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Mom? Could I have girl time all this weekend? - Chapter 3

Mom parked the van and Kevin noticed Aunt Helen’s van was not there so they were the first to arrive. Each grabbed a suit case and headed into the house. Grandma and Aunt Mandy gave Mom a great big hug, then they stared at Kevin in a teasing way, Aunt Mandy said what a lovely girl you are Karen, you are just adorable, come her let me give you a big hug. Grandma also gave out some bear hugs, Kevin could never understand how such a frail old lady could give such breathtaking hugs, but he received his in his normal accepting way.
When the greetings were all over Mom and Kevin unpacked the van, Kevin was still amazed at how much baggage Mom had brought, finally he just had to ask again why so much baggage? Mom said, well honey first of all were going to be here two days. So we both need clothes for the two days, then we all have to dress for the party and that consists of a whole wardrobe for both of us, then of course my make up is there to, plus the gifts for Aunt Mandy, so that’s why so much stuff. That made sense to Kevin so he just started lugging it all up stairs, he put Mom’s in Grandma’s spare room, what used to be Aunt Helen’s room when she lived at home. His room was what used to be Mom’s room. This gave Kevin an extra thrill to be staying in his Mom’s room. Much of the decor was still intact, but not nearly as girly as he would have pictured in his mind, nor was Aunt Helen’s room very girly, they were both rather plain. The only thing that remained was a very old doll house that used to be Mom’s Grandma’s that she given to her grand daughters a long time ago. Kevin always played with that doll house and some dolls his Grandma had collected. Today he and Jillian would no doubt be playing with the doll house and the dolls again.
Kevin hoped Jillian would bring some of her Barbie’s, as they both loved to play with the Barbie’s.

After the baggage was all in place, he got one the dolls out and laid down on the floor with his legs toward the open door, he didn’t give a second thought to his wide spread legs and his dress high on his butt. He was well engrossed in dressing the doll in a pair of Capri’s and a flowered top when he heard the loud taunting of “hey Fairy boy having fun playing with your dolly”?
Kevin had been so engrossed in dressing the doll he didn’t even hear Aunt Helen and her brood arrive, and he certainly didn’t hear David come up the stairs. But here he was and he didn’t waste any time teasing Kevin.
The next thing out his mouth was, “nice pink panties you have Fairy Boy”, Kevin slammed his legs together, and turned beet red as he realized he had already did what he swore he would not let happen this weekend, he had his legs apart again and of all people to see his panties, it had to be the ass hole.
As he stepped inside the room Sara and Jillian stepped in too, Sara added her bit when she said, “Not very lady like there Cousin,” Jillian said nothing, David spoke up saying hey fairy boy are you a boy or girl? Kevin replied quickly I’m a boy and you know it!”
David: You sure look like a girl to me.
Sara: Yeah me too!
David: So you see, were all kind of confused here, so if you’re a boy, why you don’t prove it right here and now!
Kevin: I don’t have to prove anything. And besides how would I prove it any way?
Sara and Jillian stood there with their arms folded on their chest, waiting for David’s answer to that very interesting question.
David: Easy, just let us see what you have under those panties you’re wearing.
It took a while for Kevin to comprehend what David meant by that. But decided to ask just exactly what he meant by under those panties any way, so he asked.
David: simple, just pull up your dress up and pull your panties down, and we can all know for sure if you’re a girl or a boy.
Kevin was in shock as he heard these word’s from David. It took a few minutes for the whole thing to sink in. There was no way he was going to pull his panties down in front of any body! It didn’t matter if he were a boy or girl, that just was not going to happen.
The next shocker came from Sara.
Sara: Yea that’s right, then we’ll all no for sure, so why don’t you just do it? If you’re a girl it doesn’t matter because there are two girls here and girls see each other down there lots of times. It only would matter to David, and that’s your tough luck for being like you are. And if you’re a boy, it’ll just be me and Jillian to see you down there. So come on Kevin or Karen, what ever you are, pull your panties down so we can know for sure.
Kevin thought about making a run for it, but the three of them had him trapped. There was no way he was going to pull his panties down! Just no way. He told them in no uncertain terms that was not going to happen, not now not ever!
The three started to approach him with some very menacing looks on their faces, David leading the trio, he said either you pull them down or we’ll do it for you, make up your mind little girl, or boy, or what ever you are, were going to find out for sure, so you pull them down for us, or we do it! You have about five seconds to make up your mind!
Kevin had to do something, and do it fast, he thought about screaming, but that might attract too much attention. So he just hollered as loud as he could, LEAVE ME ALONE, AND GET OUT OF HERE! RIGHT NOW! With out thinking about it, he stomped his foot with a loud bang. It had the desired effect. Aunt Helen and Grandma both at the same time yelled up stairs, WHAT IS GOING ON UP THERE?
They all heard Aunt Helen making her way up the stairs; Kevin was relieved to know his ploy worked, to his great relief. The thought of Aunt Helen’s imminent arrival broke up the little party.
Just before she got there, ass hole leaned close to Kevin’s ear and whispered, this isn’t over yet fairy, it’s going to happen today, so make up your mind, I’m going to see what you have under that pretty dress and those cute pink panties, and I’ll know today!.
That shook Kevin to the core, he thought if worse came to worst it would only be David to see him down there, after all lots of kids had seen each other in the showers in school, of course they were all boys there. So if ass hole did by some way make it him do it, he could make himself live with that, but he would do every thing he possibly could to keep that from happening.
He was sure Sara and Jillian wouldn’t give him any more problems in that area, he was sure they just went along with what was happening at the time. So all he really had to do was avoid David as much as he possibly could, and not give him a chance to get him alone any where.
Aunt Helen’s arrival broke up the scene and with a stern admonishment told them to try and get along for once, and play nice for a change.
David couldn’t help but get in the last word, and said there’s no way I’m going to play with HIM! In a dress. Besides I don’t play with dolls, and neither do I chipped in Sara. And with that David, Sara and Aunt Helen left the room.
Jillian stayed and soon got interested in dressing the doll’s, Kevin tried to make some small talk, but Jillian seemed strangely quiet for some reason unknown to Kevin. He made several attempts at conversation with no luck. This started to make Kevin uneasy, so he asked Jillian what was wrong? Oh nothing was her reply for the third time. Kevin was getting an uneasy feeling in his stomach.
He began to wonder if David’s and Sara’s teasing about him being her only fairy girl friend was starting to have its effect on her.
Kevin: Come on Jillian something’s wrong I can tell because your not talking to me. And that’s not fair I’ve’ always been your friend, and if your mad at me its only fair you tell me why.
Jillian: It’s nothing you did and I’m not mad at you at all.
Kevin: Then what?
Jillian: I’m not aloud to say.
Kevin: Now you really got me upset, come on Jill tell me, I won’t say nothing I promise, it’s just not fair to me for you to act this way.
Jillian: I know, but I just can’t say anything. Not right now any way.
With those words Kevin started crying, Jillian said see, your crying just like a girl.
Kevin stomped out of the room and went into bathroom closed the door but did not lock it, and freshened up his face so no one would know he had been crying, fixing his pony tail in true girl fashion out of habit and not even realizing he was doing it. The next thing he did was lift his dress and lower his panties and sat down to relieve him self, He was in the process when the door suddenly burst open and in walked David. Kevin screamed at him to get out, but of course the ass hole wasn’t about to leave with out having the last word. After actually being surprised him self at Kevin being in the bathroom, he exclaimed, “well fairy boy you even take a piss like girl” I better see what you really do have in your panties, come what is it? A dick or a pussy? Kevin screamed at him again to get out. He did leave this time, but said hurry up fairy I need to take a piss too.
After recovering from the latest incident with the ass hole he finished his business, and pulled him self together and headed down stairs.
There he tried to hang around with the adults, but they did a good job of ignoring him so he found a quiet corner and sat there in silence, and wondering what was bothering Jillian.
Soon he noticed Sara and Jillian whispering to each other and giving Kevin some curious glances this made Kevin even more nervous. He was having some very serious doubts about the decision to come here wearing a dress. But he was stuck with the dresses because he knew Mom did not bring any boy clothes with them, so he was going to be Karen for the weekend like it or not, and he was starting to not like it! And for good reason, the ass hole started in on him from the first minute he arrived, and that horrible demand for him to pull his panties down, from that moment on, the rest of the weekend could have some disastrous results. Now with Sara and Jillian obviously making some plans, Kevin had the gut wrenching feeling that those plans included him in some way. It was the looks they kept giving him while they whispered that made him so nervous.
His stomach did a flip flop when the whispering session broke up and Sara walked away, and Jillian headed straight for him.
Come on Kev lets go back up stairs and play. Did you bring your game Boy? Yeah was Kevin reply
Good go get it and I have a new Barbie game we can play on our Game boys.
That sounded better than just sitting in the corner being ignored, so they soon had the game boys hooked together and started playing Mystery Horse. A game where the player controlled Barbie and picked up mystery packages, with two players connected by a cable to each Game boy controller.
They were deeply engrossed for several minutes, Kevin forgot about the tension between them he became so interested in the game, and neither one heard Sara enter the room.
She watched the two for several minutes, when she spoke she nearly startled the two players.
Sara: Hey Kev, how old are you know.
Kevin: 12 why?
The next question surprised Kevin so much he lost his breath.
Sara: Do you wear a bra?
Kevin was too surprised to answer, and she had ask twice more, the last time more emphatically.
He finally squeaked out a no, why?
Sara: I just wondered. Because most girls by that age wear bras.
Kevin: You know I’m not really a girl. So I don’t have those things on my chest.
Sara: I didn’t ask you if you had tits? I asked if you ever wore a bra?
Kevin: If I don’t have those things, why would I wear a bra?
Sara: You wear other girl’s clothes why not a bra?
Kevin: Because I don’t have those things on my chest, and I don’t need too.
Sara: I know you don’t have tits, but by the time most girls are your age, they need some cleavage, even if have they don’t have big tits. So they wear pads in their bras to fill them out.
Kevin: What’s that got to do with me. And what’s cleavage?
Sara and Jillian both laughed at that question, it seemed to be a really stupid question. Kevin didn’t like being laughed at, especially being made to look stupid.
Sara: Cleavage is what the tits make in a dress; you know the lumps on top of the dress where her tits are.
Kevin: Why are you asking me these questions?
Sara: You want to be like a girl, right?
Kevin: Sometimes.
Sara: Well were all girls here, so were just talking girl talk. Did you ever try a bra on? Just to see what its like?
Kevin: No
Sara: Not even one of your Mom’s?
Kevin: No not ever. Why?
Sara: Do you want to?
Kevin had to think about that for awhile.
Sara asked again, well do you want to try it?
Kevin: I don’t know.
Jillian: Sure you do and you know it. You wore panty hose and three inch heels before.
Kevin: How do you know that?
Jillian: I heard your Mom tell my Mom that’s how I know.
Kevin: Well that’s not a bra.
Sara: Bra’s are still girl clothes, and since you’ve worn every other piece of girl’s lingerie, why not a bra.
Kevin: What’s the big deal if I ever wore a bra or not? So what if I didn’t?
Sara: No big deal, I just wondered if you ever did, or if you ever really wanted too.
This conversation was taking a weird turn, and Kevin’s stomach was churning. His stomach wasn’t the only thing that was getting nervous. The feeling in his panties was also beginning to get Kevin’s attention. Like when his panties would feel extra nice, or when he had worn a really nice dress that day. The last couple of times that happened, he finally managed to jack off and got all the way. He was able to make that sticky stuff come out, and did it ever feel good.
He knew his pecker was starting to get hard, and he knew it would make his panties wet too. This problem was beginning to bug Kevin.
Sara kept the conversation going.
Sara: Did you ever see a real girl’s tits?
Kevin: Sure lots times.
Sara: Where, and whose?
Kevin: I don’t know whose.
Sara: Why not? If you ever seen tits for real on a girl, I think you would remember whose they were.
Kevin: I mean in pictures...
Sara: I mean for real tits on a for real girl?
Kevin: Was getting very nervous by now, and so was his pecker. He hung his head down, and didn’t look at the girls when he spoke.
Kevin: No not on a real girl.
Sara: Do you want to?
Kevin: Want to what?
Sara: See real tits on real live girl?
Kevin: I don’t know. Whose?
Jillian: Mine.
That statement took a while to sink into Kevin’s mind. Once he regained thinking status, it occurred to him Jillian didn’t have any tits, at least none that he knew about, at least it didn’t look like she any way.
Kevin: You don’t have any tits.
Jillian: Oh yes I do.
Sara: Yeah she does, she’ starting to titty up, show him Jillian.
Jillian pushed her small chest out, and she pressed the material of the blouse inward and sure enough, out popped two small little points, only visible when the material of the blouse was pressed hard against them. She quickly added I don’t have a bra yet, but Mom said I’m going to need one very soon.
Kevin noticed the small size and remarked, there hardly tits, there just points.
Jillian quickly added, there bigger than yours I bet.
Kevin had to concede that point.
Kevin: So why do you want to show me your little titties?
Sara: We want to make a deal.
That really got Kevin’s attention. The light was beginning to dawn on him.
Kevin: What deal? What kind of a deal.
Sara: Jillian will show you her tits, if you pull your panties down.
When Kevin got his wits back, why should I pull my panties down, you know I’m a boy.
Sara: That’s right, we know you’re a boy, and we both want to see what a real boy looks like down there.
Kevin: So see your brother’s thing down there.
Sara: No way, do we want to see that weirdo’s boy thing.
Kevin: But why me?
Sara: Because your way cuter than Dave, and besides your almost a girl any way, and were all girls here now, right? And like I said before girls see each other down there lots of times. So if you want to be a real girl, show us what you look like down there.
Kevin needed time to think, his pecker was really acting up now, and he felt his pecker was starting to control his thinking. But what they wanted was pretty scary to him. On the other hand, to see tits on a real girl and not just a picture had a strange effect on him. It was like a magnet, real tits on a real live girl, but on the other hand, to pull his panties down and let these girls see his pecker, was pretty scary too. Besides it was getting hard and that would look very weird to the girls. He was trapped, now that the subject had come up, he really did want to see some real tits.
And another thought came to him, he knew his panties were getting wet, he knew enough now that it was pre-cum, and he didn’t know how the girls would react to his wet panties, and the hard pecker. He needed time to think.
Sara was pushing for an answer, and so was Jillian.
Kevin had a thought, Jillian’s tits weren’t that big, he really wouldn’t see much, actually he would be showing more than either of the girls. Maybe he could make a deal, and see both of their tits, then maybe that would be worth showing them his pecker.
He was about to suggest this, when Aunt Helen opened the door, and both Mom’s were standing there. Both Mom’s told the girls it was time to get ready for Aunt Mandy’ party. Sara tried one more time to beg off and not have to wear that party dress. Aunt Helen said Oh! Sara you are so silly, come on you and Jillian get dressed.
Sara tried again. But Mom it looks so much like a little girls dress, and I am growing up now, her Mom said enough of that now, you girls go and get dressed, and I don’t want any more argument from either one of you.
Kevin on the other hand was glad for the interruption, for one thing it got him out of a very tough spot, and he would have more time to think things through during the party. With the arrival of the two Moms he felt his pecker starting to return to normal. Then Mom said come on honey lets get that new party dress, I’m just dying to see how it looks on you, and I sure hope it fits right.
When Mom mentioned the new dress, Kevin realized he had forgotten about the dress, with the weird conversation that had taken place in this room just moments ago. But the excitement of the dress came back quickly now. But yet another delay came up, when Mom told him to go into the bathroom and freshen up before he got dressed.
He took off the sun dress and was just in his slip when he headed for the bathroom, on his return to the bedroom, he was confronted by Mom holding up the most beautiful dress he ever laid his eyes on. Not only was it soooo gorgeous, it was so girly looking. Kevin was shocked when he seen it.
He squealed in girlish fashion Oh thanks Mom, it’s just right, I love it already! Oh thanks mom, thanks Mom, I love it, I love it, I love it, he sang in sing song fashion.
Mom told him to get dressed quickly because she had to get dressed too, and he would need some help getting dressed so they better get started.
Slipping off the slip, he wondered where the slip was for this dress was, then he stepped out his panties, normally he wouldn’t take his panties off with Mom standing right there, but this was different, so he quickly slid them down and off. The panties Mom handed him nearly took his breath away. They were a light pink, and the material was new and different to him it felt so smooth; Kevin was so excited he just had to ask what they were made of. Mom said there satin honey, do you like them? I love them, He quickly slid them on. If he was excited by the way they felt when he touched them, when he slid them on, he nearly started to hyper ventilate, they just simply took his breath away. He had a sudden concern, that maybe these panties would make his pecker act up again, for the time being at least, every thing was under control.
He thought the panties were so cute and felt so good, he all but passed out when he saw the slip. A matching light pink, with a full bodice and lace around the top of the bodice, lace on the hem was also evident the wide shoulder straps had a generous amount of lace. The feeling of this delightful girlish garment put Kevin in a very girlish mood. The time with his cousins in this room just a few minutes ago, had taken the girlish mood out of him. But now he was rapidly feeling very girly again.
Next. A mind boggling petty coat, it slid over the slip down to his waist, with frills and frills and frills.
By this time he was so excited he couldn’t stand still, he was jumping around so much Mom had to tell him to stand still, so she could help him with the dress.
He was facing Mom while she helped him into the dress, then told him to turn around so she could zip it up, and tie the bow, when he did; he nearly passed out when he saw himself in the mirror.
Now for the first time he got a really good look at the dress.
The dress back ground was soft pink, but the designs on it were so pretty, he just couldn’t believe his eyes, the hem came down to about midway to his knees, it flared out so nice from the petticoat, what caught his attention was the little girls holding on to ribbons and dancing, what looked like they were dancing around a pole. This was the front, and same scene the girls dancing around a pole all around the hem. The girls were all dressed alike, they looked so cute, hanging on to the long ribbon, in their little cute dresses, and their little sashes flying out behind as they danced around the pole. He was so engrossed in the girls; he didn’t see the other soft pink ribbons and lace. He just asked Mom what the girls were doing.
Mom said their dancing around a May Pole. Honey that’s name of the dress the designer gave it, it’s called the May Pole Dress, isn’t it just the cutest thing you ever laid eyes on? Kevin had to agree with that.
He stepped in front of the mirror and did a little twirl the dress flared out just perfect, he couldn’t help but do a couple of more twirls, Mom just sat back and smiled. And wondered why her son was so feminine. But there he was enjoying the new dress as much as any natural girl would, maybe even more she mused.
When he stopped twirling, he noticed the pink ribbons hanging from the waist line; they were about a half inch wide and just hung down about half way down the skirt. Butterflies flew around the whole dress in patterns. A wide frilly strap that was part of the dress came over the shoulders down to the waist. From the large Peter Pan collar was small pink bow. The sleeves were oversized puffs on the top, and had a band about midway; frills clasped the bottom of the sleeves to the arms. The dress seemed to be made of the same material as the panties and slip, it all felt so good, Kevin good not believe his good fortune to have such a pretty dress, he just new his dress would be the prettiest one at the party.
Next came the anklets, a white back ground and four rows of dark pink frills. Next the black Mary Jane shoes. Finally he was dressed, but instead of going right downstairs, he stayed and watched his mother get dressed. Mom let him watch her dress as long as he was in girl time, never when he was in boy time. Mothers just did not let their sons watch them get dressed. But it was always alright to let the daughters watch. So now that Kevin was Karen he had the privilege of watching Mom dress.
Mean while every one in the house was busy doing the same thing. Finally Mom was dressed and they headed down stairs. Kevin was the first one down, and watched Mom make her entrance. To Kevin he had the most beautiful Mom in the world, and she showed it as she came down the stairs and made her entrance into the living room.
The others present were all very pretty in their party dresses, every last one of them. Sara had a pretty dress on too, but the look on her face told the story, she was not a happy camper, and she looked like a fish out of water in the fancy party dress, Kevin almost felt sorry for her.
Grandpa refused to change his clothes and remained in his wheel chair off in some distant corner of the house.
Kevin and his cousins had all been warned not to sit on Grandpa’s lap, because he hand roaming hands and the girls shouldn’t be on his lap, and that included Kevin. So he kept his distance.
The party progressed as most parties go, with cake and ice cream and blowing out the candles, Aunt Mandy had trouble blowing out the candles, Because Aunt Helen had put on the kind you can’t blow out, every one got a laugh out that.
Two incidents came up that got Kevin’s attention.
The first was when ass hole in his suit and bow tie, looked absolutely ridiculous, he sauntered up to Kevin and said, hey little girly, how’s your pecker hanging? He busted out laughing at his own cruel joke, Kevin tried to ignore him when ass hole saw Kevin was trying to ignore him, he added, “you little fairy your going to show me what’s inside those faggot panties of yours before the day is over, bank on it. Faggot.”
This did shake Kevin, but he tried to put it out of his mind.
About that time he spotted Sara and Jillian, Sara was leaning close to Jillian and talking in a very low tone, what bothered Kevin most they both were throwing quick glances over at Kevin, then they seemed to be staring at him. This shook Kevin even more.
He wondered what they were cooking up, they were definitely up to something, and the way they were staring at him, it would have something to do with him. Then it hit him like a freight train, it was the titty thing and his panties.
As those thoughts came rushing back he wanted to think on that some more, but he didn’t have a chance, because Jillian came directly at him. Kevin asked Jillian what they were talking about; Jillian came up with a quick fib. She said they were talking about his hair, Kevin asked what about my hair. Oh Jillian replied, we just thought it would look nice if were in bunches like mine. Kevin had to admit he did think about putting his hair in bunches, so he said what about it?
Jillian said come up stairs and I’ll do it for you. Kevin never had any one do his hair but Mom and lately he did it all him self. But he knew girls did each others hair lots of time, and he always thought that was such a girl thing he always wanted a girl to do his hair. The thoughts of his earlier time left him and he jumped at the chance to have a girl do his hair so he quickly accepted. Both girls hurriedly bounded up the stairs.
Seated in front of what used to be his mother’s vanity he watched as Jillian pulled out the scrunchie, started to comb his pony tail out, she carefully split the two sides and tied a red bow tight against his head, then combed out the tail, next she did the other side, after combing out that side, and putting a couple of loving comb outs on both again. She said gees Kevin you have really nice hair for a boy, no wonder you make such a cute girl when you dress up like a girl. Thanks Jill was his reply.
About that time Aunt Helen stuck her head in the door and said Jillian honey I want you to change your dress if your leaving the party, no sense in getting it dirty for no reason, and Karen your Mom wants you to change too.
Ok both girls replied, Jillian took off for her room, and Kevin started to look through his suit case for something to wear. He didn’t like to wear the same dress two times in a row. Mom knew this, and he soon found a white button down blouse, and a blue denim jumper. He knew to that the satin panties had to go, and stepped out them rather reluctantly, also the satin slip had to go too, the panties were replaced with a plain blue nylon pair, and a white full length cotton slip. Plain white socks, and his old Nikies, and he was ready for Jillian to return. Soon Jillian was knocking on his door and asking if he was decent before barging in.
Jillian was wearing a pair of old jeans, and sneakers, and Kevin thought she looked sexy even in that outfit. The thought occurred to him he never thought of Jillian as sexy before. Then he realized why he had this thought. She had on a tight rather plain “T” shirt, obviously a little small even for her, it did have a pink lacy border around the arm bottoms, the collar also had a tiny bow right in the center. The tight shirt was obviously used to pronounce the two tiny points that stuck out from her chest. Kevin quickly got the idea the shirt was for his benefit.
And it did have the desired effect Jillian was trying to obtain. She used every opportunity to exploit her new assets. And made sure Kevin got the best possible view. Both Jillian and Kevin seemed to be working in perfect harmony to give each other the benefit.
Sitting directly across from each other, Kevin on the vanity chair and Jillian on the bed, Kevin made sure he was sitting properly with his knees tightly together, they both started making some girl talk, Kevin got the feeling Jillian was waiting for something or some on, he soon proved himself right when in walked Sara.
Dressed back into her favorite jeans and a button down blouse. Kevin suddenly realized he was the only one in the room in a dress. But it wasn’t the first time for that to happen.
Sara wasted no time in getting to the point.
Sara: So Kevin what have you decided, do you want to see Jillian’s titties or not.
Kevin had no answer right then, but now that the subject came up again, he definitely thought he did want to see them after all. Sara wasn’t wasting any time to get an answer, she said again, well what is it, do you want to see her titties or not?
Kevin had given this some thought during the party, and realized he was the key to this whole deal, after all it was Sara that brought the whole thing up in the first place, and it was them that wanted to look at him down there. He realized he had the bargaining chip, not them, and decided to play his cards just right.
He said maybe.
Sara: What do you mean maybe?
Kevin: Well it’s not fair if Jillian has to show hers, and me pull my panties down, and you get to see me and Jillian, and you don’t do nothing.
Sara: So what’s the big deal there? I’ve seen Jillian’s little titties lots of times, that’s no big deal.
Kevin: Maybe so but you still get to see me for free. And that’s not going to happen.
Sara hadn’t planned on this turn of events and was stumped, but just for a second.
Sara: So what’s that supposed to mean.
Kevin: Ok here’s the deal, You leave the room and Jillian shows me her titties and I’ll pull my panties down and she can see me down there, but you have to be out of the room.
Sara was in spot now, it seemed like Kevin had turned the tables on her. The whole thing was her idea in the first place. Now Kevin wanted her out of the deal altogether.
Silence filled the room, while this situation was being thought out by all three parties.
Finally Sara said, so what?
Kevin: Here’s so what, if you want to see me down there you have to do something too.
Sara: Oh yeah! Like what?
This whole conversation was giving them each problems in their panties, Kevin was having boy problems in his panties, and each of the girls were having girl problems in their panties at the same time.
Now both wanted this whole thing to come to the right conclusion before the situation got out of control.
Sara: Your darn sure not going to see me down there!
Kevin said ok, then out of the room and me and Jillian will do it.
Sara: Ok, ok, I’ll let you see my titties too, but no touching, absolutely no touching.
Kevin gave it some thought.
Kevin: That’s not good enough.
Sara: Why?
Kevin: Because I never saw a real girl down there either.
Both girls said in unison, you’re not going to see me down there.
Kevin said ok fine then the deals off, and started for the stairs. The girls said wait, wait a minute. Sara told Jillian to step out side the room for a minute; she wanted to talk to her.
Kevin agreed to that, he had them now, he had turned the tables and he was pretty proud of him self for it. He knew it was the girls that wanted to see his pecker the most, although he wanted to see their titties too, he had the key, and smiled to himself as he realized the key was his pecker, and not their titties like they tried to make him think.
Outside in the hall Sara was thinking hard, she had planned this day ever since she knew they would all be here for Aunt Mandy’s party. She had never really seen a real boy down there in all her 15 years. Some of her friends at school had, those that had brothers, and she had to admit some of those brothers were hunks, and she would have liked to see what they had between their legs.
Her brother David was no hunk, pudgy and arrogant she had no desire so see any of him down there or no where. Her only chance was now and with Kevin, he was certainly cute and certainly not a hunk, but he was boy, and did have a pecker, and he was her only hope for right now. But she did have another problem too. First of all she didn’t want any boy seeing her down there, but the real problem for now was, she was right in the middle of her period, and showing would be impossible. Her only chance was her kid sister, to make this thing work she had to convince Jillian to let him see her down there, that was her only chance now.
Now she was almost begging Jillian to lower her panties and she would show him her titties, but no touching.
Kevin thought they were in the hall a long time, and they were it took a lot of convincing to get Jillian to agree. But she too had the uncontrollable urge to see Kevin down there too.
Mean while Kevin was having serious problems in his panties.
Finally they both came back in.
Sara; Ok here’s the deal, you pull your panties down so we can have a good look at you down there, and I’ll show you my titties, and Jillian will pull her panties down and you see both of us real good too.
Kevin didn’t have to give that much thought, and quickly agreed.
Sara: Ok let’s do it.
Sara started to unbutton her blouse; Jillian unfastened her jeans, while Kevin stood up and slowly began to raise the hem of his dress.
Jillian was the first to get her jeans down to reveal a light pair of plain brief panties, Sara was still fooling around with the buttons of her blouse, Kevin had the hem and his fingers on the waist band of the panties. Sara now had her blouse off and was unfastening her bra. Jillian was the slowest and seemed frozen, and not moving. Kevin started to pull his panties down. Finally Jillian got moving and was pulling her panties down.
Kevin didn’t know where to look next; he was absolutely mesmerized by the sight of the two girls taking their clothes off.
Finally Sara had her bra off, and Kevin found himself staring at his first pair of real live tits. Her eyes were on Kevin as he lowered his panties, they weren’t down very far when his little pecker sprang into view. Sara’s eyes widened as she stared at her first look at a boys thing. Jillian was frozen and staring too. She saw Kevin looking at her, and realized the dead silence in the room, Kevin had to tell her to pull her panties down some more, she responded in automatic, not actually knowing what she was doing, she was caught up in looking at Kevin’s boy thing.
She wanted to ask why it was sticking straight out like that, but her mouth was to dry to speak.
Sara was staring at his cock too, she knew that was what boy’s things did when they got around girls, some of her girl friends had told her their brother’s cock got hard lots of times. Sara remembered asking her friend Lisa if they were that way all the time, Lisa laughed and said of course not silly, there soft most of the time, then Sara asked another question, how did the boys make them hard and then soft, Lisa said how do I know? You have a brother ask him. It was Lisa that told her boys could make stuff come out of their cocks too.
Sara asked how do they do that? Lisa said they pump on them and then the stuff comes out.
Sara remembered after talking to Lisa, as she laid in bed that night and thought boys could really do some really wild things with their cocks. She wondered what it would be like having a thing like that hanging between her legs.
Of course Sara didn’t realize it, but she was getting what is known to girls as cock envy.
Sara had no intention of asking her ass hole brother any such question, but staring at Kevin’s hard cock, she thought about asking him how he made it hard and soft, but her mouth was to dry to talk
She knew Cock’s is what boys called their things; she also knew they got hard when they were around girls. But she wasn’t about to tell Jillian just yet, Sara had the split second thought about asking Kevin to make the stuff come out, but she was to mesmerized at the site, and was having trouble just breathing let alone talking, so she just stared.
Finally Jillian’s was in full view, and Kevin saw his first girl part, he just stared, his body would do no other function.
Next he took in Sara in all her top nakedness, the two titties to Kevin they were absolutely beautiful, and he wished fervently he could have titties just like Sara’s, he finally found the word’s to tell her so. She could only blush a bright red.
He again turned his attention back to Jillian, she noticed him looking at her down there, and was embarrassed at his staring. Kevin was drinking it in to the fullest, his very first look at a girl’s part down there. The smoothness and what seemed like graceful lines that made what looked like two lips, Kevin was transfixed at what he was looking at.
All three took a long hard look at each other. Even Jillian looked over to her big sister and asked her if her titties would be as nice as hers, Sara responded of course sis, they will be just as nice. Then Sara added I bet our little Cousin here wish’s he could have titties too, don’t you Kev? He could only nod a feeble yes.
Kevin told Jillian to raise her shirt up so he could see her titties too. With a slow movement which it was obvious to the other two present that Jillian was quite shy at showing her budding titties, now she stood there with her jeans and panties down, and shirt up around her neck. And Kevin seemed to be frozen in one position, just staring at the sight in front of his eyes. His two girl cousins, Sara with her two firm mounds sticking straight ahead so firm and yet so soft, Jillian’s two little points with the nipples sticking straight out, just like Sara’s nipples were.
Sara asked the question again, so Kev did you ever wear a bra? He couldn’t answer while he was standing there holding the hem of his dress up and his panties down around his ankles.
He began to pull his panties back into place and lower his dress, both girls pulled them selves back together at the same time. The tension seemed to just leave the room as soon as they got back to normal dress.
The question was still hanging, would he like to wear a bra and Kevin gave the same answer as before. Sara asked, would you like to try one on.
Kevin: What do you mean?
Sara: I have an extra bra with me here; if you want I’ll let you try it on.
It took Kevin a minute to comprehend that statement. Finally he could resist no more and said yeah.
Sara left the room to get the bra, and it was just Kevin and Jillian, they were still staring at the floor when Sara came back.
She handed Kevin the bra the very first bra he ever touched, and the problem in his panties was returning with a vengeance.
Sara said go head take your blouse off and we’ll help you put it on. Kevin slipped off the straps of the jumper, and unbuttoned the blouse and took it off, and slid the straps of the slip off his shoulders.
Sara wrapped the bra around his chest and told him to slip his arms in, Jillian was staring hard too, she knew very soon she would be doing the very same thing; Sara hooked the two hooks on the back, and adjusted the straps to fit. Then she told Kevin to strike some poses with the bra. Kevin made some feeble attempts, and finally Jillian said he needs some cleavage, Kevin had no idea how they would get him some cleavage. Sara had the answer immediately,
Sara came up with two pairs of socks and stuffed them in Kevin’s bra, that’s better exclaimed Jillian. Sara told Kevin to put his blouse back on and the straps to the jumper and then strike some more poses for them. By this time Kevin was all too willing.
Kevin realized he was playing a game all girls love to play, “dress up” Kevin felt like he was in girl heaven.
Kevin was having a ball posing and looking at himself in the mirror, his chest had bumps and it did make the jumper look so much more girly. The girls too were having the time of their lives dressing up their boy cousin. It was a blast playing dress up with a boy.
They were oblivious to time, till Aunt Helen burst through the door, she took one look around and asked what was going on, the girls said they were just playing dress up with Kevin. Aunt Helen said come on girls its time to head for home we have a two hour drive ahead us and I don’t like to drive in the dark, so get a move on so we can get started.
They went down stairs to say there good byes, and soon they were gone. But just before they left ass hole tried to get the last word in. He leaned over to Kevin and said. “It ain’t over yet fairy boy, there’ll be a next time, and you better be ready to get those girly panties off and I mean off and quick when I say so”
Kevin whispered back “fuck off ass hole”
As soon as the house settled down Kevin went back up stairs and into his room. Laying down on the bed he relaxed and began to think of the events of the day, especially the last few hours. It certainly was a surprise to learn that real girls had a sense of curiosity too when it came to boys. A small bit of guilt came over him as he remembered what he did, lifting the hem of his dress and pulling down his panties so Sara and Jillian could see him down there, but he got his looks in too.
He was lying on his back facing the vanity mirror, his legs slightly apart and the blue panties were plainly visible, almost immediately the stirring in his panties started again, it was only a short time and his hand was rubbing the panties, his little pecker didn’t need much encouragement at this point, especially after the events of the after noon.
He quickly removed the panties and pulled the dress up to his waist, he stared at his hard pecker and the thought came back to him, how Jillian had looked down there, she was so smooth and the two little lips were so enticing. Sara’s titties had a strange fascination for him too, how he wished he could have titties, the little points of Jillian’s titties gave him a pang of jealously as he knew it wouldn’t be long and she would have titties just like Sara’s. He also knew he would never have those on him, and he hated being a boy.
He decided to take a look at his nipples and to see if there was any likeness to Jillian’s tiny little tits.
After removing his blouse and making the examination, he was only disappointed, and put the blouse back on.
Kevin’s Pecker grew in his hand and he was making an up and motion before he actually realized what he was doing, but it was to late and the next thing he knew he was squirting his stuff all over him self.
Making a mad dash for the bathroom he quickly cleaned him self up, and quickly put the panties back on, it was then he spotted something sticking out from under the bed, it looked familiar, and reached down to pick it up, to his surprise it was the bra Sara had given him to try on. She accidentally left it behind, what luck that was. With out hesitation he had his blouse and jumper and slip off and found himself in a major struggle to get the bra on.
Placing his arms through the straps was no problem, hooking the straps in back was a near impossible task, it took several attempts and his arms got very tired several times for the contortions he put himself through, finally after several agonizing tries he got it fastened.
Being so very proud of himself he struck a few poses in front of the vanity mirror. But something was missing, of course, stupid, he smiled at the thought of calling him self stupid, he needed what did Sara call it, he thought for a minute, and then word came to him, cleavage, yeah that was it cleavage, he needed some cleavage, he remembered Sara had put some socks inside the bra to fill them out. Finding a couple pair he filled out his bra.
Striking various poses in front of the mirror and admiring him, he noticed a stirring in his panties again, his hand unconsciously went to his crotch and started rubbing, his other hand roaming over the bra. He was in girl heaven again for the second time that day.
Just then the door opened and in walked Mom. She was surprised to see her son posing in front of the mirror in just panties, and where did that bra come from?
Both were startled at first, but Kevin was the first to regain his composure, Hi Mom was his first response. Hi honey was Mom’s reply. Where did you get the bra?
Kevin: Sara left it here.
Mom: Why did she leave her bra in your room?
Kevin: We were playing dress up and she had this extra one with her, so she let me try it on.
I never had one on before, and I wanted to know how it felt.
That seemed to satisfy Mom for now, but later on more questions would come to her mind, and she surely would have to ask Kevin about this curious dress up game. She was well aware that girls often play dress up, she was also vary much aware of what other little games they led too.
She stood there looking at Kevin, and finally said, well honey lets see how it looks on you, Kevin went back into his posing routine again for Mom’s benefit, she said very nice honey. Kevin was having a blast posing for Mom in just his panties and bra.
Mom left with no further question. Kevin relaxed because he didn’t want to get into a conversation with Mom about just what went on with the bra thing.
Now considerably more relaxed he laid back down the bed, the next thing he knew Mom was waking him, and telling him supper was ready, and for him to get freshened up and come down stairs for supper. Also to take the bra off and put his blouse and jumper back on.
Kevin figured he should let the bra episode slide by and not to mention it, because he didn’t want the conversation to go some place he felt it should not go.
Finally supper over and Kevin decided to do some coloring in the Barbie coloring book that some how got left here from some previous visit.
Finally it was time to get ready for bed, he really needed a long hot bubble bath, but that luxury was not here, so he had to settle for a good long hot shower.
He went down stairs in a long cotton night gown with plenty of ruffles and Bunny slippers. The evening was uneventful while watching TV with Grandma and Aunt Mandy, and the next thing he knew Mom was waking him up and they both headed for Kevin’s bedroom. Mom tucked him in and kissed him good night. He lay there for a few minutes, then got up and with more struggles he had the bra back on. Filling the cups again with socks he laid back down in bed, this time on his stomach and the bra and it fillers felt so good pressing against his chest.
The next thing he was conscious of Mom was waking him again, and said come on sleepy head its time to rise and shine.
She noticed the bra and the cleavage and said, “My my you have grown up over night. Mom said with a little smile on her face then she added there’ll be no wearing that bra today, and to hurry and get ready for breakfast and church.
When he got up from the bed to go to the bathroom there was that darn sticky mess in his panties again.
It must have been that dream he had, when he was in the showers at school with a bunch of girls and they were all giggling and talking about their titties, and the best part of the whole dream was he was girl too, with pert little titties just like the other girls.
While putting on fresh panties Kevin knew he was going to have to have one of those talks with Mom, Mom always called them girl talks. Yeah, that’s for sure I’m going to have some girl talk with Mom as soon as I get the chance. But first the fresh panties as he knew he would be having breakfast in his nightie.