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How does it feel little girl to wear such a pretty dress? - CHAPTER 4

Joey’s humiliation Meanwhile back in the tree house Joey was in a state of pure panic. He stood facing the back of his house, looking out the tree house window at the kitchen beneath him. He didn’t even notice that the wind had picked up a little. The breeze that came up through the hole in the floor gently swirled up his legs and lifted the hem of his dress ever so slightly. At any other time this would have been an exciting feeling to a boy in his first dress. But Joey was in no position to enjoy such a luxury now. He struggled with himself to think straight. He had to get into the house without being discovered and his knees went weak when the thought flashed through his mind that his Mom would catch him in these clothes. She would probably be in the kitchen fixing supper and he was praying that she wouldn’t be there when he streaked towards the house wearing a dress and panties.
He forced himself to calm down, think hard and decide quickly. Maybe if he just ran for the house in the panties without the dress, he wouldn’t attract much attention. But the darn panties were pink and would show. Then he thought of the ones in his stash right there in the tree house. ‘The white ones that would be better than Angie’s sister’s,’ he thought. He tried to slip the dress over his head but it wouldn’t budge, then he remembered the zipper.

He reached around to his back and tried to get to the zipper but that didn’t work. So he lifted his right arm over his shoulder to try and reach it. It was a struggle but he felt something and it wasn’t the tab of the zipper but a button. Finally, he got the button undone and had to put his arm down to rest it. Then he reached back again for the zipper tab and he was in the midst of trying to grab the tab when he heard the phone ring in the kitchen. It rang only once and there was then a long silence.
Joey continued to struggle with the zipper but was having no success. He had to rest his arms several times from the strain of reaching up to the zipper in this uncomfortable position. He ignored the phone call, thinking it was just another call for Mom, just one of the many she received through the day.
Then just as he looked toward the house, he saw Mom step out on to the porch and she yelled at the top of her voice, “Joey! Joey! Joey Teeter! Get yourself in this house right now and I mean right now!”
His knees went soft and he had to grab onto the window ledge to keep from falling. He gasped in fright as Mom was started towards the tree house. ‘Oh NO!’ he then froze in his terror. In a flash she was at the bottom of the ladder, still yelling his name. “Joey get down here this minute! Now Joey! Right now!”
Joey though was frozen to the spot and couldn’t make his legs or body move because he was so scared. “Answer me Joey! I know you’re up there,” she was said yelling so loud the whole block could probably hear her. “And I know what went on up there too Joey! Angie’s mother just called me and told me the whole story. Now get down here this instant!”
However he didn’t budge and his hesitation wasn’t going to be tolerated by his Mom. Despite never having been in the tree house or being familiar with ladders, she climbed the ladder with amazing agility. Within a few seconds she was at the top and she found herself staring through the access hole. The sight that greeted her startled her so much she almost lost her grip on the ladder.
She’d been told the whole story by Angie’s very upset mother and how Angie had left Joey in the tree house, wearing one of Susan’s dresses and panties. But when she saw him now huddling in a corner it still took her breath away. There he was huddled down in a corner, his knees pulled up to his chest, head buried on his knees and sobbing uncontrollably.
“Look at me Joey! I said look at me! Now!” she commanded. Joey’s robot reaction to orders kicked in again, and he looked at his very upset mother. She stared back at this pathetic figure that was her son sitting there with his knees up to his chest. The dress hem had gone up to his waist and those very bright pink panties were clearly showing. She gasped at the sight she was witnessing and both just stared at each other.
Finally she spoke, “get down out of here right now and get into the house!” Joey found some words and managed to say, “OKAY Mom, but please get me some clothes.” She looked hard at her son and said, “you’ve got clothes on. Now get into the house right this minute.”
“I--- I--- mean--- I-mean boy clothes Mom,” he stuttered. “I need some boy clothes to put on, please Mom get me some of my clothes. Please Mom!” She stared at her son, still huddled in the corner, his dress jumbled up around his waist and those panties showing ever so brightly. Mom had a Moment of compassion for him but it passed as quickly as it came. She repeated her order, “you’ve got clothes on now so, get moving or I’ll come in there and drag you out.” She started moving towards Joey to do just that, “OKAY, OKAY Mom I’m coming.” Joey was finally getting his wits about him, and knew he had obey his mother.
Mom backed down the ladder to the ground and stood there waiting for Joey to start down. She looked up the ladder when he started down. The sight that greeted her eyes made her shake her head in disbelief as she watched Joey start down. She found herself looking straight up her son’s dress and his pink panties. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks that this is what Joey had planned on with Angie. The plan was to get the look he wanted at her! To look at girl’s panties.
Just then an extra strong breeze came and lifted Joey’s dress up past his backside. It would have been amusing under different circumstances but not now. Unknown to Joey and his Mom, Angie, Susan, and their Mom had stepped on to their back porch to watch what was happening. Their amusement increased a lot when they saw the figure of Joey climbing down the ladder from his tree house in Susan’s dress.
They laughed and giggled when the wind caught the dress and lifted it up. As Joey finally stepped on to the ground she grabbed his left ear with a good yank and started marching him towards the house keeping a firm hold on the ear the whole time. Joey’s head was bent to the right. He was yelping, half skipping and half running alongside his Mom as they headed for the house.
After they were both inside, Angie, Susan, and their Mom had a good laugh at the sight. They knew very well that Joey Teeter was in big trouble this time. Once in the house Mom made Joey stand in the middle of the kitchen. “I want a good look at this sight,” she said, Joey was still sobbing but stood there anyway. She just looked for the longest time. ‘What now,’ she wondered, ‘I’ve got to think this latest incident through thoroughly. He deserved a hard lesson that was for sure, this crazy habit of his just had to be stopped.’ A plan began to take place in her mind, not a complete one, but something was shaping up. Something for a start any way.
Well, first things first and that was to keep a record of this thing she called a son. Joey was dumfounded when she went to fetch the digital camera. “Well! Now young man, Oops! I mean young lady, your dad will certainly enjoy seeing his pretty little girl in her new dress. Maybe he’ll keep it in his wallet and take it out to look at when he gets homesick.” Mom made Joey stand, turn around, and then made him make several tries at a curtsy and he fell twice.
Mom was having a ball clicking away and said, “Oh what pretty panties you have honey.” Then she made him sit on a kitchen chair. She told him how to sit like a proper young lady, with his knees tight together and his dress pulled down. Taking pictures all the time she then made him spread his legs and she took more pictures commenting all the while on how unladylike that was while still taking pictures. Finally she put the camera down and said, “Okay young lady here’s the next step.”
Joey did as he was told unknowingly, as his own thoughts were unavailable to his terror stricken brain. Even the threat of his dad finding out about this latest incident didn’t register because his mind was still numb with all that had happened in the last hour or so of his life.
However Mom’s next order did register. She said, “Joey get my hair brush and meet me in the living room.”
Trying to keep his Mom happy he went to fetch the hairbrush. Mom was seated on the couch when he arrived in the living room and by this time, he’d ran out of tears. He was dry sobbing as she commanded, “Give me the hair brush Joey!” He did so. “All right it’s time for my little girl to get a good hard spanking and I do mean hard.”
Up to now being referred to as a little girl hadn’t clicked in his fogged up brain but it did this time. He retorted, “I’m not a girl!” “Oh really now!” Came back the sneering reply, “You sure look like one to me in that pretty dress you’re wearing. Those darling pink panties you have under that pretty dress. You do look like a girl to me honey. So now you’re going to learn how girls get a spanking!”
He winced inside. “By the way,” she added, “that’s just one of many things you’re going to learn about girls.” That bounced off Joey’s fogged up brain too at the time even Mom didn’t fully understand the meaning of her words but it sounded good at the time. What was forming in her mind, was something she’d heard about from one of her friends in a parenting chat room. It had taken her attention at the time but she lost the train of thought as her friend went onto some other subject. Now it was coming back. Petty coat discipline and she would look into that later but for now there was business at hand.
“Come over here!” Mom said and he obeyed and stood in front of a still angry mother. “Now young lady pull up the back of your dress.” The referral to “his dress” also hit Joey hard. It wasn’t his dress. He was a boy and boy’s didn’t have dresses.
It really grabbed Joey and Mom had called him a “young lady”. However he did as told. He lifted the back of the dress, and stood directly in front of his mother, her next order shocked Joey to his very core. “Pull down those panties!” She told him. “What?” Joey replied. “Pull down your panties! Now!” Mom repeated. That made Joey freeze up but Mom read his mind and repeated, “Down with your panties you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. I’m your mother and I know all about little boys now get those panties down or I’ll pull them down.”
He did as he was told and got them down as far as the top of his legs. She pointed to her lap and Joey needed no further instructions for he knew what was expected of him. He crawled across her lap, resting his hands on the floor with his legs tight together. With one single move, she pulled the panties down further clear down to his knees.
Joey tensed up ready for the expected blows and the first blow hit his left cheek. He had been ready for the blow but not with the way she wielded the brush. He jerked in a spasm and cried out, “Oooouuuch!” The next followed on the same cheek, “Yeeeooow! He wailed then the next blows landed until five were given on the same cheek. His butt was on fire and then she changed to the right cheek. Joey couldn’t stand the thought of it any more and began kicking his legs. The five blows to the right cheek ended and Joey was yelling and screaming! He kicked his legs and the partially pulled down panties started to slide down his legs about the time they got to his ankles, his legs were flailing wildly and spreading apart. He didn’t even notice that the waist elastic band had broken and then the elastic in the left leg also broke. Then Mom shifted back to the left cheek and by this time she was in a fury. She hit harder back on the left cheek. Joey was kicking and crying uncontrollably.
After another five on the left cheek she went back to the right. Joey was kicking so wildly, the panties flew off his feet and went across the room. Finally after twenty blows on a very sore inflamed butt Mom relented and stopped. She told Joey to get up and go stand in the corner, as he very willing got off her lap and started for the corner, he lifted the hem of the dress back up and was rubbing his very stinging butt. Mom noticed the absence of the panties, and at the same time saw them lying in a heap in the center of the room. “Pick up your panties Joey and put them on. Stand there until I tell you to move.”
Joey reached down and retrieved the panties and slid them on. He didn’t notice they had been ripped he just put them on and headed for the corner. Mom just sat there for a long while with Joey standing in the corner rubbing a very stingy butt. His hands were under the dress, rubbing his butt over the top of the panties. Mom got up to leave and Joey quit rubbing his butt but he continued to fidget and move because the stinging was so severe. This action caused the torn panties to fall down around his ankles so he just reached down and pulled them back up. The humiliation of the whole incident began to sink in about now.
He was a ten-year old boy standing in a corner wearing a dress he had been forced into by a small girl. He’s been discovered by his mother then spanked hard by her and was wearing panties when they would stay up. The darn panties fell down again and he had to pull them up again. He was dry sobbing now his tears long gone and he began to think his life was over. At least life as he knew it.
He did not know at the time just how true that was. Mom came back into the room and Joey instinctively turned to watch her as his panties fell around his ankles again. “Joey!” She yelled, “Pull your panties up!” “But Mom they keep falling down!” “That’s not my problem little girl, keep your panties on.”
This was just too much he decided as he just reached down and pulled them up again. Mom was getting ready to go somewhere but he didn’t care as he turned back to face the corner again. The darn panties fell again and Mom saw it. She yelled, “If I see those panties down around your ankles once more, you’ll get another spanking and just as hard. I have plenty of strength left.” This time as he pulled up the troublesome panties, he discovered the torn waistband, and realized what the problem was. So with his hands under the dress that was partially pulled up, he stood there holding the panties in place. The humiliation was getting to Joey but there was nothing he could do about it so he just stood there and shook.
Mom’s next order came and he just said, “Okay Mom.” “I’m going to the mall and I’ll be gone a little while. You’d better be there when I get back and don’t move.” Soon after she left Joey had relaxed and went to the bathroom to pee.
All the way to the bathroom he had to hold the panties in place because once he started to walk he let go and they fell to his ankles again causing him to trip. Once at the toilet he just let them fall and he did his thing. This action made Joey wonder how girls went to the toilet again. He remembered when he once got a chance to run into the girl’s rest room at school and get a good look around.
The first thing he noticed was that there were no urinals and that made Joey curious about how girls peed. He had no idea how long Mom would be gone, so he went right back to his corner. His butt was still stinging so he had to rub it often. It seemed a long time to Joey that Mom was gone, but finally there she was coming through the door, Joey had hoped that on her return he would be getting out of this dress and these panties that kept sliding down. He hardly noticed all the packages she was carrying because he just wanted to get this day over with and into something more comfortable, like boy clothes.
Mom told him, “Joey get out of that dress and those panties.” ‘Yes!’ That’s what he wanted to hear and without a second thought he was out of the dress and panties. Standing naked in front of his mother wasn’t his idea of something more comfortable, so he asked, “Okay Mom can I get my clothes on now?”
“Your clothes? Well yes, you can sweetie!” With that Joey started to make a dash for his room but Mom caught him by his arm and spun him around facing her. It didn’t even dawn on him he was facing his mother completely naked. His boy thing was in plain view and he just wanted to get to his room and into his jeans and T-shirt. “Well honey I have some new clothes for you and from now on these will be your clothes.”
Joey didn’t have the slightest idea what she was talking about. “What new clothes?” Mom was now confident she was in control and Joey knew that he was still in big trouble. She’d noticed the change in Joey’s behavior since he started wearing a dress and maybe just maybe there was something to this petty coat discipline after all! She’d decided that she would definitely continue along these lines and see how far it would go. He certainly did not talk back or make any smart remarks and he didn’t fight anything she told him to do like before. ‘Yes,’ she thought, ‘petty coating him just might be the answer.’
Joey was standing there naked, facing his mother as she reached into one of the bags and took out a pair of panties. ‘Here you are honey, step into these,’ as she bent down to help him put his foot into the panties. With both feet in she just slid the panties into place over his hips. Joey didn’t notice the little pictures of the animals that went all the way around the panties or the little fancy lace around the waistband. Even if he did notice it wouldn’t have made any difference. In Joey’s mind he had thought his ordeal was coming to an end but this new turn of events with his Mom putting panties on him froze him solid. ‘Why was she putting panties on me?’
Her next selection from the packages gave him a clue but he could feel himself going numb again as she pulled out yet another item of girl’s stuff. He recognized it as a slip. “Put your arms over your head little girl, so Mommy can help her little girl into her slip!” There it was again as Mom called him a little girl. Joey wished she would quit calling him a girl, he was a boy. Why was Mom doing this to him?
The feeling of the nylon sliding down his body was strange and at the same time exciting. When it rested into place, Mom stepped back to get a look at her son in panties and a slip. “Honey turn around so I can see how it looks from the back. I have to see how it hangs on you.” Joey hesitated so Mom grabbed his arm and spun him around. The force of the spin made the slip lift a bit and did a slight twirl. It felt exciting to Joey but was over as quick as it took place.
Facing Mom again Joey saw her reach into yet another package. What she brought out next made Joey gasp. It was a dress!
If Joey would have had his normal senses about him he would have well known what was happening but in his state of shock he just wasn’t thinking straight. The sight of the dress and now he knew he would be putting it on, nearly made his knees buckle from humiliation. Here he was standing in front of his mother and she was dressing him like he was a little girl. After all he was her ten-year-old son and she was going to put a dress on him. What next he wondered.
“Come on little girl raise your arms over your head again, so I can get this pretty dress on you.” He obeyed and the next thing he knew the dress was sliding down his boyish body. “Turn around honey,” Mom said and he dutifully complied. Mom just zipped up the back of the dress. “Now face me honey and let me see what my pretty little girl looks like.”
Her reaction was feigned surprise and she put her hands to her mouth. Then she threw her hands into the air, and exclaimed, “Oh! How darling she looks! Turn around again honey I have to see how it looks on you from the back. You know honey it’s just as important for a girl to look good from the back as well as the front.” Joey turned and Mom was saying, “how pretty and how darling! It’s just lovely and it fits you so well.” She was saying all the stuff that people say about girls when they have something pretty on.
Joey thought if he had magical powers he would just make himself disappear, but for now he just had to stand there and endure this humiliation. The dress flared out from the waist had some frills on the bottom of the hem. The collar had lace on it and fit close to his neck. It even itched his neck a little. The sleeves were short and puffy. They had lace around the bottom of each sleeve. The dress was cotton with a red and white print. “Stand back honey I want a really good look at my new daughter.”
‘What did she say? New daughter!’ Joey tried to shake off the words but they burned into his brain and would come back to haunt him for years to come. “That’s it honey just stand there I want a good look at you. You know Joey honey, you could make a very pretty girl. Yes very pretty.”
Joey just stood there and Mom looked and looked. Her head had all kind of thoughts coursing through it but she just stared at this sight. “Honey turn around again.” Joey complied. “No, no! Not like that, turn around fast.” He tried again. “No, faster,” He tried again. “No, no, no! Faster so your dress will fill out and twirl.”
Joey tried in a very clumsy way and the dress didn’t fill out. “Joey do it right, try again.” Again the dress did not do what Mom wanted so once again Joey tried to make the dress flare out but to no avail.
“Okay little girl,” said Mom on her feet now her hands at her side like she always did when she was dead set on something. This was a clue to Joey that Mom meant business. “We are going to work on this and there’ll be no supper till you get it right.” Joey hadn’t even thought of supper but now all of a sudden he was hungry and if he got the dress to flare out maybe Mom would get on with supper. He could get back into his own clothes again and then they could sit down and have a good supper together. The idea of sitting reminded Joey of his still stinging rear and he would no doubt sit very tenderly at the supper table. So he tried even harder and discovered that the faster he turned coupled with swinging his butt made the skirt flare out a little.
However that wasn’t enough to satisfy her so it was faster and harder twirling until finally he got it to her satisfaction. “Well young lady I can see we have a lot work to do,” was her reaction to his earnest tries at twirling.
“What do you mean a lot of work,” Joey asked feeling dizzy. “Well young lady I guess you’re not getting the big picture here,” she said using another term ‘young lady’ and that startled Joey. “Well I’ll spell it out for you.” Then she hesitated for a Moment and said, “I’ll explain it to you over supper.” “Okay Mom I’ll get changed and help you with supper,” said Joey starting for his room but she put a stop to his move. “Yes you will help with supper but dressed just like you are.” Joey started to argue but gave up and they both headed for the kitchen.
Mom said she had something to do first. She scooped up Susan’s borrowed dress and noticed the panties were torn. She asked Joey how they got torn and Joey replied, “probably when you were spanking me.” “I have to throw these things in the washer, you can’t return clothes you’ve borrowed and not wash them. I don’t know what I’m going to do about these torn panties though,” she said. Joey thought, ‘I didn’t borrow them they were forced onto me.’ Walking in a dress was a new sensation, even in his state of shock from the last couple of hours he noticed the feelings as the dress moved about his legs
It was strange but he had to admit that it felt good. As they reached the kitchen, she put on her apron something she always did when she was working in the kitchen. Then she reached into the cabinet, and handed another apron to Joey. “Here,” she said, “Put this on.” Joey looked a little startled so she added, “You’ll need this so you won’t get your pretty new dress all soiled.” With the resignation of beaten little boy he started to put the apron on. Joey noticed the lace that went completely around the garment and also noticed the long tie that went around the back. “Here, Mom said, “Let me help you tie that.” Grinning Mom tied it in a big pretty bow because she felt it was just a little more girlish with the bigger bow.
Joey set to work, setting the table, getting out the glasses, silverware and putting the napkins into place. Joey began to drift into another world, as he just did what was natural, but natural for a girl not a boy. Joey tried to think about these new feelings he had but he couldn’t think straight. He didn’t even realize it but he was putting some extra movement into his turning just so his dress would move about his legs. That felt so good so he put a little swish into his movements. Joey didn’t realize it, but it caught her attention and she focused on his antics. She didn’t fail to notice placed the various items on the table he allowed his dress to ride up and expose his panties ever so slightly.
At last it was time to eat, and as they started to sit down she said, “Wait Joey I have to show you something.” Joey had no idea what would interrupt supper at this point. Mom walked over to where Joey was getting ready to sit down. “Wait honey! I have to show you how to sit.” How to sit? Joey had been sitting for ten years so he didn’t need sitting lessons at this stage of his life and he made his feelings known to her. “Oh yes you do,” she replied.
“But Mom I know how to sit.” “Oh no you don’t young lady!” There was that young lady thing again. Mom said, “I have to show you how to sit down when you’re wearing a dress.” Joey thought now that’s different. That had never really crossed his mind then he got the picture, he remembered he had seen girls many times run their hands underneath their dresses before they sat down. A movement he had seen many times, but never really gave it any thought. ‘It was just a girl thing.’ he mused and put it out of his mind. But now Mom was showing him how to do it and told Joey to try it.
To their surprise he got it right first time. As Joey started to sit his still sore rear hit the chair and it brought an involuntary yelp. He considered getting something softer to sit on but decided to endure the discomfort. Supper went well as far as Joey was concerned. He tried to keep the conversation away from his situation and he managed that fairly well.
He didn’t know it but that’s exactly what she wanted. She wanted to get away from the immediate problem and then drop the bomb. That was her plan to keep him off balance and not knowing what to expect next. Then Joey thought he better get it over with and reminded Mom there was something she wanted to talk about. Her reply was to wait till after supper and we’ll have a sit down talk. Joey knew sit down talks were very serious.