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In the a letter from “Modern Mother” telling how she dressed her son in little girl’s clothes to ensure his good behavior. I should like to bring to your notice the fact that in Britain this custom is very common, at least if letters published in Reveille are to be believed.
The series of letters started by a mother who had recently been widowed asking for help in controlling an unruly son of 14 on whom corporal punishment had no effect.

The replies to her letter were nearly all in favor of dressing him as a girl and they gave examples of how their own sons had soon been mastered by this method. I think the following method was the most interesting and should like your readers’ comment on it.
The mother was dissatisfied with the conduct of her 14 year old son so for school wear she obtained a kilt and blouse outfit under which the son had to wear a frilly girls vest and knickers and a small tight corset.
At home a schoolgirl’s gymslip took the place of the kilt and on weekends he had to wear a frilly party dress. After a month of this the son was very obedient for reasons we all can appreciate.
In all the letters I’ve read on the subject of discipline for children of both sexes it has been agreed that humiliation for the boys and corporal punishment for the girls were the best methods.