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My mother practiced “Petticoat Punishment” on me as a disciplinary measure. On my return from school, she would dress me in elaborately frilled girl’s clothes for various periods – an afternoon or several afternoons, depending on the extent of my unruliness, I was never “Shown-off” to guests, only my Mother and the family maid knowing how I was being punished.

On one thing, she was adamant I must wear two taffeta petticoats, which she designed and made herself for, as she was wont to say – “I can always tell what you are up to,” and “They will serve to remind you of your fillies.” After the first few times of being arrayed in this fashion, I came to take delight in wearing this attire, and would dress-up in them, if I were left alone, standing before a mirror tossing my skirts about to make them rustle sweetly. Of course when “ordered” into petticoats, I made a great fuss and to-do.
When she discontinued the practice, I used to dress-up at every opportunity in them – as long as I could get into them. After that I transferred my attention to her clothing. Later, when I took up residence on my own, I purchased a very complete array of feminine fripperies – yes, even rays and high-heeled slippers and boots – custom-made. The character of the costume varied with my whims – I could be a little girl in elaborately frilled undies and knee-length sash frocks – a smart maid in black taffeta with cap and apron or a young lad y of fashion – in fact any character I decided to mimic.