“What’s the matter honey I thought you would be so happy Dad’s coming home.” “I am, I am,” Joey squealed in a little girl fashion but saddened up right away. “What am I going to wear Mom? Please don’t make me wear dresses and panties when dad’s here.”
“Now honey remember our agreement? We agreed if you were a good girl you wouldn’t have to wear dresses when Dad was around and you can be Joey again as long as dad’s here.” Joey was elated. Then Mom added, “You can be all Joey then except for one thing.” “What’s that?” Joey exclaimed! “You can be all Joey but you do still have to wear panties all the time.”
“But why Mom?”
“For two reasons,” she said. “One is I said so and the other is you don’t have any other underwear to wear anyway. All you have is panties.” “But Mom won’t Dad see I’m wearing panties?” “Well honey that’s your problem. You’re going to have to work that out for yourself.” That night after Joey’s bath and they were getting ready to watch TV, Mom said, “Tonight Joanie I want you to wear your Baby doll nightie.” “OKAY Mom,” It took Mom by surprise he agreed so fast and she thought that Joey was coming along very nicely.
It was great to have all this help with the housework. He was catching on fast as to how to dress to keep his legs together and sit so nice and feminine. Yes she was proud of him. That night as they watched TV Mom noticed Joey was deep in thought and asked, “What’s up honey?”
Joey said, “I was just thinking about dad coming home. I’m excited and scared at the same time.” “Why?” Mom asked. “How am I going keep him from seeing my dresses and girl things?” he asked. “Why honey he never goes into your room, that should be no problem,” was Mom’s reply. “Yea you’re right about that but won’t he see my panties under my jeans?”
“Well now that’s your problem isn’t it? Look honey that’s the bottom line why you’re wearing dresses and panties. You kept trying to see the girl’s panties, and making up all these schemes to see them. That’s why you’re wearing panties, isn’t that right Honey? To see how it feels to have to keep someone from seeing your panties. Now it’s your turn to see how it feels. You’re just going to have to deal with it yourself just like any girl does.“
Joey went back into deep thought as she pondered the new and growing problem. Dad just could not see his son was wearing panties that wasn’t going to happen. All he could figure out was to wear dark colored T-shirts and dark colored panties, and to keep his shirt tucked down deep into his pants, so when he bent over they wouldn’t peek out.
Now back into being Joey he was ready when Dad finally arrived. They spent the next day fishing at Lake Kjobie then the next day with dad and Mom at Euclid Beach Park riding on the all the rides. The next two days dad spent doing all the things around the house that needed to be done. All too soon Joey was in his room as he watched the big red Freightliner roar into life and disappear out of sight.
Joey was proud of himself as dad never suspected a thing about him wearing any girl clothes at all. The rig was no sooner out of sight when Mom called, “Joanie honey come on let’s get this house back into shape, we have lots to do today.” With out being told Joey had his jeans off and was back into a dress and downstairs to help Mom.