MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

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FORCED FEMINIZATION STORIES a whole new set and more are to be come. And I've also changed the design. Aah, and don't forget to subscribe, if you love it ;)


 Some weeks ago Jimmy agreed to be my slave for the week. I was to be absolute master and he was to do my every bidding. Fortunately we are about the same size and as Jimmy is on the slender side some of my clothes fitted him. We did purchase two items – platform shoes with the highest heels obtainable (1 inch platform, 5 1/2 inch heels) and a heavily boned, back lacing corset. I remodeled the corset by taking in the waist about four inches to give it a more wasp-waist effect.
For the whole week he was dressed as a woman. He had to wear the corset both day and night, the high heeled shoes, make-up and earrings from morning to night, and feminine clothes always. He did all the cooking, cleaned up the apartment, did the dishes, and waited on me hand and foot. I ruled our home.
The only time Jimmie took off the corset was while bathing. I laced it each time and drew the cords as tightly as I possibly could and assure you that he could not take a deep breath without feeling its constricting pull. I supervised his wardrobe and made certain that the skirts were long and tight. I will say that Jimmy really made a most attractive woman with vivid make-up, curled hair, long earrings, tight blouses (over a padded bra), long narrow skirts, tightly gartered nylons and high heeled shoes.
Perhaps when I was at the office he took off the shoes, but I know he did not take off the corset as it laced at the back and I took the precaution of fastening his hands in front with handcuffs before I left home for work. He behaved very well but once I did have to discipline him. He did not make the bed to my satisfaction and when I told him about it he talked back. For punishment he had to lean over a chair and I raised his skirt and applied ten strokes with a hair-brush.
For the whole week Jimmie was dressed as a woman and maid, but this wasn't the end...

After a week of being master and having my husband act as my slave I, believe that I for one would like to have a civilization run by women. I am not so sure that Jimmy would like it as a permanent proposition, but Jimmie likes it so very much that on weekends he has agreed to be my slave – complete with tightly laced corset, high, heels, make-up, and exotic feminine attire!