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How does it feel little girl to wear such a pretty dress? - CHAPTER 3

Feminine Instincts After recovering from the shock of Angie’s sudden appearance and running inside they just stared at each other. Then Mom noticed the bundle of clothes she had but it took a minute or two for Mom to realize they were boy’s clothes.
At first she was speechless but finally recovering from the shock of the Moment her maternal instincts kicked in and the facts came to mind.
Here was her daughter running home flinging the door open, with a bundle of boy clothes in her arms. As she looked harder at the clothes, she saw a pair of boy’s Jockey shorts right on top of the pile in plain sight! “Wha... wha... wha .., what is going on here?” She demanded, “Angie! What in the world are you doing with all those clothes? That’s boy’s underwear too! What on earth is going on here?” Angie remained silent and after a short pause Mom demanded, “I want an explanation right now. Right this minute! Now young lady, explain just what’s going on here.”
Angie couldn’t talk while Mom was really fired up and more irate. “I have to have an answer and it had better be quick. It had better be good, very good indeed.” Now it was time for Angie’s feminine survival instincts to kick in, and kick in they did. Her first thought was, ‘I’ve got to get out of this mess!’ It was feminine survival in its highest form and Angie was a fast thinker. Straight away the answer came clear and she was comfortable with it. In this case what could be better than the truth!

So she told Mom the whole story. How Joey had got her into his tree house and how he made her go first so he could look up her dress. Then having got her in the tree house he kept looking up her dress and just kept staring. Angie noticed her Mom was taking the story well, and she began to get angry, not at Angie as she had hoped but at that filthy minded little Joey! Good, Angie realised that she had Mom hooked too.
Then Mom had a question, “what are you doing with these clothes? Whose clothes were they?” It took some courage for Angie to answer, but what the heck, the truth was working so far so why change now? Angie decided. So she told Mom how she wanted to get back at him and make him know what it felt like to have someone looking up your dress. Then she explained how she made him stay in the tree house, while she ran home and got one of Susan’s dresses. Before zipping him up in it.
Angie noticed her Mom was taking the story well. However Mom was angry about the way Joey had tricked her daughter into one of his dirty little perverted schemes he was so well known for. At the same time she was proud of her daughter’s quick thinking and her revenge on Joey. She had done remarkably well, yes very well in deed. To add to the convincing of Mom, Angie did what little girls do best, she turned on the tears and with big tears she told Mom how embarrassed she was and how sorry she was about letting him see her panties and that she’d remembered about that sort of thing.
Mom held and comforted Angie for awhile, then she knew what she had to do, she picked up the phone and dialed Joey’s Mom’s number.