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“I see your panties, I see your panties,” mom sang out.

“But Mom, I’m a boy I don’t want to grow up to be a proper young lady, I just want to be a boy,” whined Josh, “Why do I have to wear this dress? And why did you make it so short?”
It was Saturday morning and baseball practice was at 1:PM, but Josh had a problem to take care of first.
For the hundredth time he had been the one singled out for teasing the girls, and mom got the note from school. That was last Monday, and mom had been busy sewing and making Josh stand there in just his Jockey shorts while mom did all sorts of measuring. What bothered Josh most was the kind of measurements she took was different than when she made him shirts and pants.

Then when the rough was finished he realized it was a slip like girls wear, then the next item was a white blouse, then of all things a dress like garment that mom called a pinafore. Then she told him she was going to make the cutest matching panties for his new outfit.
He almost passed out when mom told him he would be wearing these items a few hours each day to learn what it was like to wear a dress, and have someone tease him. She added if you can’t learn to be a nice little boy and stop teasing the girls, then you’ll be a nice little girl then you will see what its like to be teased. This cute little Pinafore is good start.
It was early and Josh had his shower and mom was waiting for him when he dashed into his room, stark naked, and quickly tired to cover himself up, after all he was ten years old and he wasn’t about to let mom see him naked.
But Mom had other plans for her son this day and Josh was about to find out just what those plans were. There on the bed all laid out very neatly was that darn Pinafore dress with the slip and panties right beside it. Josh just stood there in amazement as it dawned on him what was happening.
Mom said, “Well little girl, get your panties on.” Josh froze, but mom said, “Well I see you don’t know how to dress like a girl so I will show you. The ‘little girl’ phrase hit him and he retorted I’m not a girl! Oh yes you are, and your going to be for as long as I think it will take for you learn your lesson.” Mom held the panties into position and told Josh to step into them. It seemed better to put the panties on than to stand there in front of mom and argue, especially when he was naked. Mom explained she had made every thing from a Simplicity pattern. Josh knew what a Simplicity pattern was, so he just tried to swallow his pride and stood there in silence.
Once he had the panties in place mom said, “Stand in front of the mirror so I can see how my little girl looks in her panties.” Josh got rebellious and refused to stand in front of the mirror. “OK no problem,” was mom’s answer, as she reached under the bed and got hold of a bedroom slipper with a leather sole on it and showed it to Josh. He got the message real fast and stood in front of the mirror. “Now turn around and walk for me so I see how well your panties fit.”
Josh noticed they had a red back ground with white polka-dots, a lacey white elastic waist band, and white elastic lace around the legs. Mom made him walk back and forth while she made sure he knew she was inspecting his panties. Mom noticed it was having the desired effect on Josh, his face was flushed and his head was hanging low. Then she asked, “Wow do you like your new panties? Any little girl would like to have pretty panties like those.” Josh was fighting back the tears but knew he would have to endure what ever mom was going to dish out.
Next was the slip, made of nylon taffeta, with a one inch shoulder strap with small ruffles around the shoulders and bodice, and pink bow in the center of the bodice, the tiny waist that held a wide skirt with a double row of ruffles.
As Josh slid the nylon slip over his body he couldn’t help but shiver from the strange feeling it gave him. It seemed very short to him, then mom told him to stand and look at himself in the mirror. Then she made him walk for her again. Next mom explained the way the slip was made it would flare out when he turned fast, she made him twirl and it did make the slip flare out, he noticed the strange feeling of the air moving under his legs and the nylon brushing against his legs.
“How does it feel honey, isn’t it fun to make your slip twirl?” It did feel good, but Josh was not about to admit it. Mom demanded answer, finally he admitted it did feel good. She also made him twirl faster and faster and faster, then mom started laughing, when Josh finally stopped twirling, he collapsed on the bed even Josh had to laugh along with mom. Finally Josh asked what was so funny because mom just wouldn’t stop laughing. Mom said, “You sure did show your panties when you were twirling so fast.” Then she pointed at him laying on the bed, and pointed right towards his panties and started laughing harder, and saying, “Honey that is so unlady like, laying there with your legs wide apart and your skirt almost to your waist. That is exactly what I am talking about, I’ll show you how to be a nice little girl.” Josh got angry at the little girl remark and jumped up and started hollering at mom. Another gesture with the slipper and Josh fell into a pout.
The next item was the blouse, a small trim of lace around the neck line, and short puffy sleeves. What struck Josh most was the eight tiny buttons, he had a difficult time trying to button the blouse, until mom showed him how to button it on the opposite side than what he was used to.
Now the part he was really worried about, that Pinafore thing, or dress or what ever it was. He just knew he was wearing girl’s clothes, panties, slip, and now a dress. And standing in front of his mother, and not only was she making him put this girl stuff on, but she had spent many hours making them all for him, yes him her son, wearing girl’s clothes that his mother had made for him.
The rebellion welled up again, but another gesture with the slipper, and he was ready to put the pinafore on. The pinafore had a red back ground with the small white polka dots. No ruffles, just a two-inch strap went over the shoulder, and 7 tiny buttons down the front. Again struggling with the tiny buttons on the wrong side, he finally completed the task.
Mom made him stand in front of the mirror again, he could barely see himself through tear stained eyes. What he did see was himself wearing a very short dress, even when he stood straight with his hands at his side, his panties peeked out from under the slip. Actually the slip was about 2 inches longer than the hemline on the dress. No matter what position he put himself in, his panties still showed.
Mom said, “Sit on the bed,” and she handed him a pair of knee length white stockings, putting them on mom burst out laughing again, and pointed to his wide spread legs and the dress sliding up to his waist, and said, “I see your panties,” and then in a sing song manner said, “I see your panties, I see your panties, I see your panties, I see your panties.”
This was to much for Josh and he jumped from the bed and started to pull the dress over his head, when Mom stopped him. “OK young lady, here is another girl lesson for you. You are about to find out how girls get a spanking.”
Josh started crying and begging, “No, no, no, please mom no.” Mom had reached the decision that it was about time Josh learned his lesson. Josh was crying and begging when mom pointed to her knees, and Josh knew better than argue any further, as it would make the spanking all the worst. He knew this from past experience.
Bent over mom’s knees, hands flat on the floor, legs tight together. Mom was about to pull the skirt up to his waist, when she noticed it was so short it was almost there already, but gave it an extra little lift so she could put her hands on the waist band of the panties, then she pulled them down to his knees.
Josh was horrified to have mom seeing his bare butt, because he had recently come to the conclusion he was just to old to receive bare butt spankings any more. But Mom was moving to fast to argue the point now.
Down came the leather sole of the slipper on his left cheek, whack, whack, he started to wiggle, but determined not to cry out, but two more on the same cheek took him over the edge and he started yelping. Then before the five on the right cheek was over he was yelping and wiggling so much mom had to tell him if he didn’t hold still she would start over. With no break in between she started with ten whacks on both cheeks at the same time. After twenty solid whacks he was kicking and squirming, Finally mom was done and she told him to stand in the corner for a while.
The corner was a welcome relief, even in his shameful state of dress, his panties down around his ankles, his hands rubbing his sore butt and pushing his dress to the top of his butt.
Finally after about twenty minutes mom was ready to resume getting him dressed the rest of the way. This time mom showed him how to sit and put his stockings on like a girl should, then the black shoes mom had bought for him, she called them Mary Janes. Sitting on the bed to put the stockings on was a major problem, his butt was still stinging from the spanking, and sitting and moving was very painful, his butt felt like he was sitting on a hot frying pan.
Josh thought he was done putting on the girl clothes and wondered just how long he would have to wear them so he decided to ask mom. She told him a couple of hours each day while she gave him his girl lessons.
What’s next Josh thought as he finally finished buckling the Mary Janes, what was in store for the next couple of hours was really bugging him? What did mom mean girl lessons?
Mom had one more little item, she told him to turn his back to her, and she began messing with his hair, he watched in horror as she place two red ribbons to the side of his head.
Again in front of the mirror Josh got further instructions on how to walk in a dress, how to hold his hands, his hands, that was a problem for Josh, he just didn’t know what to do with his hands, Mom said she would have think about that for a while.
The other problem was the dress was so short, he asked mom, “Why it was so short?” “Well, honey it short for two reason. First it is for training purposes, and second, it will be easier for me to see your panties.” He repeated the question, “But mom why do I have to wear a dress?”
Mom’s reply was short and firm, “You know perfectly well why you’re wearing a dress. I’m tried of you teasing the girls all the time, and your always telling them you see their panties. So now your going to find out what it’s like to wear a dress and have someone teasing you about your panties. I’m going to teach you how to be a proper young lady, and young ladies don’t let their panties show.” “But mom the dress is so short my panties show if I just stand straight.” “That’s right so now we start the teasing, come here Josh I want to see how it looks on you,” said mom.
Mom told Josh to wait as she went to the bottom of the stairs. Then she told Josh to come down the stairs. As Josh started down the stairs mom was at the bottom, and looked up and watched as Josh started down the stairs, the slight breeze lifted his slip and dress slightly and with the dress being so short it let the panties show more than just a little bit.
“I see your panties, I see your panties, I see your panties,” mom sang out in a sing song manner.
Once down stairs mom made him walk around, and sit, and reach up high, all the time telling him his panties are showing. Again he seemed to not know what to do with hands, so mom gave him one of her old dolls, and taught him how to hold a doll.
Finally after three days of 2 hours each, mom made him a dress just a bit longer, and began in earnest teaching Josh all the little things girls must learn to be proper young lady.
Josh did learn his lesson about looking up girl’s dresses, but most importantly the feel of the clothes, and all the fun things girls got to wear took its toll on Josh, and his rebellion faded, and he began to look forward to his girl lessons each day. Eventually mom and Josh became closer to each other as mom brought out the girl in him. Mom and daughter spent many evenings in their nightie’s engaging in girl talk. Josh changed his name when in dresses to Julie.
Mom would sit in a leaning position on the end of the couch, with Julie leaning against her both in their very feminine nighties. Mom would tell Julie all about things girls do, and the things she did as a little girl. Julie especially liked mom telling her about the pajama parties she went too, and what the girls actually talked about and did.
Mom told her many little secrets that boys aren’t supposed to know, and Julie would get all squirmy and giggle when mom told her the things girls talk about when they talk about boys.
Josh would get all warm inside when mom would tell him what a pretty little girl he is becoming, eventually Josh as Julie learned to sew, and he/she made many pretty dresses and slips. She especially liked the matching mother and daughter dresses.