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For the sixth or seventh time Paul’s courage failed him at the doorway of the shop. Frustrated and close to tears at his cowardice he went into the sandwich bar across the street. Under his polo-necked jersey, trousers, shoes, socks and leather gloves he felt his tight latex suit slide wetly over his skin and he was particularly aware of the wetness in the fitted gloves. He sat up straight on the stool acutely conscious of the harshly boned rubber corset he had on with the equally rigid wide saddle strap that doubled as a cache-sex and the knickers.
He glanced at the clock and now he would have to pluck up courage soon. He almost dropped his cup when a hand squeezed his arm and, as he turned, his mouth opened and he blushed furiously at the woman on the adjacent stool who was looking at him quizzically. He could feel beads of perspiration start as he recognised her: the woman he had seen through the window of the shop immaculate in boots, a black leather skirt and matching tunic.
He stammered his apologies as she smiled and asked: “Aren’t you going to ask if I’d like a coffee? Black - no sugar please”, Paul got the coffee in a daze, all the time feeling her eyes on him and he was still flustered’ when he returned. “I’ve noticed you most of the afternoon business has finished now and I’ve shut up shop and sent my assistant home”. She saw the immediate look of sheer misery on Paul’s face and holding his arm again and, moving her fingers, said: “So you’ll be able to come back with me with no-one else around I’m in no particular hurry to go home, and you can show me your rubber suit … don’t look so startled, I’m not naive, I felt it when I touched your arm - look this is filthy coffee, we’ll have some proper stuff in the shop whilst we see if I’ve got what you are looking for”.
She slipped her arm through his and almost mesmerised he let her lead him out, over the street and, once she had unlocked the door, into the shop. Paul shivered as she unlocked the door, pulled down the internal shutters and walked across to him. “Now lets introduce ourselves, I’m Wendy Hodges”. “Paul Carter”. “Right Paul, have a look around whilst I make coffee and then we can have a chat and you can tell me what you want”.
She disappeared into a room at the back and Paul was drawn like a magnet to the floor length black rubber trench coat and matching cap, both lined with smooth scarlet rubber. He wandered around uncomfortable with his erection compressed by the unyielding saddle strap until he heard her say that the coffee was ready. Inside the room was chaos as she waved him to a chair: “Now, seen anything that you like”?
“Well, yes but … well mainly the long mackintosh and cape …” He went scarlet as she said they were nice and were very feminine and mumbled his agreement. Wendy sipped her coffee and asked: “Are you married”? Paul shook his head trying to steady his shaking hands as she went on. “I’ve been selling and making this stuff for almost ten years now. I’m probably almost twice your age so I know a bit about people. You’re a T.V. aren’t you with rubber and PVC?
God, Paul there’s nothing to be ashamed of - I’m bi and I know quite literally dozens of LV’s. Now off with your things and lets have a look at you”. Blushing furiously Paul stripped off and stood, eyes fixed on the floor, in the tight black latex suit, corset and knickers. “Turn round, slowly, mm .., you’ve got a good figure but that corset can be tightened up quite a bit. Pull down your Knicks - good - a nice restraint too.
Now listen to me carefully Paul, do you trust me? “Yes - Yes I do”. “Good. Now I don’t know what you’ve got at home or if you have anything planned for tonight, but if you like you can leave this shop dressed as a very attractive young, woman and come home with me for supper, and you could stay the night; or you can just buy what you want and go back to your house or flat or whatever. What’s it to be?”
“But I couldn’t possibly afford to stay …” “Who said anything about paying a temporary loan and we can talk later about the details well?” Paul was blushing again “Yes, with you - with you please” “Good the loo’s through there if you can spend a Penny like that, and I’ll get a few things ready - don’t be too long. Paul disappeared and when he came back Wendy told him to stand hands up against the wall.
He gave a muffled grunt as she tightened his corset so that the 2 inch gap disappeared and pulled the cache-sex even tighter. She sat him down and he felt coolness as she unzipped the back zip of the suit a little. She put a thin latex cap over his hair and then drew down over his head and faces a latex head glove with caped shoulders. Rear lacing and a perfectly featured and moulded face of a young attractive coffee coloured woman.
She tucked the caped shoulders inside his suit and then carefully began to lace shut the helmet. All the time smoothing the face so the thin sleeve was between his teeth. His nose was in the centre with his nostrils aligned snugly to the holes, his ears were in the thin latex ears and the eye holes with coloured Perspex eyes and long false eyelashes were exactly in place.
Finally she pulled a thin matching balaclava over the head, tucked that inside the suit and zipped up the neck. She then pushed back the balaclava from the chin and forehead so the long black wig she set on his head hid it. He slipped his arms through the straps of the brassiere, which she fastened before inserting the soft false breasts with hard pert nipples into each cup.
“Stand up Paul and take your Knicks off for a moment - no - its not time for the mirror. Lets get this suspender belt on you and fastened - there we are. Now put on these gloves whilst I get your stockings on - sit down”. Both gloves and stockings matched the face in pale coffee coloured latex, and the fingers even had false nails attached. They reached right up to his armpits and Wendy helped him fasten them to a thin collar with glove suspenders, so the gloves maimed tight and taut.
Paul stood as she fastened the other suspenders to his stockings and she then helped him on with his white knickers. Wendy asked him his shoe size and rummaged in a cupboard as Paul slid the soft latex slip over his head and let it slide, caressingly down his body. The boots of supple glossy rubber had three inch heels and were tight and she pulled them up until they fitted snugly at his knees.
“Have you ever walked in heels and a hobble skirt Paul”? At least the mask hid his blushes, Paul thought, but somehow wearing it gave him a greater sense of reassurance. “Heels yes I used straps to create a hobble …” Wendy’s eyes gleamed: “O.K. lets get you into the blouse. Take the wig off for a moment arms up, that’s it, and I’ll pull it down over your head.
Isn’t it lovely and rustly, push hard, the cuffs are tight and four inches long. Now chin up whilst I lace the high collar - there - how does it feel?” “Unbelievable - I can I t believe this is happening this collar is lovely, it holds my head up so beautifully. “And so it should with the boning, now one foot at a time, good now” the other… “ Slowly Wendy straightened up pulling up the very heavy and thick latex skirt.
She smoothed it over his hips and then laced shut the wide waistband before buckling a four inch wide shiny black belt around him and replacing the wig. Paul gasped. “Its beautiful, but I thought you meant I’d wear a hobble skirt”. “Another time perhaps, but we I’ve got to walk and you need practice first, so this long full cut one will do, now go and look in the mirror”. Paul did so.
He stood in disbelief at his reflection as his coffee coloured latex gloved hands with the deep red nails slowly caressed and smoothed the slippery smooth latex blouse and skirt both shiny liquorice black. He bit back a groan as his hands moved slowly down over his abdomen over his straining erection hidden and contained by the saddle strap. Almost as if hypnotised his fingers gently touched the mask, which felt like a second skin as it clung tightly to his face and head.
Wendy said nothing as she watched in pleasure before picking up the mackintosh he had wanted, but in a larger size, and moving behind him. He slid his arms into its cool sleeves and turned to face Wendy. Like a striptease in reverse she slowly buttoned and belted the mackintosh. Soon he stood mackintoshed and caped, the heavy black wig and latex hanging in gleaming folds to the floor; the collar of the mackintosh half hiding his face with the hood of the cape fastened securely under his chin.
She handed him a pair of black rubber gloves as she put his clothes into a carrier bag before buttoning herself into a maxi hooded mackintosh in red PVC. She said softly “You look very nice. Ready? Good, we’ll go out the back way; it cuts off quite a corner. Come on, you’re not getting cold feet are you? There’s no chance anyone could recognise you - even in broad daylight, anyway its dusk and its started to rain, so we’ll just be two women sensibly dressed up for the wet”.
It took twenty minutes to walk through the fine drizzle to Wendy’s house close by the river. When Paul thought of how much his small basement flat had cost, it began to dawn on him that Wendy must be wealthy to afford a house like this. He was vaguely surprised to see lights on in the house and the curtains drawn, and a wave of panic went through him as he heard Wendy say as she put her key in the lock: “Come on in and meet my live in girlfriend - Marion”.
“But I didn’t … well I thought that just the two of us … “ “Marion and I are partners in every way, the shop too. It was her idea that I followed you into the coffee place”. In fact Marion opened the door from the inside and the two shiny dripping figures entered, Wendy’s hand on Paul’s elbow propelling him inside and he found himself face to face with an attractive woman in her early 30’s or so in boots, a yellow PVC skirt and blouse, partly concealed by long domestic rubber gloves and a black PVC bib apron.
She smiled in genuine delight as she looked at Paul. “ I was right, you look absolutely lovely” “Marion darling, meet Paul Carter or perhaps Miss Paula Carter. Paul my dear, this is Marion”. Paul stammered a hello as Marion helped him out of the cape and mackintosh and he was quite unprepared when Marion embraced him and kissed him hard on his rubber lips, her tongue probing the open sleeve in his mouth.
Just as suddenly she stood back holding his hands and said quietly: “Did Wendy tell you that you make a very sexy boy/girl? Suppers ready let’s start”. They made him feel quite at ease and once he had mastered eating with the thin sleeve in his mouth he began to relax but conscious of his tight collar, corset and restraint. He realised that they were questioning him throughout the meal and long afterwards over coffee and when he helped wash up. But he didn’t recognise that their skilful probing had uncovered virtually everything about himself and his deepest secrets and fantasies.
Marion yawned. “Time for bed. I assume your staying the night Paula, the spare room is ready, there are two beds made up - one with cotton sheets, the other with rubber. I’ve put an assortment of night clothes on the bed and one of us will give you a call in the morning - its Sunday so we shall sleep in a bit - by the way there are some mild sleeping pills on the bedside table if you find it hard to drop off”.
All three went upstairs together where both Wendy and Marion kissed him goodnight. He could not help feeling a twinge of jealousy as Marion put her arm around Wendy as they disappeared having shown him his room. Slowly he sat down, hardly believing that the last six or seven hours had been true. He was hot and tired by reluctant to change and remove the evidence of the evening. Eventually he undressed after a panicky struggle with the collar of the blouse and the corset, and only after he had washed, dried and powdered what needed to be done did he run a bath and slowly relax and start to think what he should wear to bed.
He remembered about the call in the morning and went into the ensuite bedroom. He was soon in the rubber face glove and helmet again and then put on the bra, falsies and corset and sealed himself into a very heavy loose fitting hooded rubber sweatsuit with gloves and feet attached. He let the hood snap tight framing his face before slipping into a very heavy victorian style nightdress with a tall fitted collar, huge sleeves with tight cuffs and which hung in sleek supple folds from his breasts.
He smiled happily as he forced the wig back over his hooded head before fastening the long straps of the deep frilled sleeping bonnet which matched the nightdress. He stroked his body as he looked longingly at the very heavy latex sauna sack. Remembering the sleeping pills he picked up the sack and laid it inside the rubber bed. He took two sleeping pills and drank a lot of water before clambering onto the bed and into the open sack. He wiggled down and turned off the bedside light and drew up the three smooth and heavy rubber sheets to his chin then fastened the collar and closing the zip, which could be operated from inside and outside, sealing himself into a perfect rubber cocoon.
He rubbed his latex face on the rubber pillow as his hands slid down over his body. Slowly at first and then faster and faster he moved rhythmically his head tossing and his breath quickening as he felt, smelt and tasted rubber. Each movement accentuated is sweating until he laid gasping hands clasped over his groin as he achieved relief.
His breathing slowly returned to normal as the pills took effect and he drifted into a hot, deep and exhausted sleep. He didn’t hear the door open in the morning as Wendy appeared in a long silk rubberised housecoat with a cup of tea. In the dim light she stifled a gasp of delight as she saw the coffee coloured face, half hidden by the bonnet, on the latex pillow and some of the frills of his nightie above the collar of the sauna sack a few inches above the sheets.
She tiptoed out and in a moment or two returned with Marion and t hey looked through the clothes on the spare bed. Wendy whispered: “Face, wig, corset and bra” and Marion added “The thick all over sweatsuit, nightdress, bonnet and sack he must be deliciously hot”. Wendy looked questioningly at Marion, who nodded, smiled and left the room. Wendy drew open the curtains noisily and Paul stirred as Wendy sat on the edge of his bed, the soft rubberised silk rustling and rippling as she moved.
Sleepily Paul opened his eyes and they jerked wide open as, panicking, for a second or two forgetting where he was, since the sauna sack was now drawn tight to his body. Wendy bent down and kissed his forehead gently: “Morning sleepyhead - I’ve brought you a cup of tea - no, don’t undo the sack, I’ll help you drink, did you sleep well?” “I’m sorry I’m - Well I’m like this … “
“Paul, sorry Paula, don’t be silly, this is exactly as I hoped you’d be but I didn’t dare expect it - now wriggle over and make room for me God its like an oven, you must have sweated pints. Now, don’t start getting any ideas, perhaps its just as well you’re in a sack; that’s it now sip, I’ll get some more when you I’ve had this. You really do look beautiful, all rubbery and helpless”.
Paul laid, head on pillow, periodically lifted by her hand as she put the cup to his lips. Even so he dribbled, and later when she returned, having told him to stay just as he was, with the teapot, milk and an invalid cup. She resumed her position and after he had finished his fourth cup she slid down and on one elbow leaned over him, her fingers stroking and caressing his face as she said quietly: “You’d really like to be quite helpless wouldn’t you? No, don’t speak, you told us so much last night and you’re dressed as you are now of your own free will. I would like Paula to worship my breasts, would she like to?”
Paul groaned, his erection was enormous as he simply said “Please”. “Wriggle down the bed then - more - head right under the sheets and now lie on your side facing me and I’ll open my housecoat and put my arm under your head. Put your arms behind you and clasp your hands, good. Now I’m drawing you closer, I can feel your warm breath, can you smell my femininity; gently now, kiss what you find … “
Wendy moaned as she felt the soft rubber lips close over her stiffening nipple and the tug on her flesh as the suction began. Slowly she began to stroke her other breast, her stomach, her fingers moving even lower. She felt the familiar sensation of sensual power envelope her. She moved her knee and let him rub himself against her. She pulled him hard to her as they achieved almost simultaneous satisfaction. They stayed in her close embrace and slowly Wendy moved his head so her nipple slipped wetly from his mouth. She pulled him up so their faces touched and she kissed him long and slowly and then said: “Paula my dear, you’ve got a lovely sexy mouth; one day if we get to know each other better I’d like your head down here in my special, oh so very special, rubber knickers. His reaction was immediate and she heard his respond “Oh yes, yes, yes, please … “
Mid morning all three were having a late breakfast in the kitchen. Paul had cleaned and powdered his nightclothes and had appeared in a lightweight one piece sweatsuit and wellingtons to find the two women dressed quite conventionally. They had waved away his embarrassed apologies and when they had eaten Wendy said: “Paul, now listen carefully, Marion and I have a proposition for you. Hear me out in full and then ask as many questions as you like. You are an accountant and Marion and I are prepared to employ you looking after our paperwork.
I wouldn’t take even half of your time and, in that spare time, you would work here as our maid or perhaps help serve in the shop. You told us all about your self last night, your background, your hopes, everything. You would live in here with us - you would not be paid more than pocket money but you would be housed, fed, dressed and get private medical and dental treatment when necessary.
You have probably realised we are not short of a penny or two and you would come with us to our country cottage too. You would become our slave maid Paula but retaining your essential bit of manhood to remind you of your origins and inferiority. You would be responsible for cooking, cleaning and all domestic and personal services that we decide on however menial, humiliating or degrading it may be.
In due course you may do the shopping. We shall have to see how you respond to your training and the discipline will be strict. We may decide later to give you hormone treatment, but from the start you would be fully depilated yes Paul, your head too. Now stand up, hands on your head and legs wide apart”.
Paul obeyed; his face pink with nervous excitement and his erection was like a tent pole under the thin loose suit. He gave a gasp and winced as Wendy tapped it with along wooden spoon and went on; “Maids and slave girls don’t have one of these ‘so it will have to be restrained and hidden. You may be allowed relief periodically but only when and how we decide. As I said, disobedience, sloppiness or laziness will be punished, but there will be rewards too.
Paradoxically you would be allowed to leave at any time you like so that your position in the household would be voluntary. However, as some form of insurance you would sign a document agreeing the arrangement and we should also have a photographic record of you as well”.
Wendy’s features softened as she watched the tentpole lengthen: “The process would be gradual and we should be patient until we have established your initial limits and we have decided how slowly or quickly we should extend them. Now Paul, any questions?” Paul licked his dry lips; “No. You made it all very clear, but do you honestly mean I could leave at any time?”
“We do, but if we have judged you right and work at the right pace we don’t think you will. Life with us will be like a drug, the more we use you, the more you will want us to do so. Furthermore, you will never know how we should use the documentary and photographic evidence if we feel threatened. What about those elsewhere, long hair can be cut short but full depilation …?” The pause was infinitesimal before Paul replied softly. “I would like to become Paula and to work for you both Madame …” Marion spoke for the first time: “In that case, look me straight in the eyes, hands down - keep your legs as they are - you have 60 seconds to give yourself relief. Go on Paula - start wanking - you may not have another chance for months”.
Their eyes seemed to bare into his soul as Paul tried to obey the first order of his new life as PAULA …