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 I come to the conclusion that men are just as fond of finery and pretty things as women. The barrage of advertising that tells women constantly how to be beautiful finds a great number of victims among men too, it seems to me. My own husband is sample case of this theory.
I am a divorcee; my first husband was thoroughly masculine and led me a hell of a life with his gambling, drinking and unfaithfulness. After my divorce I met my present husband whom I found shy, sweet but also somewhat drab and dull – until one day he confessed to me that he was irresistibly attracted by female clothes and ardently desired to wear pretty things.
Well, I made him dress up for me one night and when he entered the room in a powder blue satin dress, jewelry, high-heeled shoes and expert makeup on his face I was simply stunned with surprise. He was a changed person, gay, witty, charming and I fell in love with him in his disguise. We were married and I made it a standing rule for him to wear women’s things around the house exclusively. I buy him housedresses, pretty aprons, rustling petticoats and in our married relations I am only satisfied if he wears the most exquisite nightgowns. I taught him to embroider and crochet and love to watch him do it.
I have two lady friends – both divorcees and somewhat sour on men and the idea of marriage. One Halloween I made ‘Marjorie’ (my hubby’s nickname) dress up as a girl and my friends were enthusiastic! They insisted that “Marjorie be one of the girls” and now we have wonderful fun at our weekly card games with ‘Marjorie’ as elegant and good-looking as any of us three. We lead a harmonious, happy married life and never quarrel.
My advice to you girls is – if he likes skirts and aprons, don’t feel that there is anything wrong – let him wear them and make him happy!