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Mom? Could I have girl time all this weekend? - Chapter 2

After failing badly at the Little League game yesterday Kevin was very down, he asked his Mother if he could have Girl Time all this weekend. Her answer was a wonderful shopping trip to the mall and Kevin’s first time out dressed as a girl. Except for the little incident at Long John Silvers it was a wonderful time.
The opportunity to wear a dress and have girl time all weekend made Kevin forget some commitments he had for the weekend, but now that he was committed to girl time for the entire weekend, there was no backing out, even a whole weekend at Grandma’s and his cousins would be there too. There was mixed feelings about him wearing dresses with his Aunt and his cousins, especially that fat little asshole his cousin David, he was 16. He was an obnoxious bragging pudgy asshole as far as Kevin was concerned. He teased Kevin without mercy about him wearing dresses and Aunt Helen would do nothing about it. Even Mom couldn’t make him stop. David’s sister Sara was a pain too, she was 14 and was would sometimes tease him too. Kevin really didn’t like Sara very much, she was tomboy and didn’t like things girls usually like, like girly clothes, especially dresses, she rarely wore a dress, only when she had too. She was so into sports and hardly ever acted like a girl. Kevin thought that was such a waste, here she was a real girl and wanted to be boy. It seemed like she always wore boy’s jeans, Kevin hated that.

Jillian, was 11 Sara and David’s younger sister, her and Kevin were good friends Kevin and Jillian got along very well together, Kevin was the only one that would play girl games with her and they became good friends. Sara and David would tease Jillian saying her only girl friend was a faggot boy that wore dresses.
Kevin woke to a bright sun shining through his bedroom window. Yesterday started out so terribly bad with the ball game and his team mates blaming him for losing the game, but it was a great finish with Mom letting him have his girl time and his first time out of the house dressed as Karen. What a fun time him and Mom had shopping, he suddenly remembered his bright red nails and couldn’t help taking a peek at them now. The red nails reminded him of the black purse Mom bought him and how the nails looked when he handled the purse and then all the compliments he got about being such a cute little girl.
Jumping out of bed and making a mad dash for the bath room he didn’t even notice the sticky goo in his panties, it was when he pulled his baby doll nightie up and pulled his panties down so he could pee, he noticed the wet the spot in the panties and a quick check of the baby doll nightie he realized he had another one of those wet dreams Mom called them. The thought occurred to him then it really wasn’t a fun dream, it was the incident in Long John Silvers when he was sitting with his legs apart and the two girls where giggling at him because he was sitting so unladylike and that darn boy was getting an eye full of his panties, why that should give him a wet dream he didn’t have a clue, but never the less the mess was there.
Today was Saturday and a big weekend was before him now, he was so upset over the miserable ball game and was in such a hurry to get a nice girly bubble bath and put a dress on he forgot the weekend commitments, like the piano lesson this morning and then the trip to Grandma’s for Aunt Mandy’s birthday party.
The piano lesson wouldn’t be too bad as Mrs. Tanner had given him a lessons in a dress before, so Kevin wouldn’t be to self conscious when she gave him his lesson while he wore a dress this time.
But going to Grandma’s all weekend dressed like a girl, was something else. For one thing Mom always stopped at the rest stop and he knew he would be going into the Ladies room, that made him a little nervous, he and Mom had gone into the Ladies room at Long John Silvers yesterday, but they were the only ones in there at the time. He felt very strange when he lifted his dress and pulled his panties down and watched as his Mother pulled her panties down, then sat down, he felt very strange as he heard his Mother pee, he had to force himself to make himself go. Today on a Saturday at the highway rest stop it would be crowed and he might very well be doing the same thing next to a stranger.
About that time Mom interrupted his thoughts when she called up and said she was starting breakfast. His reply was Mom I have to shower first and get dressed. Jumping into the shower he wished he had the time for a nice long bubble bath, but he had to move along because today would be full of adventures for a boy wearing a dress and some he thought might be pretty scary, but after all the compliments he got yesterday and nobody suspected he was boy, he felt good and he would manage quite well today as Karen.
Mom called up again and asked if he needed any help in picking out a dress for today, no Mom I can manage my self.
Mom had some thoughts her self, having an effeminate son was something she was coping with very well, although she loved Kevin with all her heart and would have loved him just as much if he were a robust athletic boy, she thanked her lucky stars Kevin was so effeminate, she did really want a girl too, just so she could pamper her with all the things little girls love, that she never had when she was little.
Raised in a family were the father was not overly abusive, but not loving either, he hardly ever worked and did on occasion knock her and her sister around some. Mom supported the family and was far to busy to spend time with her and her sister and there was never enough money to spend on frivolous things like dolls and nice clothes like the other girls got to wear.
Now with her late husband dead and Kevin with no fatherly figure in his life and his desire to wear girl’s clothes, with the generous insurance settlement she could afford to provide him with the girly desires he seemed to love so much. And it filled the hole she had for having a daughter; it was only yesterday that they had ventured out into public with Kevin as Karen. This was a landmark in Audrey’s life, to go shopping with her daughter.
Audrey’s whole family knew of Kevin and his girly clothes, not fully approving, but only tolerating it and only tolerating Audrey’s approval of the practice, but at least they all knew Kevin would be Karen for the weekend at Mom’s parents house. Her Father now an invalid did not approve at all, but was incapable of doing anything about it, so he just lived with it.
Running from the bathroom after the shower and a towel wrapped around himself in true girl fashion high on his chest, he always wrapped the towel this way, because that’s the way girls did it. He knew he would never have those girl things on his chest, but after all he was Karen for the weekend and he could pretend he had breasts for now at least. The thought occurred to him, maybe someday he would ask Mom about getting a bra, just so he would know how it would feel wearing it.
Now it was time to find a dress for the day, after giving this some thought he decided to ask Mom for some help after all.
Mom! He called down stairs, when she answered, he said, hey Mom what do you think I should wear today?
Oh honey I don’t know, I haven’t given it much thought, then after a moments hesitation she said, I’ll be right up.
On her arrival in Kevin’s bedroom, Kevin was getting excited about what dress they would decide on. Mom started out by saying, I think in order to save time you should wear what ever your going to wear to Grandma’s. Of course I have a pretty little party dress for you for the party.
But for now, lets see what we can find to take your piano lesson in and travel to Grandma’s.
It all started by opening the door to Kevin’s big walk in closet and dozens of dresses and slips hung there, all carefully selected from time to time by Kevin and Mom and each one had a little story behind it, always Kevin would be in a hurry to get home to try it on and always wore it for at least a full day, because it was so much fun to wear and it felt so good just being in a new dress. Of course he never got to wear any out side the house till yesterday, of course the black and white Polk a dot dress he wore to the mall yesterday was now in the wash, but no real girl would be caught dead in the same dress two days in a row anyway. Today it had to be something fresh and different.
Mom mentioned the weather for today would be bright and sunny with a slight breeze. She suggested and Kevin agreed on a yellow with red pin stripes sundress. Spaghetti shoulder straps held the dress in place, a narrow low cut bodice and a flaring skirt, a three inch wide belt for securing around the waist and making a narrow bow in the back, after the dress selection Mom said she would go back down stairs and finish getting breakfast ready. It was up to Kevin to get all the undies and accessories needed to make it look cute and girly. Kevin was getting excited already just thinking of all fun he was having just selecting what he was going to wear and he didn’t even have any thing on yet!
Being at Grandma’s with all the people there and his cousins, especially the ass hole he didn’t want any panty showing on his part, the ordeal at Long Johns yesterday was enough and no repeat panty showing today, or the weekend for that matter. The sun dress was a tad short, so panties that matched as closely as possible, but wait he had a better idea, a white slip, then a light pink panties would be no problem, that would make it a little harder to get a good look at his panties. The problem came up that the light pink panties must be in the wash because he couldn’t find them, so he settled for a brighter pink.
The pink bikini panties with some lace around the waistband and legs, a plain white slip, then he had a thought. With the full skirt on the sundress he thought a light petticoat might help the skirt stand out a little more. He decided to ask Mom’s advice on that, she said most definitely, so Kevin hunted down a petticoat from his collection of slips and petticoats he always liked the feel of a slip slipping over his body and this time was no exception, then the thrill of sliding into the dress. It zipped up the back and that was always a problem, he could never get the darn zippers all the way up, this time was no exception, Mom would have to finish that for him, he could never get a bow tied in the back either, so Mom could do both jobs for him when he got to Mom. Finally a pair of yellow anklets with a dash of red trim around the edges. And a pair of black flats. The black flats would match the new black purse Mom bought him yesterday.
Sitting in front of the mirror with the deftness of an expert he pulled his below the shoulder length hair back and stuffed it into a red scrunchie, he wished he could have bangs, because he thought pony tails looked so much better with bangs. His hair was a problem, even with the long hair back in vogue for boys, his was soft almost girlish and the boys teased him about it, some times the girls would embarrass him when they teased him and say they wished they had hair as pretty as his. But he really did love his girly hair, he just couldn’t admit it in front of the other boys or girls for that matter.
But he did realize after all he was really a boy and boys didn’t wear bangs and he did wear boys clothes most of the time. This weekend was a special treat, because Mom felt sorry for him in the ball game yesterday.
Finally he was ready to go down stairs and have mom zip him up and tie the bow. Half running down the stairs he liked the feel of a breeze gently lifting the dress and just touching his panties was always a thrill for him. Finally Mom caught him in the kitchen and he asked her to do the honors with the bow and zipper.
While tying the bow Mom asked, honey why aren’t you wearing a pair of the earrings I bought you yesterday? Kevin replied with a gee Mom I forgot, I’ll get a pair now ok?
Kevin hurried upstairs and scurried around till he found a pair of black teardrops, that hung down about an inch and a half, after trying these on he liked the way they felt when he moved his head.
The thought also occurred to him the black earrings would also match the black purse and shoes.
The earrings made him think that a necklace would be nice, he chose a necklace Mom had given him a long time ago.
That necklace brought back some memories, it wasn’t long after Mom started to let him play dress up in some of her clothes, on this particular day she had helped him with one of her evening dresses. He thought now how silly he must have looked, the dress was way to long and big, the shoes were to big too, but he remembered the thrill of trying to walk in the high heels, that thrill never left him. After the dress up session Mom gave him the necklace to keep. A long gold chain and heart shaped locket, with Dad’s picture in it. Mom said Dad had given it to her the night he asked her to marry him. It was so very special to her and for Kevin to cherish it forever, this he promised to do.
It did look so very girlish, it hung just right almost down to wear he would have cleavage if he were to have any at all. It accented his neck and the gold matched the yellow in his dress.
Back down stairs he tied an apron on so he wouldn’t spill any thing on his dress, finally with breakfast completed Mom, told him to go and practice some on his piano lesson and she would do the dishes.
Kevin was in joyous mood as he swept his skirt under and sat down on the piano stool. A whole weekend as Karen, the thought popped into in his head as to what party dress Mom picked out for him. He seemed to become fascinated by his red fingernails dancing over the piano keys, it was something he didn’t expect from the simple act of painting his fingernails. But he continued to watch the bright red nails dance as he got caught up in the music, his playing took on a new emotion of grace and rhythm and even Mom heard and felt this new feeling that was flowing into his music and commented on how beautiful it sounded this morning. Kevin didn’t even notice the time and continued to play till he heard the knock on the door that would certainly be Mrs. Tanner.
Mrs. Tanner made the customary greetings and remarked how cute Kevin looked. The lesson went very well. But Mrs. Tanner couldn’t help remark on why Mom let him dress like a girl, Mrs. Tanner didn’t really mind it, it was just that it was so unusual she could not help but say something. Mom just passed it off as a harmless little thing he likes to do.
Finally the lessons were over and it was time to pack the van for the trip to Grandma’s. There were about five suitcases and a couple of other packages and Kevin just had to ask why so much baggage? Mom simply replied, honey you know how us girls are, with all our clothes and make up there never seems to be and end to it. Kevin was getting the idea there was lot more to being a girl than just wearing a dress once in a while.
Kevin was dying to know what party dress Mom had brought along for Aunt Mandy’s birthday party. He knew it would be a very pretty one, although he actually only had two party dresses and either one would be great, but he just had to ask any way. When he asked Mom said try and guess, Kevin thought that wouldn’t be to hard as he only had two. You can imagine his surprise when Mom said both guesses were wrong. She to was excited about his party dress and confessed she had purchased one on line and it was just absolutely so girlish, she said she liked so well she wished she could have one too. She had some concern about a proper fit, but she was knowledgeable about Kevin’s sizes so she took the chance.
Kevin begged to see it, but Mom said no it would spoil the surprise. Kevin begged some more, but finally gave up. He did ask if there were matching shoes, Mom said of course, then she said ever thing matches, as she said that she gave a quizzical look at Kevin, that puzzled him for minute, then he blushed as he realized she meant the panties too.
The van loaded and they were soon headed for Grandma’s, after about an hour and half of riding the urge to go to the bathroom were pressing for both Mom and Kevin. Soon the rest area came up and Kevin tried to brace him self for a new experience.
As they pulled into a parking space next to another car, a young girl of 12 or 13 got out along with what was obviously her parents and headed for the building, Kevin and Mom were several steps behind them. Kevin quickly noticed that she too had a sundress on; it seemed of light cotton and flared out much the same way as Kevin’s.
The girl was several feet from the building when a sudden gust of wind caught the front her skirt and lifted it up to her waist, she quickly caught it and with both hands and put it back into place. Kevin to smiled to himself as he thought how she might be slightly embarrassed by the incident. Kevin didn’t have time to reflect on her plight, the next instant his dress was flying high up to his waist, he frantically clawed at it to bring it back into place with both hands pulling the skirt down, he noticed three boys getting and eyeful from both girls and showing no shame in enjoying the view. The boys now passed the girl in front of him and they were smiling at Kevin as he struggled to keep the front of his dress down. He acted as if he ignored them, as they passed behind him, they turned to get another look, just then the wind gusted even harder and the back of his dress flew up all the way to his shoulders, slip and all. Kevin tried in a frantic motion of contortions to keep the front down and to bring the back down at the same time, another problem occurred at the same time, the strap from his purse also slid off his shoulder and he was fighting the purse strap and the front and back of his high flying dress at the same time. He felt the strong breeze between his legs and it seemed very cool against his nylon panties. He hoped the boys didn’t turn around to see this latest catastrophe. He had no way of knowing either way, as he kept his vision straight ahead.
But the boys did turn around to get a good look and gave a loud whistle to let out their satisfaction. Also several other people got a good look at his panties, but of course they didn’t let on.
Once inside they went straight for the ladies room. This was Kevin’s second time in a ladies rest room, but yesterday at Long John Silver’s it was only him and Mom, no one else was in the rest room, after his initial resistance all went well. But this was a whole different story.
The first thing that took him by surprise, was the line, he hadn’t ever experienced a long line in the men’s room, but there were 5 or 6 ladies at the front of the line and the girl and her Mom directly in front of him. Soon it was the girls turn and she headed into the stall, about the same time a stall directly in front of her Mom opened and she went in, the next instant the stall between the Mom and the girl opened and Kevin had no choice but to go in.
He suddenly found himself having to lower his panties and sit down between two strangers, a young girl and her Mother. He looked to his right and saw underneath the stall the young girls yellow panties, with lace and frills around the waist band and legs, also what seemed like a lacy crotch, then he looked over to his left and saw the dark blue plain panties of her Mother. About that time he heard the girl peeing, then shortly her Mother started to pee. It seemed to Kevin time stood still, the sound of the two strangers peeing was like a waterfall, it seemed as if life stood still, Kevin couldn’t make himself go.
He had stood many times between two men peeing and never gave it a thought, but this was some how different, this was how girls did it. And to them it was no different. It was instinct that told Kevin he was in a very intimate sanctuary that women, only women were ever aloud to enter, he was mesmerized by the thought, finally he forced himself to go. He was peeing when he heard the girl tear off some paper so she could wipe, soon her Mom did the same, then he heard the flush and both left.
Then Kevin’s Mom entered and he watched as she lowered her Jeans’ and the dark blue panties came down next, then he heard her start to pee, Kevin quickly wiped pulled his panties into place and smoothed out his dress and quickly exited the stall, the next lady in line took his stall. He noticed the girl and her Mom fixing their hair, Kevin stepped up next to the girl and began redoing his ponytail.
As he looked into the mirror while doing his hair, the girl alongside smiled at him as she did her hair also, no words were spoken, just two girls smiling at each other in passing. Kevin couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if the girl and every one else in this very private sanctuary knew he was a boy. What would happen if this cute girl fixing her hair knew she had just went through the intimate act of peeing next to a boy.
When Mom and Kevin were ready they exited the building, this time Kevin was ready for the wind, as they walked toward their car, Kevin noticed a family headed in, a boy and two girls, one girl had on shorts, but the other a straight skirt. He watched as the wind blew up her skirt, but no embarrassing incident happened to her.
Soon they buckled up and were back on the highway, Kevin remembered his thoughts earlier this morning, today would be bring some new adventures to him out in public dressed as a girl. This one at the rest stop was just the first, what lay at ahead at Grandma’s had some serious concerns for Kevin and those concerns occupied his thoughts as they drove on.
Finally Mom asked Kevin why he was so quiet? I was just thinking about being in the ladies room and doing it with other girls, it was pretty scary, honest Mom it was. That even took Mom by surprise as she was getting so used to Kevin being Karen she never gave the ladies room a thought. She replied, well honey you broke the ice, it will be easier from now on, I hope so was Kevin’s reply.
He was also having second thoughts about this thing at Grandma’s, with the family there and all, he was looking forward to playing with Jillian, but then Sara might give him a hard time and no doubt David the asshole would, he would have to keep his composure, no matter what. He couldn’t take David in a fight, he was way to big, he would just have to bear the brunt of his teasing and hope David would hang himself in the process.
After the forty minute drive, Mom pulled into Grandma’s drive way.